What's Ur Bag?


Reusable shopping bags are all the rage these days and I’m glad to see it! After all, it’s the environmentally conscious thing to do. What’s Ur Bag?, makers of flexible, funky and totally reusable shopping bags has added social consciousness to the equation.

What’s Ur Bag? has outsourced all their business to New Orleans residents with the specific intent of helping the local economy that was so devastated by hurricane Katrina. A portion of all bag sales go to Hope House, a charity helping locals who are still struggling with basic necessities. I applaud the desire of this company to help both a community in need and the earth at large. Way to go, guys!

More about the bags: they’re washable, stretchable, carry a huge weight and then bounce back to their original shape and – best of all – they come in a great variety of patterns and colors. So help yourself – to a bag that suits your style – while helping others. That’s what I call business with soul.

Image/Purchase: What’s Ur Bag?