Weekend Bag: Swedish Treehouse

Your Weekend Bag for a stay at the Treehotel in the North of Sweden includes local eco-labels and modern takes on Swedish classics — designed to keep you warm.

When packing for a weekend at the Treehotel, a gathering of fantastical dwellings nestled high up in the trees of Northern Sweden, you need to keep in mind that Nordic winters are just a tad colder than most of us are used to. Embrace Swedish style with local eco-labels and updates on classics like clogs, a Sami parka and Lovikka mittens. It may also be a good idea to pack a thermos and fill it with one of Swedes’ favorite warming winter beverages — glögg or vargtass, a mix of vodka and lingonberry juice.

EcoSalon: Weekend Bag: Swedish Treehouse

Thin Finn Dry Flat Selvage Denim
Swedish denim brand Nudie’s The Dry Selvage line is a special concept made from select selvage denim from Japan, Italy and Turkey, featuring the highest denim qualities — denim with cashmere, hemp and organic cotton, and so on. Styles are all unisex, and the Thin Finn is one particularly favored by the ladies.
Approx. $340, Nudie Jeans Co.

Fjällräven Luhkka Cape
We love this Luhkka Cape, inspired by a traditional Sami garment, by classic Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven. Even if there is a snow storm, you will have to leave your treehouse to eat, use the facilities or warm up in the sauna. The lightly insulated G-1000 material provides protection against rain, snow, sleet and bitter winds, and the large kangaroo pocket in front is great for keeping your hands warm and toasty. Best of all, this cape will look just as good in the city as it does in the Nordic wilderness.
$299, Fjällräven

Hildur Cashmere Cardigan
If you go to the Treehotel, chances are you came to relax. This cozy, slightly over-size cashmere cardigan by Swedish eco-label Righteous Fashion will certainly help you do that. There’s enough fabric that you can almost wrap yourself in it like a blanket. Handmade in Nepal from 100% Fair-Made Cashmere Wool.
Approx. $420, Righteous Fashion

Shearling Clog Boot
What’s more Swedish than a clog? This updated take on the classic everyday footwear has a shearling lining that is sure to keep your toes warm when trudging through the snow. Sven’s Clogs are handmade with pride in a 36-year-old factory in Chisago City, Minnesota. What we like most is that you can choose the style, leather option and color, as well as the base color to make your own perfect clog.
$360, Sven’s Clogs

 Lovikka Mittens
Every Swedish kid goes through many pairs — usually knitted by a grandmother — of these traditional Sami-style mittens during their childhood. They are supposedly easy to make if you feel like taking on a DIY project (try this pattern). If not, they can be purchased from Swedish arts and crafts stores, perhaps a good souvenir to bring back from your trip?
Approx. $45, Hantverkstan

Ambika Boutique Front Fold Hat
Ok, so it’s not Swedish, but we so love this fluffy hat with front and earflaps, made with friendly fur. On her farm in Upstate New York, designer Ambika Conroy raises angora rabbits that are shorn every three months according to their natural cycle. The fibers are then hand-carded and spun into the yarn Ambika uses to create her designs. Best of all, because of the angora rabbits’ long fibers, it doesn’t shed.
$275, Ambika Boutique

Johanna Björk

Johanna is a sustainable fashion writer currently based in Ojai, CA. Read her weekly On Trend column to learn what's new in eco fashion.