What Is Fair Trade?


We all know that buying fair trade items aids underprivileged communities across the world, but what exactly does this entail on the other side of the transaction? According to the basic standards enforced by the International Fair Trade Association, these organizations must:

PhotobucketGenerate opportunities that will help producers who suffer from an economic disadvantage.

PhotobucketExercise transparency and responsibility in areas of management and commercial affairs.

PhotobucketWork towards the independence of its producers.

PhotobucketOffer its producers reasonable pay.

PhotobucketEnsure that both genders are empowered.

PhotobucketProvide a healthy and safe setting for work.

PhotobucketEnforce the laws of child labor.

PhotobucketUtilize environmentally responsible materials and means of production.

PhotobucketMaintain reputable trade relations.

PhotobucketPromote the practice of fair trade.

For a more comprehensive understanding, visit IFAT.

Like the label “organic”, “fair trade” can be complicated, however. We’ll be exploring this issue further, so sign up for our RSS feed to stay in the know.

Image: James Jordan