Women are Still Seeking Equality in America [Video]

"Equal Means Equal" strives for real equality.

The new documentary, “Equal Means Equal,” exposes an ugly truth about the American constitution.

“When the American Constitution was written in 1787, ‘we the people’ referred only to white men. Its authors intentionally omitted women of all backgrounds and men of color because they were considered chattel—as in property,” Bitch Media reports. “While the 14th Amendment, 19th Amendment, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX have given us some gains, today women are still not considered equal under law in the United States of America.”

The above truths are why Kamala Lopez chose to write and direct “Equal Means Equal,” a 90-minute film that “exposes how women’s basic human rights are not embedded in the Constitution by looking at 10 realms where women are unequal, including wage discrimination, domestic violence and rape, and reproductive healthcare.” The film also examines the importance of creating an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).

While the film is still seeking distribution, you can watch its trailer below.

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