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The Friday Five, Vol. 20

Great stories from EcoSalon you may have missed this week. In San Francisco’s Fashion Incubator At Macy’s Heralds New Designers, fashion writer Rowena Ritchie notes that over the years there have been numerous efforts to breathe life into San Francisco’s struggling fashion scene, “so it was a thrilling day for […]

10 Infographics on Alcohol

Raise your glass. As this year’s election approaches, EcoSalon would like to make two points in the sitting president’s favor: Mr. Obama is married to a prominent locavore, and he’s interested in craft brewing, even to the extent of traveling on the campaign trail with White House ales on the […]

Total Nerd Porn: Mulder and Scully Kiss [Video]

OMG. Mulder and Scully Kissed… Well, not Mulder and Scully, really, but David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson sure did. According to Mashable, “Anderson joined Duchovny on stage at the release party in New York for his album ‘Hell or High Water.’” That’s when the two shared an onstage kiss. Watch […]

They Buy the Auto Electric: Nissan Leaf Is Sold Out for 2010

I liked reading this quote in the New York Times from Nissan’s chief executive, Carlos Ghosn: “We wanted to do a zero-emission vehicle. I don’t want gasoline in the car, period.” Apparently, neither do a lot of you – Nissan announced last week that it has received 19,000 orders for its 100-percent-electric […]

America Make Up Your Mind: Do You Want Kids or Not?

Republicans are doing everything in their power to make sure more babies are born, but, frankly, no one seems to want them around. For the last eighteen months, Republican legislators have been proposing dozens of laws to restrict access to abortion and birth control and defund Planned Parenthood with the […]

10 Signs You’re Morphing Into Your Mother

He calls you “Cherie” as you channel the attitude of your mom, deriding the kids for not picking up their mess and complaining how canned salmon doesn’t taste as good as it used to. You hate him for it, but wonder if you are, indeed, morphing into the woman who […]

Video: Our Story in Two Minutes

VideoHistory condensed. Made by a high school student for a class project, “Our Story in Two Minutes” is an impressive summary of pretty much every book about western history that you have ever read, and then some.

5 Eco-Friendly Beach Vacations Off the Beaten Path

These days, it seems that the former best of beaches have turned into polluted landscapes. Public beaches often fall victim to this curse. However, there are beaches that are well-maintained and protected whilst offering sanctuary to wildlife and beach-goers alike. The following 5 eco-friendly beach vacations are as beautiful as […]

Winning at Gmail: Find Any Message In A Flash

How organized is your Gmail account? Yeah, that’s what I thought. These tips can help. If you’re like me, your Gmail account probably wasn’t that organized to begin with. Now, with all the new changes and updates you’ve just decided to accept the fact that the very important email message […]

The American Cannabis Industry is Growing

The American cannabis industry is growing… fast. And Ganjapreneur, a website dedicated to helping connect cannabis entrepreneurs, just added a new feature to help these budding business people connect. Ganjapreneur launched in July 2014 and in the fall of the same year, the site launched its Marijuana Job Feed. The […]

Too Many Dates and Not Enough Biofuel?

Date palm plantations line the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. Once leading date exporters, they now rely heavily on the domestic market. But Iraq only consumes around half of the 350,000 tonnes of dates it produces annually, leaving around 150,000 tonnes of dates a year to […]

12 Fun DIY Projects for the Chic Green Geek

The fun of going green is that it’s a personal thing. You’re joining the worthiest of causes – securing the future health of the planet you call home – and doing it yourself. Eco-friendly DIY projects are satisfying, challenging and almost always money-saving, and frankly we can’t get enough of […]

8 Apps to Help You Get Closer to Nature

Apps for adventuring. Sounds contradictory, but sometimes technology can actually help you get closer to nature. Take, for instance, the following eight iPhone and Android mobile apps, which arm you with ways to find nearby green spaces and the information to identify anything from animal tracks to constellations to rare […]

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5 Affordable Wellness Retreats Around the World

If you think such luxurious retreats are reserved for the elite few, you’d be wrong. These wellness retreats are incredibly affordable considering what they offer. You’re sure to find one fit to your fitness, health and relaxation goals. The summer season brings with it an air of calm, as if […]

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The Mexican Gray Wolf Needs You: Speak Up for the Essential Lobo

#LoboWeek, March 23 – 29, will harness the power of social media to educate the public about threats to the survival of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, or lobo, the most genetically distinct gray wolf subspecies in North America. Advocating for wolves’ rights to live as they should—wild, free […]

8 Nuggets of Wisdom from the ‘Advanced Style’ Ladies

I just watched what, in my humble opinion, is likely one of the best documentaries available on Netflix. Its title is “Advanced Style,” and it’s something I feel compelled to share with every woman I know. “Advanced Style” opens on a gentleman with a camera, seeking out well-dressed older women […]