You Wear Sunscreen, But Does It Actually Work?

woman with straw hat in sun

Oh, sunscreen, the bane of my summer existence. For me it’s like using condoms: annoying and inconvenient, but by golly, it has to be done.

And unless you like your skin done up like chicken-fried steak, you’d better pay attention to sunscreens that work. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested over 1,600 different sunscreens and found that only about 5% of those had safe, non-toxic ingredients and actually protected your skin.

Almost half of the sunscreens tested contain oxybenzone, an endocrine disruptor that may actually contribute to skin cancer. Yikes. Again, check those labels and know what you’re putting on your skin!

I highly recommend perusing EWG’s detailed studies. The information is very accessible and you can enter your favorite brands to see how they rate.

Image: lanuiop