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Link Love: The Best Supermodel Street Style + Juicing at Home + PETA and Detroit


This week’s Link Love, we catch up with supermodel street style, PETA’s generous offer to Detroit and Southwest’s big announcement to SeaWorld.

PETA offers waterless Detroit a solution: Eat a vegan diet and they’ll turn on the water [via Eat Drink Better]

How to juice at home (no more excuses!) [via Organic Authority]

The Best Supermodel Street Style: Four Decades of Iconic Fashion Inspiration [via Vogue]

Awesome abandoned places around the world occupied by animals [via One Green Planet]

Southwest says sayonara to SeaWorld [via UT San Diego]


5 Easy Travel Tips for the Road Trip Planner

This photo shows a road on the Blue Ridge Parkway at dawn

Here’s how to become the ultimate road trip planner.

Airfares continue to climb. The TSA recently announced yet another mandatory check (travelers are now required to turn on mobile devices in the security line). Southwest (typically regarded as the friendliest airline) just kicked a passenger off a plane for tweeting a customer service complaint. As such, you may be thinking – time for a road trip. And while you may just want to hop in your car and get going, a …

Authentic Happiness in Denmark Linked to DNA

happy people photo

We’ve long speculated about the key to finding authentic happiness.

Denmark, along with other Northern European nations offer a wide range of social services. There’s seemingly little internal conflict, trust in government, little separation between the rich and the poor–while these are potential motivators of authentic happiness, what if it was more than that? What if happiness also came down to Danish DNA?

Scientists have uncovered genetic traits that may hold a clue as to why the Danes are so smiley all the time. Each year polls and surveys alike …

EcoSalon’s Sexy-Not-Sexist Summer Playlist

EcoSalon's Sexy-Not-Sexist Summer Playlist

Just because you like to move your booty to the music doesn’t mean you have to support sexism in the process. Keep your summer vibes strong with this specially curated summer playlist.

With summer parties, adventures, and road trips in full swing, you may have already burned through a summer anthem or two. Not to worry — EcoSalon is here to put a fresh batch of beats in the hopper.

Now, this isn’t just any summer playlist. Inspired by the question “Can I

Yes, They’re Real! 10 Myths About Women With Big Boobs


Women with big boobs enjoy a lot of benefits, but there are myths to be set straight, too.

I feel a Dr. Seuss story coming on: Left Boob, Right Boob. Big Boobs! Little Boobs! Boobs, Boobs, Boobs!

How many different myths about women with big boobs are there to be perpetually and consistently misinformed about? Even in 2014 we still don’t understand female anatomy as well as we should, and no woman feels that more than a woman with big boobs.

Here are some of the biggest myths about big boobs. We’re setting the record straight.

1. They’re not

Saying the Wrong Thing? 13 Words and Phrases You Probably Should Stop Saying


Why do we often find ourselves saying the wrong thing?

Language is a funny thing. Not literally, because, well, we’ll get to that in a bit, but it can be funny in that there are a lot of words and phrases we say when we mean something else. Saying the wrong thing has hit epidemic levels in our culture lately. Are you guilty of using one of these words or phrases when you mean something else?

1. “It’s like crack” -  Really? Have you ever smoked crack? Why would you compare something like, say, …

From ‘Heathers’ to ‘Ghostbusters’: 6 of the Best ’80s Movies Now Streaming Online

Indiana Jones movie poster

Everyone loves to relive the 1980s. Whether you relive the ’80s by wearing a hair band t-shirt you snagged from a garage sale, or by donning a scrunchie to the gym, it’s fun to turn back the clock every so often. This week, relive the neon-clad decade by watching some of the best ’80s movies now available online.

Streaming on Netflix

1. “Heathers”: This strange coming-of-age ‘80s flick was released in 1989. It follows Veronica, a high school popular girl, as she tries to …

The Shocking Truth About Vitamin C Serum (and the DIY You Should Use Instead)

Closeup of orange slices

Here’s what beauty companies aren’t telling you about vitamin C serum – and what to do about it.

Vitamin C is a big deal in skin care products: Among its many benefits, it enhances collagen production below the skin’s surface, helping to prevent and soften wrinkles and fine lines. It also brightens skin, prevents sun spots and fights free radicals. For these reasons and more, vitamin C serum has become an uber-important staple in our daily beauty routine – it’s practically a Jill of all trades… right?

Wrong. While it’s true …