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The Professional Cuddle Buddy: Would You Pay to Snuggle?


A pro cuddling “shop” has opened in Portland, Oregon. Yes, it’s a place where you can have a cuddle buddy, professional cuddler Samantha Hess, for a fee.

We all love a good cuddle buddy, but a cuddling shop brings both quaint and creepy implications.

On the one hand, yes, we could all use a good cuddle. Hess says she’s getting 10,000 cuddle buddy email requests a week, an indicator of our overwhelming need for connection. For a $60 hour-long cuddle, customers get hair strokes, handholding and their choice of cuddle positions. It’s not sexual—at …

Nourish Your Body and Soul: Plan a Mediterranean Diet Vacation

This photo shows mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, and other Meditterranean diet ingredients

A Greek salad with fresh feta. Grilled lamb chops with bright sprigs of mint. Mussels sautéed with flavorful tomatoes and garlic, partnered with earthy olives and potatoes. Now, picture these Mediterranean diet dishes served against a setting as delicious as the meals themselves: a farm-to-table restaurant overlooking rolling vineyards, a cozy neighborhood trattoria, the dining room of a rustic B&B.

A Mediterranean diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood, olive oil and spices, and red wine, has long been credited …

Alan Watts Reminds Us What We Should Really Be Thankful For [Video]

alan watts

If you’ve not heard of Alan Watts yet, I’m happy to make the introduction here. It’s a wonderful reminder at this time of year about what we’re all doing here, really. Put to stunning imagery, it’s worth the dedication of 4 minutes.

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Berkeley Approves Global Warming Warning Labels at Gas Pumps

gas pump photo

The biggest complaint among those concerned about global warming is that they want to be part of something larger–a collective action that makes a difference.

And while individual actions certainly have an impact, it’s more difficult to get people to alter their ways independently. That’s the thinking behind the newly approved global warming warning labels to be placed at gas pumps in Berkeley, Calif.

Late Tuesday, by a 7-2 vote, Berkeley’s city council approved a recommendation requiring that the city manager draft an ordinance requiring climate change labels at gas pumps. Berkeley …

Link Love: A ‘Normal’ Barbie + Unraveling Sweaters + Conscious Men’s Fashion


This week’s Link Love, we get a glimpse of what kids think of a ‘real’ Barbie doll, the Unravel project that takes apart sweaters, literally, a zero-waste restaurant, gorgeous men’s fashion and more!

You need to see these second graders handle the “normal” Barbie doll. [via Cosmopolitan]

Dutch artists unravel sweaters. It’s kinda freaky.  [via Ecouterre]

Chicago is home to an inspiring zero-waste restaurant. [via Eat Drink Better]

This new film exposes the cruel deportation of Mexican-Americans and what happens when they’re on the other side of the fence with nowhere …

7 Tips for Surviving Run-ins With a Pathological Liar

pathological liar

The compulsive or pathological liar can ruin friendships, relationships, work environments and strain families. 

We all know that person who tells unbelievable stories. Or the one who is conveniently always full of excuses.

Pathological lying has been defined by the Psychiatric Times as “a long history (maybe lifelong) of frequent and repeated lying for which no apparent psychological motive or external benefit can be discerned.”

While there are more questions than there are answers about this condition, it seems to stem from a fragile …

15 Celebrity Makeup, Skin and Hair Tips that Really Work


Beauty means many different things to many different people – it is truly in the eye of the beholder. However, it seems we all listen a bit more closely to what celebrities have to say about the matter, down to the most detailed of makeup, skincare and hair tips.

And, there’s no denying, it’s all for good reason. Celebrities depend on their looks for fame, money and notoriety, and with that comes a huge knowledge base concerning the best hair, makeup and skin tips, products and therapies. Here are 15 …

Sleep With Someone on the First Date? It’s Totally Fine, if it Feels Totally Right

first date

Do you sleep with your crush on the third date? After a month? After you both get your test results back? Deciding when it’s right to sleep with someone is something you should think about, but when it feels right (even if it’s on the first date), go for it.

Dating sites and various women’s magazines are filled with advice about when you should knock boots with a mate. I’ve been dating “the fellas” (my generic term for single dudes) for quite a few years and I’ve received all sorts of advice …