Zero Carbon Footprint Delivery: 5 People-Powered Urban Delivery Options

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These couriers and delivery services are getting your goods to your front door with a minimal carbon footprint.

Whether you need farm fresh produce, a surprise gift for that special someone, office supplies for the boss or even cargo loads of restaurant ingredients, these 6 urban delivery options are sure to power pedal your item of choice to you, without the carbon footprint common with most delivery services. Found all along the west coast, in NYC and D.C., these bike, rickshaw and electric car delivery options trump toxic, fossil-fuel dependent vehicles with their quick, affordable and efficient services.

1. B-Line Urban Sustainable Delivery

Founded and based in Portland, OR, B-Line is a sustainable, city-wide delivery service that functions on tricycles. However, these aren’t any ordinary tricycles, but electrically assisted ones with the capacity to transport up to 600 lbs. of cargo. Not only does this reduce the company’s carbon footprint in a livable downtown environment (alongside Portland’s numerous other ‘greening’ schemes), B-Line also delivers donated food from partners like Whole Foods, New Seasons Market and Dave’s Killer Bread to non-profits that provide for those in need.

2. Revolution Rickshaws

Originally started as a pedicab rental company, Revolution Rickshaws now offers rapid and eco-friendly delivery in the New York City area. These rickshaws, or ‘trikes’ are ideal delivery vehicles for the traffic congested city, offering  a completely viable and much more sustainable service the fuel guzzling trucks and vans.

3. Chicago Cargo

Chicago Cargo operates a local delivery business on their specially designed Bullit Bikes, to connect local, sustainable businesses to their customers. This unique bike has a built in holding flat in between the front and back wheels, making cargo transport efficient and easy. Chicago Cargo’s custom delivery options allow small local businesses to be in control of how and when their products are delivered, which is especially important in the case of fresh produce and other perishable goods.

4. Urban Delivery

Operating on uber-cool online platform (that is also downloadable as an iPhone app), this Washington D.C. based delivery service operates entirely on two wheels. Customers can enter any item from any business within the city into the online portal, and Urban Delivery’s speedy cyclists will purchase and deliver it within an hour. Their “Shop Locally” option even allows you to reduce your carbon footprint further by seeing what’s available in local stores and restaurants.

5. GeaZone Eco-Courier

Based in Victoria, BC, GeaZone Eco-Courier operates its sustainable delivery service on electric cars and human-fueled bikes and tricycles. GeaZone has partnered with local businesses, large and small, helping companies and individuals reduce their emissions and carbon outputs. The business also helps raise awareness of ecologically friendlier options within the community by promoting their ethos in everything they do.

Image: B-Line

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