Weekly Photo: Just Fooling Around


I love this photo because to me it says “Yes, this is ridiculous…and there’s nothing you can do about it!”

It reminds me of so many memorable stunts from the indomitable women I am lucky to have in my life. Stasie, a suburban church-going schoolteacher and young wife, running over the arbitrarily placed circle of cones at a concert in calm defiance of stupidity. Apparently she’d just had enough! (I’m pretty sure her husband loved it.) My mother shooing a young rattlesnake out of our Northern California mountain townhome with a broom – unforgettable to my four-year-old eyes because Mom was furious, not frightened. (I honestly believe the animal was terrified of her. The nerve of that silly snake, venturing into her kitchen!) A dear friend’s Southern-bred grandmother – I’m not naming names here, but the one who owns the word “decorous” – stealing a half-bottle of wine she liked from the Sedona country club by tucking it beneath her cashmere wrap. My own grandmother’s escapades are famous (or maybe just infamous, if you believe my grandpa).

Call it “getting in touch with your inner child”, being a little shameless, or just fooling around – kudos to the women, including ourselves, who revel in occasional moments of the ridiculous. I’ll spill mine if you spill yours.

This week’s featured photographer: Riot Jane