When Scent and Metal Join Forces


What we consider a stand out piece is one that wows us with either how inventive or just plain beautiful it is. In today’s case, the collaboration of D.S. & Durga and Erica Weiner covers both areas.

This beautiful locket is reminiscent of the days when Victorian “Vinaigrettes” in perforated lockets had aromatic smelling salts or vinegar inside. I like how the Erica Weiner site says: “A lady could sniff these to mask the unpleasant aromas of 18th-19th century cities.” Well, times change but luxurious smells do not and perhaps you’ve been on public transportation recently or car-pooling (to lessen your carbon footprint of course) that one of these could have come in handy?

If you should decide to purchase this, the locket comes with one 1/2 dram bottle of Foxhunt, (a medley of fragrant notes including country herbs, wild flowers and deep leather patchouli), as well as one 1/2 dram bottle of Empress Jingu (think Hinoki wood, cypress forests and violet fields.)

When you receive your package from the designer you gently soak a piece of the linen in one of the two scents, snap it shut and head for the nearest subway line. As you walk briskly to catch the C train, the heat of your body warms the locket and in turn the linen, causing you to smell faintly of exotic lands where myths are born and in your mind you go there to this mythological landscape to escape the strong cigarette smell of the man beside you.

Either that or your slugging deep sniffs just because you like it so darn much.

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.