What to Wear on Earth Day


Don’t fret about being pinched if you don’t wear green on Earth Day, but dressing appropriately for the day in which we celebrate Mother Earth is certainly in order. What’s more invigorating than toasting our beloved planet in style? The best way to dress for Earth Day – this coming Thursday – is to take cues from the planet herself, and keep the colors neutral and the materials organic.

Whether you are off to a charity fundraiser or meeting some friends for a BBQ in the park, earth tones are the way to go. Seashell beige and cloud white accented with mineral gold and silver, and a hint of lagoon blue capture the essence of the sea and sky. Organic cotton and bamboo sourced brands The Battalion and Brigid Catiis supply the essentials to build a beautiful outfit, while Cri de Coeur and Matt & Nat provide eye-catching accessories.

Go straight for the Earth Day inspired jacket from Stella McCartney for an easy layer that will keep any outfit stylish during E-Day festivities. Whatever you decide to wear – make your Mother proud and source eco for fashion that is focused on ensuring there are many Earth Days to come.