5 Delightful Denim Dresses: Friday Finds

Stock up on denim dresses.

Remember the denim dresses you used to wear in elementary school that you’d accessorize with a giant bow the size of your head? You don’t? So, that was just me… Anyhow, denim dresses are back, but they’ve totally grown up. We’ve rounded five different denim dress looks for this week’s Friday Finds.

Denim dresses, vintage

1. Vintage Swingy Denim Dress

This item is part of Free People’s Vintage Loves collection. We love the design of this ’80s dress. It’s a mini length, so it’ll look great with a pair of sky-high wedges. The shapeless dress also features a scoop neck, so feel free to accessorize with an equally ’80s necklace (hello, retro, rainbow beaded necklace. Priced at $228.

Denim dresses, classic

2. MiH Denim Shirtdress

Going to a summer brunch with the boyfriend’s parents? This ’70s-styled denim dress is the perfect outfit for that occasion. And we love the way Anthropologie has outfitted this dress, too. (Those shoes are such a great choice.) Also: While this dress is quite pricy, we love it because you can probably wear it into fall. (A great pair of cowboy boots and a poncho would look great come September.) So, a dress that can be worn during three seasons? Heck, yes. Priced at $375.

Demin dresses, '90s

3. Vintage ’90s Mini Dress

From the ’70s, to the ’80s, and onto the ’90s… This cute dress is pretty darn flirty and features that signature ’90s staple — the spaghetti strap! And again, just like the dress above, we love the way it is styled. (And if you don’t dig the black accessories, you can always outfit it with a brown hat and brown booties.) Priced at $34 from Etsy shop ShopTwitchVintage.

Denim dresses, '90s zip

4. Vintage Denim Dress

This is another dress that comes from the ’90s. But we had to include it because we love its zipped front. Also: It’s always nice to have the option to wear a dress as a jumper if you want to. We’d pair this dress with some classic chucks and a roomy white t-shirt for a long day of record shopping. Priced at $53.45 at ASOS Marketplace.

Denim dresses, make your own "top"

Denim dresses, make your own "dress"

5. True Religion Denim Skirt and Paige Denim Vest

We cheated a bit with this one. But once we saw the vest, we had to figure out a way to incorporate it into this post. This denim vest, denim skirt combo looks mildly edgey and totally cool. Pair with a big pair of combat-inspired boots and go intimidate some cute people into buying you drinks. The skirt ($35.99) and vest ($39.99) come from ThredUp.

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