You’ve Got Your Home’s Eco Score…Now What?


Your life is green and you do your best to make it an eco-friendly day, every day. So take your eco-friendly intentions to Low Impact Living and try their just-launched Environmental Impact Calculator to find helpful ways to green up your home. This innovative tool provides personalized information to help you lighten your casa’s carbon footprint and lower your bills.

Simply enter your zip code and information specific to your household and living habits, and voila. Use your LILI (Low Impact Living Index) to see how you rank in comparison to others in your area with similar households. If you score a 50-60 you’re average; if you score near 80-90, well, my dear, you’ve got work to do.

The best feature of this handy tool is that the benefits don’t end with the final tally. Unlike so many dead-end online tools, there’s none of this “My, you’re terrible for the planet! Try to do better! Here are our three vague suggestions! Bye!” Your information is used along with the calculator’s default settings based on where you live to create a list of relevant going greener projects. Choose one and it will even tell you where to go to get started.

Don’t forget to create a profile to save your score. Each time you complete a project, log back in, check it off the list and see your LILI shrink. Then move on to the next project! Thankfully, this handy calculator does most of the work. Well, almost.

Image: decor8