5 Simple Steps to a Personal Style All Your Own

Personal Style, How to Cultivate Your Own in 5 Simple Steps

Looking for that special something? That je ne sais quoi certain women seem to be born with? If mad fashion skills aren’t in your genes, never fear. You can easily cultivate your own personal style.

You know her. That woman that always seems to look good. Whether going to a show or coming from the gym, she is always put together.

What does she have that you don’t? One thing. She’s mastered her personal style.

And you can too. Following are five things you need to know when developing your own style.

5 Things You Need to Know to Develop Your Own Personal Style

1 Know what works for you // This sounds broad, but is much simpler than you’d think. Keep this one thing in mind and you are practically golden. Ready? Here it is: Do what works for YOU. Not your sister, not your best friend, not the actress on your favorite TV show. YOU! You know how you don’t necessarily look great in your bestie’s lip shade or love your colleague’s signature scent as much on yourself? Same goes for fashion. It’s ok to copy, just be sure the articles speak your name, not someone else’s. Not everyone can rock fuscia or turquoise. Certain styles look better on one figure over another. Learn what works with your body shape and skin tone.

2 Know your mission // Yes, even fashion speaks of your ideals. Do you want to stick with organic fabrics? Maybe ethically produced garments are important to you. Or perhaps you love vintage and thrift shopping. Figure out what and whom you want to support, learn about it, and buy those who meet your beliefs.

3 Know what works with your lifestyle // Those who work at home likely won’t buy the same items as someone who works in a corporate environment. Some women may feel more comfortable in pants than skirts or dresses. Certain lifestyles don’t lend themselves to heels or chunky jewelry. Give some thought to what you do during your day and dress appropriately. For example, I happen to love jeans but ripped denim doesn’t segue very well into a meeting or appointment. Try white or black denim and dress up your tee with a colorful sweater or pretty scarf.

4 Know how to show something off // I like to think of this in terms of makeup – if you are going with a bold eye, you play down the rest of the face, and bright lips pair well with a neutral eye. Choose one item and go big. A jewel toned blouse, colored jeans, funky arm candy. Going bold in one area while keeping the rest of your look neutral equals tasteful style with a signature look.

5 Know how to Be Authentic // The most important thing in showing off your personal style is confidence. It may be cliché, but feeling good and being comfortable with yourself is key to a great appearance. As fashion great, Diane Von Furstenberg, quotes in her book “The Woman I Wanted to Be”…”The way you look is important, but who you are and how you project it is eventually who you will become and how you will appear.”

Flip through fashion mags, check out blogs, and peruse Pinterest for inspo. Then prepare to get your personal style on.

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