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8 Re-Purposed Hotels from Around the Globe

From using organic cotton sheets to serving up fresh, local fare, many hotels have adopted green initiatives. Still, others use a different sustainable strategy: re-purposing old buildings and turning them into hotels. On top of the environmental benefits of recycling a building that might otherwise get torn down, there’s something […]

Herbs for Stress: Are Adaptogens the New Antidepressants?

One thing is for sure. Antidepressants abound these days. Seems doctors are prescribing them for everything from hormonal imbalance to headaches. But many people today are looking to herbal solutions as mood boosters and stress reducers. Adaptogens are herbal compounds taken to modulate stress. Not well known in the U.S. […]

20 Best iPhone Apps to Help You Save Cash

You’re already familiar with plenty of iPhone apps that help you stay green, but these days you’re concerned about saving some green, too. Here’s a handy guide to 20 essential money-saving apps – and most are free! Mint Free This free app makes tracking your finances a cinch with user-friendly […]

Because There Is Luck

QuotesDaily quotes at EcoSalon. “Let us be of cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come.” -Amy Lowell Image: Mike Baird

How the Queensland Floods Brought a Nation Together

I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror – The wide brown land for me! These words, well known to most Australians, were penned over […]

Scenes from the Spill #9

“As news reports revealed that BP’s efforts to halt the flow of oil might be failing, President Obama examined a tar ball on the beach during a tour of oil-damaged areas May 28 in Port Fourchon, La. LaFourche Parish president Charlotte Randolph, center, and U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad ALlen […]

Can Contraceptive Pills Boost Your Brain’s Power?

So, everyone knows that contraceptive pills can effectively prevent pregnancy. But did you know these pills also might enhance verbal and recognition memory? We’ve all heard about the negative side effects of birth control pills. Women have experienced yucky side effects, such as mood swings, acne, and unwanted hair growth. […]

Shade Grown Hollywood: The Conscious Mind of Lady Gaga

ColumnWhere celebrity becomes conscious. Make no mistake, Lady Gaga is in on the joke. But what’s so funny? Fame, she says, moments before twirling a dildo between her fingers, and jumping down a hatch – only to emerge moments later in a Marie Antoinette wig and an evening gown made […]

Dr. Ruth Has Some Bonkers Views About Mandatory Sex

Dr. Ruth. You are obsolete. None of us need your outdated sexual advice, and we sure as hell disagree with your latest terrible, mandatory sex decree. According to Jezebel, Dr. Ruth said a few cringe-worthy, out-right dangerous things about sex and sexual consent in a recent interview with Diane Rehm, […]

15 Every Day Items You Can Recycle for Cash

Your principal incentive to recycle? That one’s a no-brainer: the environment, of course. But, it doesn’t just have to be a green act of good will; it can add a little extra cash to your wallet as well. Recycling for money sure won’t make you a millionaire, but these days […]

5 Best Spiritual Books to Read in 2015

Getting your reading list ready for 2015? May as well start now with these five picks for best spiritual books. Holiday break is the perfect time to settle in with a good book or several. If your book shelves are bare it’s time to get shopping. And what better than a […]

Social Media Activism Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies

Social media activism can be done anywhere.

You might not think that a social media platform would be the place where women go to reclaim their bodies. But that’s just what the following women did.

Mashable recently published a great article detailing the stories of three women who harnessed the power of social media activism to claim their identity by discussing their bodies. Each woman’s story is incredibly moving but totally different:

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Raw Vegan Lemon Custard Blackberry Pie Recipe

Instead of indulging in too much sugar and animal products in one sitting, opt for this raw lemon and blackberry pie recipe, which requires little labor and is absolutely delicious and satisfying. The lemon filling in this blackberry pie recipe is reminiscent of custard, but without the egg. The blackberry […]

Desirable Technology Could Lead to Sustainable Urban Spaces [Video]

The world isn’t totally screwed… There are some incredibly insightful and intelligent people working on creating sustainable urban spaces. One of those people is Scientist Kent Larson. Larson is “designing everything from driverless Uber-like systems to folding cars,” reports POLITICO’s What Works: Urban Innovators video series. Watch the video below […]

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Here’s Why You Need to Go Biodynamic Wine Tasting in Europe

Biodynamic wine tasting in Europe! What could be better? Strolling through vine covered rolling hills. Touring centuries-old cellars. Winding through the narrow passageways of ancient medieval hilltop towns. It’s romantic. Enchanting. Think chateaux, manicured gardens and river cruises – experiences that pair beautifully with biodynamic wines that sing out of the […]

5 Adventure Jobs Women Make Look Totally Easy (and Awesome!)

Forget choose your own adventure books. Now, you can choose your own adventure career! Here are the stories of 5 inspiring women who turned the outdoors into their office and their passion into a paying adventure job. 1. Ramona Cox, Backcountry Barnstormer Adventure Pilot & Speaker The owner of SkyChick Adventures, Ramona […]

5 Masters of Italy’s Eco-Renaissance

Italy has faced major environmental controversy but it’s also in the middle of an eco-renaissance.  On the heels of its Nutella scandal it’s important to acknowledge the individuals, winemakers, hotels, restaurants, and even a corporation dedicated to sustainability while preserving some of Italy’s oldest traditions that are slipping away. Here are 5 Masters […]