Another Reason White Women Need to Take Intersectional Feminism 101: #NowWhat

Intersectional feminism needs to be the norm.

White women are basically one of the worst groups of people in 2017.

White ladies voted for Trump in droves, have a tendency to deny white feminism exists, and now, we find out that white women are less likely to protect black women from sexual assault.

Let that heaping load of bullshit sink in…

The study

The eye-opening study that reveals this information appeared in Psychology of Women Quarterly. The basic gist of the article is this:

White college women may be less likely to help stop or prevent a situation that could lead to sexual assault when a black woman is involved. The study also reports that white women are more likely to help a white woman who may be at risk of getting sexually assaulted—even though a white woman recognizes the “risk” in both occasions.

“In the study, 160 white female undergraduates read a story about a sober man taking a clearly intoxicated woman into a private bedroom at a party,” PsyPost reports.

“In some versions of the story, the potential victim had a distinctively black name (LaToya or Tanisha) while in others the woman had a non-racially distinct name (Laura or Teresa).”


According to the study, the females felt “less personally responsible to intervene” and “would be less likely to intervene in the situation when the woman was described with a black-sounding name.”

That last quote? One of the most disgusting things I’ve read since… Well, looking at Trump’s Twitter account this morning.

The takeaway

White women: Wake. The. Fuck. Up.

It’s time to confront whatever internal bias you may have against other people. Especially other women, who happen to be women of color.

And if we’re being honest, the rest of the world is also a dangerous place for everyone, but it’s a special kind of hell for women of color. Women must recognize that we—all of us ladies who happen to be lesbians, straight, bi, trans, asexual, black, white… whatever—need to look out for each other every day, all day.

Why? Because women are far more likely to detect bullshit when we see it. If you see a black woman incredibly drunk at a bar, being harassed by a man, ask what’s up. I don’t care if you’re shy. I don’t care if you’re uncomfortable. You and only you are that woman’s lifeline in that moment. Stop with the wishy-washy biased bullshit, get intersectional and step up.

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