15 Reasons to Never Let Anyone You Love Near a McDonalds

EcoSalon gives 15 reasons why you should stay away fromthe golden arches

The Golden Arches: the ultimate American icon. Super Size Me taught us that fast food culture brings obesity, heart disease, hypertension and more. How bad do you really want that Big Mac? Here are 15 reasons you’ll never let anyone you love get near those Golden Arches.

Real food is perishable. With time, it begins to decay. It’s a natural process, it just happens. Beef will rot, bread will mold. But what about a McDonald’s burger? Karen Hanrahan saved a McDonald’s burger from 1996 and, oddly enough, it looks just as “appetizing” and “fresh” as a burger you might buy today. Is this real food?

mcdonalds patty

You would have to walk 7 hours straight to burn off a Super Sized Coke, fries and Big Mac. Even indulging in fast food as an occasional treat is a recipe for weight gain…unless you’re planning to hit each treadmill in the treadmill bay afterwards.


Containing less fat, salt and sugar, your pet’s food may be healthier than what they serve at McDonald’s.


In 2007, the employees of an Orlando-area McDonald’s were caught on camera pouring milk into the milkshake machine out of a bucket labeled “Soiled Towels Only.” That particular restaurant had already been cited for 12 different sanitary violations. Though McDonald’s proudly stands by its safety standards, and not every restaurant has such notorious incidents, the setting of a fast food restaurant staffed with low-paid employees at a high turnover rate arguably encourages bending the rules. (McDonald’s isn’t alone in this, of course – Burger King is actually ranked as the dirtiest of all the fast food chains.)


McDonald’s supports the destruction of the Amazon rainforest. Much of the soy-based animal feed used to fatten fast-food chickens is grown in the Amazon. Are those chicken nuggets really worth acres of irreplaceable trees? (Especially considering how important carbon sinks like the rainforest are to halt global warming!) Fast food supports a completely unsustainable system of agriculture. It’s cruel to animals, unhealthy for humans, and bad for the planet.


Even Prince Charles, while touring a diabetes center in the United Arab Emirates, commented that banning McDonald’s is key to health and nutrition. Don’t let the salads and chicken breasts fool you. The “chicken” at McDonald’s, by the way, comes with a whole lot more than chicken.


As if feeding children high-fat, high-sodium, low-nutrition “food” weren’t bad enough, some Happy Meals in 2006 contained toy Hummers. It’s as if McDonald’s was encouraging a whole generation of kids not only to guzzle food, but to guzzle gas as well. Would you like a few barrels of petroleum with that?


The processed fat in McDonald’s food (and other fast food) promotes endothelial dysfunction for up to 5 hours after eating the meal. Endothelial tissue is what lines the inside of blood vessels.


For those who enjoy sex, take note: erectile dysfunction is connected to endothelial dysfunction. Morgan Spurlock of Super Size Me commented that his normally healthy sexual function deteriorated in just one month when he ate only food from McDonald’s. Even his girlfriend commented on camera that “he’s having a hard time, you know, getting it up.”

How many cows does it take to keep the world loaded with Big Macs? I had to do a some research and a little math, but according to a brief video inside one of McDonald’s 6 meat processing plants, about 500,000 pounds of beef is processed per day, per plant. If an average beef cow weighs 1,150 pounds, that means 2609 cows a day are turned into burgers. That’s 952,285 cows per year. And that’s just in the United States. Eating a hamburger may not be worse than driving a Hummer, but it’s bad. One hamburger patty does not necessarily come from one cow. Think about that. You’re eating bits of hundreds of cows.

Maybe you just pop in for an inexpensive latte. Watch out for the caramel syrup (Sugar, water, fructose, natural (plant source) and artificial flavor, salt, caramel color (with sulfites), potassium sorbate (preservative), citric acid, malic acid) or the chocolate drizzle (Corn syrup, water, hydrogenated coconut oil, high fructose corn syrup, glycerin, nonfat milk, cocoa, cocoa (processed with alkali), food starch-modified, disodium phosphate, potassium sorbate (preservative), xanthan gum, artificial flavor (vanillin), salt, soy lecithin). Please don’t put that stuff into your body. Eat healthy cheap food instead – you can be well and still save cash.


Are you a vegetarian with a French fry craving? You better skip McDonald’s because their fries actually contain milk (and wheat) and though they’re fried in vegetable oil, the oil is flavored with beef extract. (McDonald’s famously misled customers for years.)


Do you want high blood pressure? Hit the drive-through. Eating a McDonald’s chicken sandwich (any of “Ëœem, take your pick) will give you about 2/3 of the recommended daily amount of sodium. And if you actually do have high blood pressure, that’s way more than you really need.


Finally unveiled: the secret of the Big Mac’s “secret sauce.”

Soybean oil, pickle relish [diced pickles, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, vinegar, corn syrup, salt, calcium chloride, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate (preservative), spice extractives, polysorbate 80], distilled vinegar, water, egg yolks, high fructose corn syrup, onion powder, mustard seed, salt, spices, propylene glycol alginate, sodium benzoate (preservative), mustard bran, sugar, garlic powder, vegetable protein (hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat), caramel color, extractives of paprika, soy lecithin, turmeric (color), calcium disodium EDTA (protect flavor).

Cheap oil and cheap syrup. Many people depend upon cheap food such as the sort offered at McDonald’s. So shouldn’t we be examining regulations that subsidize corn syrup but consider fruits and vegetables – the building blocks of a healthy body and green planet – to be “speciality” crops? Shouldn’t we be promoting  urban gardening, community gardens and spreading information about low-cost farmers’ markets and CSAs? And focusing on the abundant choices of cheap food that are tasty and green?

Still not convinced? Maybe this 1970s trip through McDonaldland will give you enough nightmares to keep your loved ones away forever.


Top Image

Note: with the exception of the top image, the hamburger, the chicken sandwich, and Ronald McDonald, images are not actual photographs of McDonald’s property/products.


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183 thoughts on “15 Reasons to Never Let Anyone You Love Near a McDonalds

  1. Think that bad. Today i took my 7 year old son to macdonald at walmart in nanaimo bc canada. to get happy meal just ketchup and big mac meal. And every table in resteraunt had dirty stuff on it and looked like never wiped up. They had had no ice in resteraunt, no napkins, and the ketchup pump was covered with crud. They gave me just ketchup on my big mac also, and when i brought it back they said very snarky what wrong and so you want us to replace it and the fresh one was burnt almost black and old. I made a comment over that and they told me to “eat it as they only replace it free once.” I only paid 9 something for the “no problem with the special order big mac” as i just wanted a regular big mac and special order kids meal. That resteraunt was the worse resteraunt in nanaimo award for cleanliness and customer service. When I got up from the chairs (plastic) my clothes stuck to it.
    yet wal mart and macdonalds canada still does nothing. After it brings in all people just once!

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading all of these comments.

    What I want to add is that ‘obesity’ is a symptom of things that don’t work in our society. Many families have all the latest gadgets but are time poor & to fill the ‘emotional gap” for their children with treats! Many will personally go without to ensure their child gets the latest “whatever” but the experience of quality time with your children can not be replaced.

    Obsesity is not simply a result of too many calories in verses calories out. There are emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues that need to be worked through for every individual person. This is why two people can eat the same food yet their bodies produce a different result.

    So, in our society driven by a need to succeed, prestige, keep up with the neighbours, we experience inequality and now is the time to look at what is truely important to each of us.

    Fotunately these fast food giants are altering their menus and can no longer get away with feeding us such artificial junk. Fortunately the population are willing stand and demand better quality food and service. This is evolving just as we are.

  3. Today, I ate McDonalds! EWWW! *vomits* I WANT TO STAY VERY HEALTHY!!

  4. Come on everyone, you can’t tell me that you don’t love the taste of a nice juicky quarter pounder with cheese?? Yeah that’s right. No harm indulging from time to time. Everything in moderation

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  8.  wow “First of all, not all chemicals are bad.The ones in McDonald’s are bad.” you just sound dumb. please explain how you know all off McDonald additives are bad. your average Safeway is selling meat/chicken with fillers and additives.”if your a vegetarian your an idiot for the fact your even trying to find something non meat
    related at McDonald” that needed to be restated to you obviously. they have a choice to go somewhere else… and lastly if you eat it once in a while and exercise regularly you will not gain weight. your seeing it as a person that eats it constantly or one that chooses not to work out.

  9. If you do work at McDonalds I am sorry for you.  Here is a little more information.  A chicken nugget has 35 different ingredients many which are non edible items.  To make it take even yummier the chicken nuggets and fries are cooked in oil that cotains an anit foaming chemical called dimethylpolysiloxene.  According to the Handbook of Food Additives, dimethylpolysiloxene is a suspected carcinogen and an established mutagen, tumorigen, and reproductive effector; it’s also flammable

  10. I think you all should shut up and agree with what the person who wrote this article is trying to say to the world. If your defending this monstous company maybe you should just go and eat there for the rest of your life and see when you die. This guy ate here for months and now his liver is liquified and he has health problems for the rest of his life. The deal with the toys is they are trying  draw in the younger generation so they grow up and bring there kids and family back here too. McDonalds should be banned for causing obesity, liver problems and high blood pressure. The people who actually bother to waste there money on this garbage are insane and clueless. And for all of you who read this, Be smart. Get a clue. And DON”T EAT HERE!

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  12. McDonalds is disgusting. The chicken nuggets (before deep fried in horse fat) are a pink paste. The fries are deep fried in horse fat and the burgers contain cow feecies and don’t decompose.

  13. What a load of rubbish! Be thankful that you can find all this information out. Your little cafe and deli down the road don’t have to tell ANYONE where the food comes from or how it’s prepared. At least mcdonalds is transparent and you can decide to eat there based on facts!

  14. let me guess. you love mcdonalds and you support them. dream on

  15. Even if McDonalds put cow feaces in their burgers their doing nothing wrong if they tell you its in there. Your the dumbasses who can’t be bothered getting real food. If you made a salad instead of eating as Maccas you wouldnt be fat and wouldnt eat any chemicals anyway. McDonalds just give you the chance to be unhealthy, they take no part in the actual killing of your children, though you idiots shouldn’t stop eating at maccas, because our gene pools looking pretty murky. If your so disgousted just don’t eat there and tell ur bogan children Thailand Hotels

  16. Even if McDonalds put cow feaces in their burgers their doing nothing wrong if they tell you its in there. Your the dumbasses who can’t be bothered getting real food. If you made a salad instead of eating as Maccas you wouldnt be fat and wouldnt eat any chemicals anyway. McDonalds just give you the chance to be unhealthy, they take no part in the actual killing of your children, though you idiots shouldn’t stop eating at maccas, because our gene pools looking pretty murky. If your so disgousted just don’t eat there and tell ur bogan children Thailand Hotels

  17. its the happy meal that comes with the toy! there are 30 toys to collect,30+happy meals to eat

  18. maybe you,but even some parents are tempted by mc’ds they dont know whats wrong with it.

  19. true about the subliminal advertising.
    But i think a lot of people are forced to buy it cause they don’t have time to make food (college student at campus where campus only provides fast food) and the fast food is way cheaper than any other food.

  20. oh yea. lol. Dont eat at Mcdonalds because they give kids toy hummers. lol really? and mcdonalds wants ur kids to waste money on gas.

  21. Eat loads, have a heart attack and free the planet of another stupid person.

  22. Just how big is your IQ ?
    I’m guessing low, very low.

  23. Clearly a PR exercise to make up for years of maltreatment of this planet for profit.

  24. I’m guessing you are about ten years old with a very low IQ.

  25. You are clearly another badly educated, tunnel visioned product of Uncle Sam.
    Have you got a passport ? Ever seen another continent ?
    Ever seen exploitation first hand ? Child labour ?
    You boycott whatever you like, your opinion is meaningless to the thinking world anyway.

  26. That can’t be an ironic statement if you’re an American.

  27. Hello Darwins Brother.

    Maybe the ‘shakes’ can be used in the medical world as a kind of poultice, after all they suck money out of kids pockets.

  28. Hi Jacob,

    That was almost the only sensible posting, thank you.
    The shame is, that few people will read it and take notice.

  29. Quote:
    ‘Genetics in weak human beings’.
    ‘Ignorant cretins’.

    Clearly you are of limited intelligence to champion such an exploitative unhealthy product.
    Do you collect the promo plastic gimmics made by Asian children?

    Enough said.

  30. No, but really this is the best food on earth.
    I feed all my children, wife and pets on fastfood. Even the goldfish looks forward to a cheeseburger………….

    Yeah. get real.

    Stop it ! Don’t buy it ! Eat real food !

  31. At the end of the day, almost all ‘fast food’ outlets are costly and unhealthy.
    Educate yourself and children etc. Don’t eat this crap.
    You are financing more than you imagine whilst paying for that ‘yummy’ burger.
    De-forrestation, worker exploitation, worldwide littering and pollution.
    The list goes on.
    Allegedly, many makers are stubborn on biodegradable packaging.
    After all, that wrapper in the gutter is subliminal advertising.

  32. With whole-hearted agreement, but I recommend caution with airing your views on Facebook.
    Two people who stated their grievances publicly fought McShit for many years in court. They won, thankfully !
    McShit can hire a great lawyer and tax deduct it, can you ?

    My children thought I was horrible for not allowing them to eat this disgusting product. Now in their twenty’s, they thank me.
    Mac-sploitation of unskilled people is criminal, profit is paramount.

    Vote with your wallet, don’t buy it.

  33. I thought McDonald’s liked cows.
    After all the burgers have very little real meat in them.
    The McSteroid is out soon, packed with juicy additives.
    Like MTV they have ruined a generation of teenagers.

  34. wow some people wrote essays here a bit of what everyone says is true. good job people of the world you should be proud.

  35. Fuck that. Im still eating mcdonalds<3

  36. People need to stop being so American. Stop looking for the easiest way of everything. Im a vegertarian and im a size 4,even though im not even that skiny people always tell me i look anerexic! People are telling me this becuase the average american female pant size is a size 14 and growing. this is due to the overprocessed food and disgusting fast food

  37. you need to go to school will mixon you spell like a freaking 1st grader

  38. i think people need to take responsibilty ofr what they eat. Mcdonalds is a bussines and a person is not forced to take their money their. and when the kids complain to their perantes they need an ass-whooping. you are not forced to eat their

  39. the thing to remember is this , it’s immature and very child like to go to these dirty places to buy food off a clown in really babyish, names like jack n the box (they can’t even spell) and mcdonalds is so child like. You see these people on tv talking about the food there and what they eat and their greedy little eyes rolling in delight and they are giggling at the thought of it . I’ve seen the pimple faced geeky puny people who eat there and it makes me laugh, i’m off to have some fresh veggies with salmon, follwed by some grapes yum yum

  40. ur so stupid how can u think that ur just putting crap in ur bodie how stupid r u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv ur neighbor

  41. This article does not hold McDonalds solely responsible for “the fast food” way of life. Instead it aims to raise awareness about the dangers and realities of the fast food industry. The “dumbasses and idiots” you refer to are the people this piece is trying to protect rather than insult.

  42. And I will boycott your communist, liberal, and hippie friends’ businesses

  43. At least McDonald’s sponsors charities that help HUMANS (Ronald McDonald House), I’ve never heard of a hippie doing that. Seriously, all they care about is saving things that are doomed to die to begin with. The Socialist idea of “helping” is stripping away civil liberties (such as what we can and can’t eat) in order to control the people.
    The government that rules best… doesn’t forbid me to eat whatever I want.

  44. You people who believe this need a smack in the face. Even if McDonalds put cow feaces in their burgers their doing nothing wrong if they tell you its in there. Your the dumbasses who can’t be bothered getting real food. If you made a salad instead of eating as Maccas you wouldnt be fat and wouldnt eat any chemicals anyway. McDonalds just give you the chance to be unhealthy, they take no part in the actual killing of your children, though you idiots shouldn’t stop eating at maccas, because our gene pools looking pretty murky. If your so disgousted just don’t eat there and tell ur bogan children “NO!”!!!!

  45. Yeah. People get in car accidents, get murdered, fall of balconies, drown, kill themselves, die of diseases, smoking, all sorts of things.

  46. First of all, not all chemicals are bad. Pick up a science book. The ones in McDonald’s are bad. Second, vegetarians are that way because they just might not like the idea of eating animals. Or maybe they CAN’T eat meat. You never know.
    Third, it will lead to weight gain. Do you really think someone is going to walk that long everyday after eating McDonald’s? No, I don’t think so. Some people who eat all the time at McDonald’s are just naturally thin and have trouble putting on weight. So shut your mouth and complain about something legit.

  47. But a lot of parents don’t do that, now do they?

  48. You are an idiot. That’s not what their saying. Read the context. They are saying that if the kids like Hummers, they might buy them when they are older. Didn’t you know they waste a lot of gas? My god, you really need to shut your mouth.

  49. haha for sure. i could go for one of those anytime

  50. whether or not either of the fast food restaurants taste like crap is not only opinion but depends on where you live and which one you go to and the guy wasn’t necessarily defending fast food he was criticizing the article.

  51. He didn’t almost die.

    *Sources: I watched the movie.

  52. I agree with all of the info. I even worked there when I was a kid and I know that stuff is junk. The part about bending the rules is totally true as well. They work us like animals and pay us close to nothing so you better believe we will do whatever it takes to make our day just a little better.

    Banning McDonalds and other fast food companys in not the answer. NOBODY can tell you what to eat and what not to eat. All you can do is get the info out there and let people decide for themselves. We aren’t animals and we aren’t all liberals, some of us enjoy our freedoms still.

  53. McDonalds is so gay. Literally. The fries were good, but I’ve skipped going there for years and not supported gay day parades.

  54. wendys tasts like crap too say what u want and try to defend fast food but that doesnt cut it
    just because you are skinny doesnt mean your healthy
    but yet people smoke cigarets 1,2,3 packs a day and dont die from it in a month
    so mcdonals is worse for you then ciggarets, tar and w.e. else is in there

  55. So then if you gain weight or get sick from bad food you are weak?

  56. Parents don’t have to buy the happy meals if they have control over their kids. Only the dumb parents buy the happy meals, it’s their loss. Dumb parents need to take control and not let their children take over their lives. Smack ‘em in the face or something, and say NO!!!! Simple.


  58. I completely agree with you. I work at McDonald’s and this whole article is just a rant of random out dated, false, or irrelevant facts. The whole thing about using the soiled towels bucket for milk is ridiculous, because since then they have put the ice cream mix into bags that you have dump strait into the machine.

    Also just FYI the CO2 consumption for 25 year old rain forest is 1,760 lbs of CO2 per acre per year. For 125 year old rain forest it is 3,909 lbs of CO2 per acre per year. While the CO2 consumption for soybeans (assuming you get 40 bushels per acre) is 2,874 lbs of CO2 per acre per crop. Now I don’t know enough about soybeans to say for sure; but I would assume you can get more than one soybean crop per year. That would mean that soy beans would actually take in more CO2 than the rain forest.

  59. ewwwwwww *throws up* im now a vegetarian

  60. McDonald’s owns the world. But only if we let them. Boycott McDonald’s – it’s better for the planet, for the animals and for you.

    Good digging btw! But don’t forget to look up how McDonald’s are dealing with labor union leaders, especially in South America…

  61. i’ll never ever going to bring my daughter to the dirt,expensive, shitty fastfoods whatever they are and they does. they are the death of the quality,of the variety, of the simple good habit to enjoy the REAL food. fuck the franchise food and the people that does make them to staying alive.

  62. Oh God I feel sick now. No to Mc Donalds!!

  63. Ewww wow I just had me a meal now I feel fat lol. But thats just sick poor cows! Thats just sick! What do I think? SAVE THE COWS!

  64. EWWWEEE. this just made me sick. I knew that Mikkie D’s was bad for you. BUT i didnt know that it was this bad. I’ve made my grandparnets stay away from their food Becasue its NASTy food. the sauce is grosh and the meat EWE>>>.

  65. your totally missing the point dumbo, the toys attract the kids, the kids scream for the toy, the stupid perents buy the happy meal to shut the kid up, but holla, there are 30 toys to collect…29 more happy meals to be bought. its not easy thinking outside the box heh?

  66. i totally agree with you everything on that list is so true

  67. @ Lesliemason 82

    Hummers are an atrocious invention, and suggesting that “bigger is better” in this way to small children may put ideas in their heads for life. Why take the risk? This article does not suggest any of those things that you mentioned. I find many logical fallacies in your suggestion that thinking hummers are a bad thing for children to play with has anything to do with death by purse? Our attitude has to change. Let’s face it, a kid is more likely to think a hummer is “cool” if they receive one as a toy.

  68. Fast food industry has been with us for around 50 years now. Today, fast food industry especially McDonalds has served the humanity billions and billions of burgers not including the fries. But with all the billions and billions served by the fast food joints the planet had to offer immense amounts of recourses to sustain the fast food chain. The Earth, our home planet had to take a beating and still does, to keep the costumers happy. The worst in my opinion is the idea to cut down the Amazonia Rain Forest in Central America by cattle ranchers to supply the beef. Lots of beef, lots of pork, and lots of everything else is needed to sustain the fast food chains and only few suppliers are profiting. We as human being are paying the ultimate price by allowing the mega corporations to destroy this planet and the lives of people affected by the obesity. Personally, no longer consumer of fast food and have joined a fitness club to weight train. On the way for an oil change about 30 mile drive I have passed by four McDonalds chains. It is becoming more and more difficult to avoid the fast food joint. I’m lovin’ my health and will no longer tolerate eating fast food. Good luck to all who care about their health and watch Food Inc. a documentary on today’s food market.

  69. McDonald is so disgusting. I’m ever eating their again and i hardly ever eat fast food. but from what I’m researching some people just don’t realize how stupid they are defending to eat McDonald especially. no wonder united states is so over weight. i have learned alot and i think McDonald should never ever exist anymore. fast food places shouldnt be open pass 8 pm, they should not open 24/7. and i dont care if you think im crazy but people say they wanna lose weight but they cant, i wonder why?

  70. I lawled at how at the end of the article i saw a fast food ad


  71. I have watched super size me and i found it appauling that a half gallon of coke is drinkable and this is why britain is getting fat,

  72. i’m hearing a lot about moderation is key but the fact is people usually don’t McDonalds are adding different chemicals to your food to make them addictive and they have food scientists make these fat inducing flavours. most people in the world don’t eat junk food in moderation because it tastes good, easy to make, and much more that leads into the fact that our generation just doesn’t have time to eat properly and fast food companies are taking advantage of this

  73. I find it really interesting how the people with the most extreme opinions have the least facts to back them up. The one website that “Darwin” provided is an unreliable, extremist piece of crap. Personally, I don’t take information from sources that promote Tea Party politics and homophobia. But before everyone begins to call me an eco-terrorist, I would like to say that I am not vegetarian. This is a personal choice, as I just feel that I am healthier this way. Humans are, after all, omnivores. I do try and eat organic, free-range, local meat, and I try to eat minimal amounts. I do believe that factory farms are horrible. Cat, I’m looking at you when I say that global warming has NOT been debunked, the Amazon rainforest is getting smaller, and that if you find nasty chemicals in all that you eat, maybe you should consider, you know, not eating that. As for Mcdonald’s, the author isn’t saying that if you eat there once, it’s apocalyptic. She’s just saying that it should be avoided, plain and simple. Good article.

  74. Is this an American Mcdonalds? I work in an English one and we use none of those chemicals, it’s all KAY. The stuff is unhealthy, I get it free for lunch. Just stick to the Deli’s if you have those in America, the veggie one is low in fat, high in fibre and as a bonus has no meat in it.

    I’m not sure about the hundred of cows thing, I mean ours is from 1 farm so yeah it could be, depends on the farmer. :/

    Overall, I’m not fat although I’ve been there 3 months. Just don’t eat them 24/7, and if you have one don’t go large, stick to the medium meal, with water. :)

    Chicken is 100% breast not so sure about the beef… never checked the storeroom packets. Get back to you on that.

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  76. and cat, for me its not about being to lazy to make a burger myself, i make burgers all the time and do them on the BBQ, i cook meals every day for my wife and kid. its a matter of i like fast food, plain and simple, lazyness has nothing to do with it. maybe in america where its land of the lazy and home of the obese. but not here where i am.

  77. emma your so full of it, food poisioning thanks to mcdonalds? yeah right, ever think it was the aspartame poisioning from your “diet” coke?? why the hell do people complain about the chemicals in mcdonalds food yet they drink diet shit which contains a chemical known to cause MS like symptoms. now thats using your head and trying to stay healthy!

  78. this whole thing is completely stupid, first of all that movie supersize me doesnt prove anything other than if your an idiot and decide to live of something full of grease for a month then you will get sick. it aint just mcdonalds people. now the bit about trying to get kids hooked on guzzleing gas as well is just retarded and shows how much your just grabbing at straws here. the big mac sauce may contain a ton of chemicals you cant pronounce, but have you ever read the back of a bottle of thousand island dressing? its the same deal, yes mcdonalds food has chemicals in it, but so does EVERYTHING you buy at the grocery store, read the back of mayonaise, or duncan hines cake icing, titanium dioxide?? mmmm that sounds healthy but you dont hesitate to eat that now do ya? the vegetarin bit is pointless, if your a vegetarin your an idiot in the first place and the fact your even trying to find something non meat related at mcdonalds proves that, also global warming has been debunked and the rainforest thing is a sham too, according to “scientists” global warming is gonna get worse wether the rainforest are there in full force or not. and lastly, eating mcdonalds occasionally WILL NOT lead to weight gain, it will not hurt you in any way shape or form and is perfectly fine. even with how loaded the stuff is in salt and fats, that can easily be counter acted by actually getting off your but and actually excersising and practicing eating balanced meals. if 1 burger is 2/3 of your daily intake of salt and fat then its simply. only eat 1 more 3rd of salt and fat that day and your fine. . this whole artice ls just fear mongering from someone who is paranoid and has jumped on the “blame the big fast food chain and not ourselvs for making stupid choices” band wagon. its easy to blame mc donalds and make them a target because they are so big and successful. instead of blaming yourself and having no controll. and just for the record i dont work for mc donalds, i dont even eat at mcdonalds, why? because i think their food tastes like crap and i prefer wendeys, which i eat daily and i weigh 135 lbs, so that blows your weight gain theory. smarten up people. you wanna eat healthy?? then you better learn how to farm you own food and raise your own livestock, because not even the “fresh” produce in the store is trust worthy.

  79. You guys are poisoned if you are still wanting to eat McDonald’s. Do more research on what they do to animals for your cheap ass burger you lazy fucks can get off your ass to drive to a fast-food chain. But can’t make a nice burger for yourself? Oh yeah I forgot people don’t like a challenge anymore it’s all about the easy way. Addicted fools!

  80. i wonder if all the ppl on here defending mcdonalds are fattys? and i totally agree with bill!

  81. I have read the comments posted about unhealthy food (Get it!) But todays ignorance is tomorrows death and sickness. It wouldnt matter what information you give the public, they are too busy caring about self, rather than educating their children to eat healthy to stay healthy. That is if you really Love that child steer them away from Chemical Donalds and give them healthy choices.
    Look around at the obese population we have today, are you people foolish enough to think that the CHEMICALS you and yours are eating is making you skinny, ha, look behind you for your fat ansher!
    If someone shouted and said “watch out for that Big Mack “before crossing the road, Would they look? No, too busy stuffing your face with fries to see it.

  82. to all of you who dont agree with sara, watch the documentary food inc. I think her point was not to bash the industry, but point out how their production of animals and “plumping” them up is not only cruel, but also bad for “motha nature”, ie; rainforests- umm, hello, we need those for a happy earth. For those of you who are ok with the way they produce the “meat”, and insist there is nothing wrong with it, why not just eat a human? Did you also know that McDonalds charges you a sit in fee? Next time you go and eat there, look at the bottom of your receipt. It will say “Dine-In fee”. I dont see any benefits on having these fast food industries everywhere on every corner or every few blocks. I was pissed when I moved to Hawaii and seen McDonalds, Burger King and a Taco bell all within walking distance of eachother. For those of you who insist there is nothing wrong with it, and you like eating there in moderation, and blah blah blah, go on with your bad selves. I guess we need some sort of population control….dumbasses lol

  83. ‘Stas’ – if you want the Government to regulate every aspect of your life go live in a communist / socialist country and that is what you will get – seriously, stop blaming the Government for everything that is wrong in the world and do something about it yourself!! I don’t need Government telling me what I can eat!!

  84. To reply to “Stas” comment about the government shutting mcdonalds down, thats ridiculous you want the governemnet to take away mcdonalds cause its bad for ppl ok so get rid of ice cream too and chocolate and sugary sodas and all candy products. The governement steps in TOO MUCH its not the governments fault mcdonalds is bad for you if everyones so unhappy about how unhealthy mcdonalds is then simply DONT EAT IT mcdonals is not the only food source in america and noone is forcing you to eat it. having the government take this away which by the way will never happen is another thing they will do to take away personal libertys. for example i live in NY tax on ciggarettes is absolutely unbelievable i dont smoke at all never did but taxing ppl to death on ciggarettes to stop ppl from buying them is ridiculous if you wanna smoke a pack a day and get lung cancer and die good for you just like if you wanna eat mcdonalds every day get high cholesterol get fat clog an artery great it doesnt affect me. ppl have a choice to eat this stuff so stop complaining about the ingredients in it and just dont eat it.

  85. Hi,

    I really enjoyed the article and the comments. I enjoy seeing people question things. As I get older, I seem to be questioning more and more. I think people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t impact society. I’m wondering if there are studies that show that federal funds are going to help those with diabetes from eating a poor diet over the last few decades. I’m all for federally supported medical help for those in need, but I think the fast food industry should be involved in the cost. It all seems to eventually being about the benjamins and not the individuals, which makes for strange bed fellows.

  86. I can’t go veg – I like steak too much. I won’t eat McDees though. Not so much on environmental damage, poor working conditions and animal welfare (though these are worthy points) but due to the bullying tactics of McDees in the mclibel case. It outraged me to see a multi-billion dollar business go after people who had a legitimate opinion to express and went about trying to set an example by attempting to ruin them. I haven’t had a McDonalds burger since 1996 (I’m 37 now) and the last product I have of theirs was an iced cream which I felt guilty about in 1999.

    As for those who eat fast food on a daily or almost daily basis. Most of those people are just lazy. I accept in some cases, there is a degree of ignorance. My parents worked full time, and 6 days out of the week, we had home cooked meals – and on extremely rare exceptions maybe a pizza in the mid week as well. That was normal for families back then – my folks weren’t radicals. These days, parents can’t be arsed cooking so buy junk food for its convenience. The one day we had ‘junk food’ – it felt like a real treat. There’s no way the parentals could have afforded junk food regularly.

    I also find it hard to believe that it is cheaper to feed a family junk food than it is to buy and cook healthy.

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  88. on saturday i had a double cheeseburger fries and a diet coke my neice and nephew had a happymeal with chicken nuggets and fishfingers one hour aftere eating my mcdonalds i felt so sick i had bad cramps in my stomach in the night i threw up 3 times the next day i felt better then on monday i was sick again and it was worse! so now i have food poisening thanks to mcdonalds never eating there again.

  89. I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in quite a while, but I still found some of the info in this article shocking. I hope that posting calories will help people to understand how bad this food is, but I know it will take more than that.

  90. Ever since I was a kid (I’m 41 now), I’ve eaten McDonalds weekly…. and yet…. The doctor is jealous of my physical well being, I’ve never weighed more than 100lbs, My cholesterol is “perfect”, and all other blood tests show I put most 20 year olds to shame. So it seems to me, its NOT McDonalds…. Its genetics in weak human beings. I grew up with McDonald’s as a “treat”, not a frickin’ “Daily Meal”. I dont suppose you igonorant cretins ever thought about that?
    FYI: How many people died early who never at ANY fast food??? MILLIONS!!!

  91. Darwin speaks the truth. So much guilt has been instilled in me after reading this article! I feel so bad for the Amazon forests and for teaching kids in 2006 that toy hummers are not eco-friendly just like the food they’re eating!

    That part made me laugh. I was searching for “never going to eat mcdonalds again” on google trying to find some factual evidence of why someone should not eat there… Guess I’ll have to keep searching!

  92. “Are you a vegetarian with a French fry craving? You better skip McDonald’s because their fries actually contain milk (and wheat) and though they’re fried in vegetable oil, the oil is flavored with beef extract. (McDonald’s famously misled customers for years.)”

    False. They no longer coat the fries in anything besides salt, unless it is done somewhere else besides in store.

    The only thing that goes into those vats is 100% vegetable oil and a small amount of a salt based powder that is 100% edible and is used to polish the fry vats when they are filtered.

    How do I know this? I work there. I do maintenance and clean and filter and re-fill those fry vats every single day.

    The vegetable oil comes in 35 pound jugs encased in cardboard. The fry vat cleaner comes in a little green and white bottle. It’s a powder, with the same consistency, taste and smell of salt. Yes, I have tasted it, looked at it and smelled it. After all, so has every single person that has eaten McDonald’s fries.

  93. The “not everyone can afford to eat healthy” line is old and ridiculous. If I took my family of 4 to Mc Donalds, it would cost a minimum of $15. I can think of dozens of well rounded healthy meals I can cook at home for my family for $5 and probably still have leftovers at the end of the evening.

  94. This article was quite grotesque, I’ve seen worst however from vegetarian websites. Obviously if you are a vegetarian, you should not be going into any “fast food chain”.
    Since I stopped eating McDonald’s (not that I ever ate it that much to begin with–maybe twice a year), I feel so much healthier. I do not eat at any fast food chains, except I am guilty of stopping into Subway on lunch breaks. The more I am reading up on Subway it is grossing me out as well……I’ll probably give up all processed food together.

  95. hey ya good article i agree people shouldnt eat mcdonalds not cuz its unhealthy cuz mcdonalds isnt the only unhealthy thing but cuz im personally terrified of whats put into the food && what its made from you know?

    but u cant blame the fast food places 4 all the obesity, yes they play a big role but we as a society play a bigger one becuz its our choice 2 go get the food eat it every day && not work out. u cant just blame mcdonalds its not like ronald the clown himself threw his “burgers” down ur throat >.< im saying its more the peoples fault anyways

  96. I just wanted to say thank you to the person who took the time to do all the research and that I am working to try and get as many people to stop eating at mcdonalds (and other fast food joints if I can) and I started a facebook group called “don’t build a mcdonalds in nelson B.C.” the name might change… and I’ve been boycotting mcdonalds ever since my whole family got food poisoning from mcdonalds over 6 years ago (I can’t really remember)


  97. There is nothing I like at McDonalds or any other fast food place, so I don’t think about ti any more.

  98. McDonald’s and Burger King
    Cattle consume 10 times the amount of grain and soy that humans do. Of the 145 million tons of grain per year fed to livestock, only 21 million tons of meat and by-products are used. The waste is 124 million tons per year at a value of 20 billion US dollars. It has been calculated that this sum would feed, clothe and house the world’s entire population fo one year.
    EVERY year an area of rainforest the size of Britain is cut down or defoliated, and burnt – where there are now about 100,000 beef ranches. McDonald’s and Burger King uses lethal poisons to destroy vast areas of Central American rainforest. Globally, people depend on its crucial supply of oxygen, the water flowing from these forests, and the rain gradually released.
    It takes 800 square miles of forest just to keep McDonald’s supplied with paper for one year. Tons of this ends up as liter.
    McDonald’s are the world’s largest user of beef . When animals are slaughtered, meat can be contaminated with gut contents, faeces and urine, leading to bacterial infection. In an attempt to counteract infection in their animals, farmers routinely inject them with doses of antibiotics. These, in addition to growth-promoting hormone drugs and pesticide residues in their feed, build up in the animals’ tissues and can further damage the health of people on a meat-based diet. Chickens and pigs – spend their lives in the entirely artificial conditions of huge factory farms, with no access to air or sunshine and no freedom of movement. Their deaths are bloody and barbaric. In the slaughterhouse, animals often struggle to escape. Cattle become frantic as they watch the animal before them in the killing-line being prodded, beaten, electrocuted, and knifed.
    A diet high in fat, sugar, animal products and salt (sodium), and low in fibre, vitamins and minerals – which describes an average McDonald’s meal – is linked with cancers of the breast and bowel, and heart disease.

  99. this article’s scared the crap out of me. i don’t do mickey dee’s and if i ever get the urge, I will remember this post and snap right out of it. go green, go vegan!

  100. I think that mcdonalds is lush !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. you guys are a bunch of nerds trying to see how many different words you can say.

  102. DUDE! Why does everyone go after McDonalds? Have you SEEN what Burger King sells these days? That breakfast sandwhich that has sausage, ham,egg and Bacon is the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever seen. I think it was/is called the “Ultimate” or something? It comes on a hoagie style bun & has DOUBLE everything on it. At least MCD offers salads..Burger King pretty much gave up on that & seems to have gone for the “F*%* it , they’re fat already why not keep ‘em coming back for more?”approach. I swear the last time i was in there the looked own at me because I ordered a salad…I wouldn’t be surprised if they had switched the salad dressing out for bacon grease when I wasn’t looking just for spite..

  103. ahh found ‘em, crud comp wasn’t showing two tones in the html links

  104. These is really shocking that such a renowned restaurants like McDonald serve such unhygienic food stuffs. This content is no doubt a good alert to the people who hang around at such food joints. Thanks for sharing this information
    Philip Verghese ‘Ariel’, India

  105. This is really sick propaganda from the meatless coallition. Yikes Go ahead and eat your tofu crap imported from monsanto’s farms in central america the same tofu ie soybeans that are genitcally enginerred to resist roundup give me a break I hope you all have a real bad day from your soybean milk and diet.
    Oh ‘but then OBAMA care will take care of you…right try dying. We are bo mechanical machines with millions of years of genetics stick to the proticol meat ie protein is an essential part of our make up…no oils your skin becomes brittle and cracked no protiens your system can not produce what it needs an d systems fail. Deny your being and guess what the body will not protect you!

  106. i love mcdaounds i weigh about 400 pds and i cant stop eating it! omfg its so amazing!

  107. Great post, it definitely makes me think twice before going to McDonalds again. It’s amazing how much junk we can take into our body without even knowing. I know McDonalds is bad for you but does that include all fast food places? What about chick-fil-a?

  108. cool! I really like this and now my life has changed!

  109. Whoever wrote this article needs some lessons in persuasive prose. It is littered with outlandish statements and generalizations which only serve to damage the author’s credibility. The blatant bias on the author’s behalf makes it difficult for any astute reader to take their points seriously.

  110. thank u veryy much! I always loved mcdonnalds, but know i will never eat it again! i will tell all my friends about this, please send me emails about other damaging fast foods and stuff like that, i am 14 years old and will never eat a mcdonnalds patty ever again, or french fries, or nothin! jaja is kentucky fried chicken also so damagind?

  111. McD is a very visible and almost too accessible for just about anybody to patronise them. ideally, all of us should be well informed of the harm that fast food does to the human body through persistent consumption. it is for the sake of this large majority of ill-informed folks that something of a national regulatory nature that should be worked out on.

  112. MmmMmm, this article makes me want to eat McDonalds more.

  113. Propaganda in any form is dishonest. Listing a bunch of ingredients and making it sound ominous assumes that the reader is too stupid to figure out that listing a bunch of chemical names isn’t necessarily foreboding or inherently dangerous. I remember reading a nice article about whether “˜natural’ foods were safer and better in News and World Report some years back. The PhD writing the article listed some of the more dangerous chemicals on the planet-and how they were contained in things like carrots. He then went on to explain that we don’t die from eating carrots because our liver is able to detoxify that substance (or substances). My pharmacology professor once defined a poison as “too much of something” and illustrated this by pointing out how many people die from water intoxication each year, or how many premature infants in the premi ward suffer lung damage from being on pure oxygen. Too much of something is what is dangerous, not necessarily just consuming a chemical or preservative itself.

    As the best source for vitamin B12 is animal protein and B12 is absolutely essential for healthy erythrocytes (red blood cells), being a strict vegetarian is somewhat stupid. Instead of having your RBC’s last for the normal 120 days, the RBC formed without B12 lasts for about 14 days. Does that sound healthy? If we aren’t supposed to consume animal protein as it is “unnatural”, why does our body have the enzyme to break down animal protein? If we are truly meant to only consume vegetable matter, and the bulk of that is cellulose, why don’t we have the enzyme to break down cellulose? What is “˜natural’ about a diet that consumes so much bulk that passes through you untouched? “Moderation in all things” comes from the Greek history and refers to eating, exercising and life in general. Being afraid of the unknown and letting it paralyze you and run your life is silly.

  114. im not gonna lie… reading this article made me want to get a #4 with big mac sauce on it. It just sounded so damn delicious while reading this article… anyone else feel this way?

  115. Yesterday I read Newsweek Magazines top 500 list of the best Green companies — McDonalds ranked in the top 25 in part because of their resistance to using meat from companies that destroy the rain forest. Good article, tho.

  116. This article is more emotional than factual. It relies on bad analogies and false conclusions. There is nothing about McDonalds that does not apply to someone making a hamburger in the comfort of their own home.

    Just a few comments on some of the specific claims to show why I think it is more sensational than factual.

    The burger that will not rot. This just looks fake. The “I’m loving it” logo wasn’t until after 2003. Just toss out a bun in the sunlight and watch it for a few days. Maybe it could be done with a freezer.

    Super Size Me experiment has been done many times. No one suffered like the host of that movie. It also wasn’t the food, it was the sheer number of calories.

    A toy hummer is a lot more environmentally friendly than a real one. It just seems petty to pick on McDonalds for this.

    I could go on. I think the big problem is that it too easy to gobble up a lot of calories in one sitting. I am worried that the government will one day do something to “protect” us in a way that we lose liberty.

  117. After all that reading im feeling hungry! i think i’ll try a big mac! Beef chips and a coke! mmmmmmmmmmmmm im loving it

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  119. I live in Hawaii (land of high cost). I can buy local grass fed beef for $3.50 per lb. That’s enough for 5-6 Mc… patties. I routinely butcher roosters for meat. It takes about 5 minutes, and makes enough to have chicken for a couple weeks.
    If I paid $1 yes, I would expect real chicken. You’d think all those additives would add up and make things unprofitable. Why not just use whole ingredients? It would be cheaper and not build up heavy metals in the body.

  120. I have not eaten at McDonalds for over 15 years, so I can´t give an opinion on the food they make . As for the rainforest, I live in Brazil, (have been living for 30 years and I you can be sure that the South American rainforest is disapearing really, really fast.

  121. A very interesting site. Helped a lot with my assignment. Thanks

  122. McDonald’s food, part of the astounding “American Dream” is extremely petroleum oil dependent, and in particular, due to the beef content SEE:
    “Cattle are fed prodigious quantities of corn. At a feedlot of a mere 37,000 cows, 25 tons of corn are dumped every hour. It takes 1.2 gallons of oil to make the fertilizer used for each bushel of that corn. Before a cow is slaughtered, she will eat 25 pounds of corn a day; by the time she is slaughtered she will weigh more than 1,200 pounds. In her lifetime she will have consumed, in effect, 284 gallons of oil. Today’s factory-raised cow is not a solar-powered ruminant but another fossil fuel machine.” SEE: http://www.earthsave.org/environment/foodchoices.htm
    As the World faces the end of the “Cheap Oil Era”, and moves to other power sources such as Solar, Wind, Wave, Hydro, Tidal and Geothermal Power, and oil gets very expensive, even the American food supply will be affected. It is doubtful people will walk to a Mickey D’s for food when the cost of gas is more than the food they buy, and the oil is running out.

  123. Hi Gill, an unfortunate (and rather ironic!) mixup on the part of Google adsense technology. We don’t encourage you to partake. Cheers ;)

  124. Love the hypocrisy! Eschew the fast food industry, while Google adsense ads on the page are for Wendy’s, Mcdonalds and Little Caesar’s. Way to go! No reason to let a little cash stand in the way of principles or a point.

  125. I agree that eating McD’s once in a while is ok, but like many people have already posted, moderation is the key. The only thing I take exception to is when someone said that the government should stop fast food being on every corner. Right now, and every other time, government has enough problems to deal with, and you cannot legislate good health, nor common sense. The REAL way to stop the availability of fast food is for people to stop purchasing it. That cannot happen quickly because the best way to accomplish that is education. Of course more needs to be done to get the message out! One of the things that made this country great was people NOT relying on government to take care of them, think for them, etc. I know I don’t want those clowns in Washington to dictate how I should live, what I should wear, what I should eat, etc. They can’t even get it right for themselves, Democrat AND Republican! Soon, we will have to change our country’s abbreviation to the U.S.S.A. (United Socialist States of America) if things are allowed to continue as they have been going this century.

  126. I enjoyed this article and all of the comments.

    The fast food debate certainly is interesting if nothing else.

    I personally quit eating fast food about fifteen years ago because although I was (and am) very healthy I was concerned about cholesterol and excess sodium prominent in (overwhelmingly) fast food.

    The one thing I have found is that if I eat fast food (maybe once a year I fall off the wagon – let’s admit it, it’s damn tasty) such as say a Big Mac, Fries with a Coke – my body lets me know within hours it wasn’t a good idea if you know what I mean.

    I listen to my body, and it says no. :-)

  127. Oh and just to show I’m not (just) a contrary SOB. Mcdonalds shakes have always been of interest to me. Mike I see by your bio you live in Britain, I live in Arizona, USA. When I was a kid, I left a Mcdonalds shake outside in the summer heat (118 degrees F). Hours later I was able to get back to it and found it very hot but interestingly the same exact consistency as when I purchased it. I would have thought the ice cream in it would have melted. But noooo. Perhaps you can add an addendum about the shakes? Milk? Ice cream? Plastic? Chemicals? My bet is some kind of FDA approved plastic with flavoring and coloring added. Or colouring ( for mike) ;)

  128. “I’m confused – so you want us to discount your argument now? This is turning into a paradox. ”
    “We can’t do our own original field research (almost always not, anyway), ”

    Now, now, play fair or I’ll pick up my marbles and go home and pout.

    Outlining an argument, which is against McDonalds, with references? It’s an opinion piece. If you don’t agree – which is the case in some of the comments above – then you don’t agree, and you argue against it. That’s the spirit of discourse. ”

    It’s not the opinion I have a problem with, it’s the fearmongering.

  129. I highly suggest that anyone with an interest in what they eat read The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan. Very imformative and well written.

  130. “But that’s my whole point! Don’t take what I say as the gospel!”

    I’m confused – so you want us to discount your argument now? This is turning into a paradox. :)

    No, I see what you’re saying (in a way), but we’re journalists, not scientists. We can’t do our own original field research (almost always not, anyway), so we do what every other journalist does, and draw upon reputable sources in the media. Part of that process is always looking at counter-arguments. Then we form an opinion, and that is the basis for our argument. That’s journalism.

    >>”I didn’t mention the visitors. But rather just pointed out the dispicable tactic used by the author of the article”

    Outlining an argument, which is against McDonalds, with references? It’s an opinion piece. If you don’t agree – which is the case in some of the comments above – then you don’t agree, and you argue against it. That’s the spirit of discourse.

    It’s clear that you don’t agree with it, and we’d love to hear your argument – that is, with reputable sources to bolster your opinions.

  131. “Instill fear? I believe you do the visitors of this site a disservice. The readers of this post are quite capable of making their own minds up, by following exactly the same process of investigation and reasoning that you’ve outlined above, surely?”\

    I didn’t mention the visitors. But rather just pointed out the dispicable tactic used by the author of the article

  132. But that’s my whole point! Don’t take what I say as the gospel! Don’t trust any link I might provide! Do your own research. Don’t just read articles that agree with your opinion, read counter arguments as well. How can you believe in anything without exploring the opposing view just as vigorously as you read the stuff you like and agree with. This is just blind faith.

    Use your critical reasoning to rationally assess both/all positions/opinions. Then, and only then, form an opinion. But never discount that new evidence may require you to modify your opinion.

  133. Instill fear? I believe you do the visitors of this site a disservice. The readers of this post are quite capable of making their own minds up, by following exactly the same process of investigation and reasoning that you’ve outlined above, surely?

  134. As for the Terroism statement. I counted 15 bullet points, of these 13 are meant to instill fear.

    What have I said that was meant or did instill fear? Have I threatened that you’ll die if you don’t eat a big mac?

  135. We’re all happy to have our views challenged. That’s the whole purpose of this site – to take a pragmatic, practical, critical look at our own assumptions and beliefs, as well as being a sounding-board for what we believe is a sustainable, ethical and practical green lifestyle. And we challenge those views by looking at evidence collated by experts in their respective fields – as you do.

    But you’re furthering an argument that is unreferenced, and then criticizing us for not buying into it. I respect that you say you’ve spent 30+ years in bioscience/conservation/ecology, but we also don’t know who you are either, which is another missing reference point.

    Surely you see the problem here.


  136. I don’t have any links at this time. This is information I’ve read and picked up over the 30+ yrs I’ve been working in bioscience/conservation/ecology.

    However, I would hope that some of it would just be obvious to any but a “true believer”/cult member. Or at least cause you to ask “why didn’t they mention that?”

  137. Darwins Brother – For the sake of the discussion, I’d also be very interested to see any direct hyperlinks to the articles & statistics you’re citing to support your argument, if you’d be willing. Much appreciated.

  138. However, I know I will never change your mind. I just hope I can pry it open a little and encourage you to apply a little skepticism and logic to information used to form your opinions. Some of the points made in this article are true and I agree that McDonalds is far from “health” food. But then anyone who eats at Mcdonalds knows that or they’re too stupid to let run around without a keeper.

  139. Terror? Good grief. And there was me thinking this article was a statement of opinion (based on referenced evidence).

    Doesn’t that also make you a “terrorist”, sir? :)

  140. Websters Dictionary:
    Terrorism n. the systematic use of terror as a means of coercion.

    Are you trying to tell me that one of the primary tactics of this article is NOT terror? Sexual dysfunction, heart attacks, endothelial dysfunction, etc. Virtually every section of this article utilizes terror.

    The evil, internal combustion engine comment?

    And I quote:
    “As if feeding children high-fat, high-sodium, low-nutrition “food” weren’t bad enough, some Happy Meals in 2006 contained toy Hummers. It’s as if McDonald’s was encouraging a whole generation of kids not only to guzzle food, but to guzzle gas as well. Would you like a few barrels of petroleum with that? “

  141. The first two rainforest links tell the same story, the same way. They talk about the clearing/deforestation without any mention of regrowth or natural expansion. Reread them to see how carefully they parse their words to avoid any mention of this. I will admit I was surprised that the most unbiased article came from a site called “treehugger”. But note again no mention of the regrowth or size change of the Amazonian rainforest. All research should be done with a critical eye even if they support your beliefs. I do this. I have found many articles opn many subjects over the years that while they support my beliefs were still full of bull.

    The meat links are again inaccurate and biased. They pick selective countries as examples, ignore food importation and ignore nutritional needs. The “logical” conclusion of these article would have us destroy all food animals and all crops world wide except rice. Because,IIRC, rice produces more “poundage” of food per acre than any other crop. This is obviously a ridiculous idea. I don’t argue than meat production is less efficient on a per acre basis than grain, but as the saying goes “man does not live on bread alone”.

    BTW are you aware of the latest anthropological theory that it was the consumption of meat that triggered the accelerated brain development of our ancient ancestors?

  142. BTW – Eco terrorism, evil combustion engine? I suggest having a read through our archives to see what we’re actually about. Your preconceived assumptions about what we must be simply because this is a green site are too bad, but then you can’t please everyone, can you? Thanks for stopping by.

  143. Some helpful links.



    I don’t disagree that modern food production is more efficient than in centuries past – that’s the wonder of agribusiness. The problem is that we could feed far more people, and cause far less ecological impact, if we used all the cereals we grow for human consumption, rather than livestock consumption.

    I’m a sparing omnivore. I buy local, grassfed, organic, free range.

  144. To Sara:

    Several other posters here have pointed out some of the lies. And your “sources” – internet blogs, Supersize me(entertaining though it may be), your own web site and greenpeace. Greenpeace has been caught in so many lies over the years no unbiased, thinking individual takes anything they say as the gospel.

    My source for the rainforest – the UN, The International Society of Arborculture, Satellite photos. The acreage is monitered constantly and it IS growing.

    “My” math is based on the UN and WHO reports. The factors were: agricultural acreage, production per acre both historical(without industrial methods and chemicals) and modern, world population, minimum nutritional human requirements, you can also add in modern transportation of food(you know the EVIL internal combustion engine).

    And your own source states they can find NO connection between fast food and sexual dysfunction, despite what morgan spurlock and his girlfriend state.

    But perhaps we have a different definition of what a lie is. I feel anything but the full truth is a lie. A person can lie by omission, implication, and inference
    just to name a few ways you can find here.

    Let me ask you- are you a vegan, a vegetarian or an omnivore? I’m an omnivore BTW.

  145. @Darwins brother:

    Each one of these points is cited with a source. Show me the lies, please.

    Also, your claim about the Amazonian rainforest is wrong. Where’s your source? As to your statement that a more sustainable, less factory-intensive food system less reliant on meat consumption would only support 500 million – that’s just silly. Explain your math, please.

  146. Taste damn good though. I think I will have some chick nugz fer lunch tomorrow. Thanks for the reccomenation Dawg!

  147. A wonderful article. Combination of eco-terroism, half-truths(half-lies?), outright lies, guilt tactics and Luddite manifesto.

    BTW, the amazonian rainforest is in no danger. Every year thousands of acres are bulldozed and burnt for farming. And every year even more thousands of acres are reclaimed by the forest. The rainforest is larger now than it has been for hundreds of years.

    The policies and practices expounded on by this website would only support a world population of 500 million people. So lets all jump on the bandwagon and kill off 6 billion people so we can feel good about ourselves!

  148. Okay so you dont like McDonalds. No one is forcing you to eat there. If you don’t like it, don’t eat there. Doesn’t mean everyone needs to follow your lead. I haven’t had MCDinks in 2 years. And I don’t really miss it at all. But I still eat out at other restaurants, knowing full well that they probably aren’t the healthiest choice. But you know what, that’s just it. It’s a choice. A choice I don’t have a problem making periodically for the sake of satisfying a craving.

    The problem comes from eating there every day or too much per week. It’s obviously not rocket science that the food McDonalds serves isn’t exactly good for you, but at the same it’s not going to kill you over night either. Don’t sensationalize the facts. Humans have to eat. And although i’ve tried being a vegetarian, I couldn’t stand it. Nobody can survive on friggin’ bean curds for the rest of their life. I’d rather have a steak personally. Much more satisfying.

  149. consistently someone pops up to blame the government, which is why we have this abrogating society when it comes to personal responsibility. I eat where and when I want to eat, no person or any special interest group is going to regulate me. Think for yourself and eat foods proportionate to their health value. Foods low in healthy properties can still be consumed, but nudge your gray matter and think. Lastly pardon the pun, “food for thought” organic food has been found to be higher in natural bacterias and intestinal distress causing organisms.

  150. Government imposed change? It shouldn’t be up to the government to make a decision that people can make on their own. As you said, moderation. The people can’t blame the chain, or the government for their own foolish mistakes. Personally, anytime someone brings up the government stepping into something, I cringe. The government has enough control over our lives, and the way businesses are run, considering we’re in a free-market system. Your comment, Ant, is about as cringeworthy as the automotive-bailouts.

  151. Oh yea, and don’t forget, McD’s forced you to eat there. Not the option of eating healthy, give me a break.

  152. Fast food was never meant to be a way of life. It was supposed to be a once a week treat. Blame it on lazy parents who would rather take their kids to McDonalds rather than cook or people who don’t have enough intelligence to push themselves away from the table. Or ultimately on the individual who feels that it is someone else’s responsibility to tell him that too many Big Macs will make him fat.

  153. There are thousands of companies that are like this, and a lot of them are worse.
    Moderation and government imposed change to the company is the answer.
    After all, everyone is still going to go back, no matter how bad you tell them it is.
    And OK so its bad food, but i bet a lot of people wanted a McDonalds after reading this article

  154. I agree that fast food in moderation is not going to kill you. Not every fast food chain operates the same. Not every store in a chain operates the same. This article picks on one chain. First, not every person has the luxury of affording to eat healthy. Yes, fast food is cheaper and the target audience is identified in the marketing message. That market will continue to purchase no matter what is said. Who is the target and what is the message of this article? The fast food industry is not going anywhere. You need to do the same investigation for all companies involved in this industry so people reading can make an educated decision based on the facts. Then, if your audience cannot decide, give them choices if they decide to continue feeding themselves in the industry. As far as this article is concerned, it sounds like you have a problem with McDonalds.

  155. Pingback: 15 Reasons Never to Let Anyone You Love Near a McDonald

  156. “Fast food supports a completely unsustainable system of agriculture.”

    sure, but so do grocery stores…and cities and civilized life in general. If you rely on food (or other resources) being shipped in from elsewhere, you are in an unsustainable system.

  157. Hi, it’s so difficult not to eat fast food since they are EVERYWHERE ! on every corner you can find a Macdonald’s or a burger king .. ITS CRAZY!!!!
    the government should stop this !!! but they don’t… because its good for the economy..

    do you know that in the USA every year there is a profit of 110.000.000 dollars??? its insane! well, luckily for me i’m a vegetarian so don’t eat any burgers or that but i love the French fries hehe.

    what worries me most actually, is that parents feed their child with mc donalds food!!! oh God !!! if you love your child then PLEASE DONT FEED THEM BAD FOOD!!! or just coca cola, its chemical!!! feed your children with healthy foods and water or juices :)

    or if you love your body, treat it right and give your body the best ;)

  158. Didn’t the founder of McDonald’s say that if he could get a child hooked by the age of three they would be loyal customers for life? Even though I haven’t eaten it for years I still get the craving. It’s a drug, for sure.


  159. Oh good lord. A Happy Meal once in a while is not gonna kill your kids nor is getting a burger at McDonalds for anyone else. Moderation is the key, as in anything else you eat.

  160. stop picking on Mcdonald its just business. Its obviously the consumers fault for being so unhealthy, as long as i dont get sick I pay for what i get. You expect t get 100percent real chicken by paying a dollar for it, i know a dollar wont get me that good of a healty deal.

  161. Actually, your average gummy bear or hard candy would have just about as much if not more chemicals than the big mac sauce. The “chemicals” sarah was referring to is mostly harmless, unless in excessive amounts. Let me be precise. You need to drink litres of sauce per day to achieve this.

    Then again, even though the sauce will not “poison” you with chemicals, it is still unhealthy due to its high fat, sugar and sodium content. What i am trying to point out is that nothing is unhealthy if you eat in moderation and maintain a healthy exercise regime.

  162. A few points/errors…

    The oil they fry their french fries in is 100% vegetable oil. They coat the fries in a natural beef extract and that’s not really much of a secret if you look at their ingredient list and the fact they were sued by Hindu groups about it 6 years ago for claiming the fries were vegan.

    The whole “it comes with a lot more than chicken” is simply rhetoric. Do you expect the breading on the chicken you linked to be made out of chicken or something? It’s not like you linked to the grilled chicken breasts or anything.

    Thirdly, I find the Orlando incident to be interesting. The picture is rather poor too… I don’t know how they do things in Florida, but I know when I worked at McDonalds the milkshake/ice cream mix came in bags with spouts on them so there is no need to put the mix in a bucket…

    The rest of the article is probably true or half true.

  163. Great post Sarah! I stopped eating fast food 6 years ago after reading “Fast Food Nation” and of course the movie “Super Size Me” sealed the deal! We need to be more thoughtful about what we put in our bodies. Great photos, truely disgusting!

  164. More like “thousand chemical” dressing. Yuk!

  165. The “secret sauce” is pretty much just thousand island dressing…


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