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White Privilege: Normal White Guy Walks Through NYC for 10 Hours and Becomes a King [Video]

funny or die

 If you haven’t seen the viral video of a woman walking through the streets of New York for 10 hours and being cat-called or worse at least 100 times, you’re bound to view it sooner or later. It’s been all over the web this week, and now, Funny or Die gives a spin on it featuring a white man. The result is funny–not because it mimics the other video (making fun of harassment would not be funny)–because it demonstrates that stereotypes and white privilege exist in a major way. Which

Global Climate Change May Mean More Baby Girls

girl babies photo

Scientists are striving to figure out the side effects of global climate change before they hit us like a ton of bricks. You’re likely familiar with some of them including more drastic weather phenomenons, rising tides, and animal dead-offs. But an increase in girl babies? That’s a new one.

New research has shown that global climate change could mean more girl births. Researchers in Japan observed birth ratios and aligned them with temperatures from 1968 to 2012 and found that boy births are declining compared to girl births because it …

What is OCD? (It Doesn’t Always Look Like What You Think it Should)

Scrabble pieces telling a story.

If I hear one more person say, “I’m so OCD because I have to clean my toilet every week!” I’m going to get mouthy. The question, what is OCD, and its answers are a bit more complicated.

But really, it’s more than that. We all trivialize various mental disorders to normalize them, etc. But OCD is one of those strange disorders that is different for every person who has to live with it. Believe me – I know from personal experience.

Rookie recently reported on this subject when one …

‘The Daily Show’ Effect: Why We Love (and Trust) Fake News

the daily show

“The Daily Show” and other fake news programs seem more real than real news these days. When did comedy become so serious?

These are interesting times we’re living in. The 24-hour news channels are inundating us with urgent breaking news stories. Sometimes, they do so accurately, but often times they’re just using urgency for the sake of ratings – which, I guess, are urgent in their own way.

Thank goodness we can find reprieve from the oh-so-serious news agencies with programs like “The Daily Show”, “The Colbert Report” and John Oliver’s “Last Week …

The Sad Reasons Eating Disorders and Sexual Assault are Linked

Woman grabbing stomach

Sure, say all you want about Kesha’s music (I for one am a fan of her ridiculous, I-know-what-I’m-doing excess), but she’s a strong woman. And she’s one of the first people who has talked about how eating disorders and sexual assault are related.

A few weeks ago, Kesha “went forth with a lawsuit” against Dr. Luke, her former manager. The lawsuit claims that Dr. Luke “drugged her, sexually abused her and physically assaulted her.” Kesha revealed this information to her doctors when she was in rehab for bulimia, Jezebel …

Solar Power Facts: 2015 Report Shows Residential Use By State

solar panels photo

Solar Power Rocks just released its residential solar power ratings by state (including the District of Columbia), based on criteria that lead to strong financial incentives to install solar panels. Find out your state’s solar power facts.

The report includes detailed discussions of each state broken down by criteria, including areas where each state excels and those where it falls short. It also shows how state legislatures can impact change on the solar market in each state. What are the prospects for your state? Read on to find out your …

21 Tips on How to Destress Naturally

destress photo
Stress happens it’s learning how to destress that matters.

Stress is a normal part of life. You can experience stress from a slew of  life experiences affecting both your body and your mind. The human body is designed to manage stress, and in fact, it can be a good thing, making us aware and alert. But continuous stress without the ability to relax can impact your body. It’s important to learn how to destress.

Tension related to stress can build up and stress can cause headaches, chest pain, upset stomach, sleeping …

San Francisco to Save the Whales and Dolphins With Radical Legislation


San Francisco has passed landmark legislation that could help to save the whales and dolphins in the Bay Area.
“That the City and County of San Francisco supports the free and safe passage of all whales and dolphins in our coastal waters, including the Pacific Ocean, the San Francisco Bay, and its estuaries[…]Be it further resolved that every whale and dolphin has the right to be free of captivity, and to remain unrestricted in their natural environment.”
That’s the official word out of the city last week, when it passed the Cetacean Free and …