What’s Your Home Decorating Style?

What's your decorating style?

Defining your home decorating style is key to making your abode gorgeously your own, but what if you aren’t sure what your decor style is?

Some people are lucky to have a very defined sense of style and just know what works for them, without too much internal debate. Others of us are completely lost—and most of us fall somewhere in the middle (we think we have an idea of decorating style but are quick to second-guess ourselves).

To make things even more difficult, there are tons of different decorating styles; take a look through the most common, pictured below—which resonate with you? Then check out the tips following the descriptions.



Image: Ethan Allen

The classic style is for those who like simple and tailored lines and  furniture styles, muted and neutral colors—and for whom symmetrical groupings are appealing. A dark wood floor paired with a sofa upholstered in light colors is an example of classic styling. Think club chairs, matching lamps, and plain fabrics or very simple patterns.

Rustic Chic

Rustic chic home decorating style.

Image: Vivaterra

The Rustic chic style is for those whom the saying, ”Were you born in a barn?” might be true (or a compliment!). Rustic lovers like rough-hewn beams, aluminum, stone and nothing too precious or precise. Texture and natural elements are key.



Image: cb2

If you like chrome, leather and low-to-the-floor furniture, chances are your style is modern (a very popular subset is midcentury modern, which is indicative of a very specific time period, mostly the 1950s and early 1960s). Modern interiors are very uncluttered and there’s an emphasis on both form and function. Clean lines, and monochromatic or dichromatic color schemes are what this style is all about.



Image: West Elm

The contemporary decorator favors neutrals and pops of bold colors, furniture tends to be rounded (as opposed to modern’s more angular styles) and lines are clean and with minimum accessorizing. It’s a little more fun, family-friendly and comfortable than modern style, but borrows a lot of influence from it.



Image: UrbanOutfitters

The bohemian home is packed full of visually appealing colors and textures. The boho style is all about creating a comfortable space and creating layers of visual interest. The boho decorator is often a collector, a traveler and a DIY maker. Piece look handmade, upcycled, or well-worn, but in an attractive way.

Now, figure out your decorating style: 

Maybe that list didn’t quite match up with your tastes. Here are some tips that will hopefully lead you to your style.

1. Take a look at your closet. The clothing you wear can clue you in on what your decorating style is. If your closet is full of boho threads, there’s a good chance that’s what you full most comfortable with for your home as well.

2. Take stock of your favorite items. If you are like a lot of people, your home might be filled with things you’ve inherited or purchased out of need—not for style’s sake—and that can make it difficult to discern what your style is. Think about those things you love above all else—that might help inform your genuinely favorite style.

3. Look for common themes. Do certain shapes, colors, silhouettes, type of items, certain groupings seem to keep cropping up? This might help you in discovering your decorating style.

4. Finally, when all else fails,  take a decorating quiz. The Internet is awash in cat memes and home decorating quizzes. If one quiz isn’t helpful, try the best 2 of of 3! Here are a few fun ones.

Top Image:  West Elm

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