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No, This Is Why You’re Fat

Did you know that nobody in Washington, D.C. is overweight? Also, people are fat because they are lazy slobs, period. Get hip to this: people used to walk more, back in the “Old Days.” They also died of syphilis and croup and had slaves, but whatever. New fattie James Polk […]

Marketing School and the Lexus HS250h Reviewed

Marketing 101: When it comes to auto racing, telling jokes, and launching a new product, there is one truism: Timing is everything. Ladies and gentlemen, Lexus presents the HS250h. The HS250h rolled into showrooms in fall 2009 and car buyers who love the Earth and luxury accoutrements like heated/cooled seats […]

The NYT Fired Jill Abramson: That Happened

Jill Abramson, The New York Times’ top dog, and first female executive editor, was fired. We should have seen this coming. Jill ABRAmson. Bra is right there in her name! As the scandal started to unfold, it seemed like a clear case of sexism at work. The New Yorker reported […]

Is Online Collaboration Making Green Inroads?

In 1985, Mary Porter and Alan Isaacs (below) launched a dating service to connect progressive-minded singles in the environmental, vegetarian and animal rights communities. GreenSingles boasts it has matched thousands of globally-conscious members who share  common values and interests. “Relationships are hard enough, but they are made easier if you […]

Behind the Label: Alternative Apparel

How “alternative” is Alternative Apparel? Alternative Apparel is often marketed as an alternative to mass-market brands – a line of high-quality basics “inspired by and created for free-thinking people everywhere,” with product names like the “V-Gan Organic V-Neck” and the “Eco-Streaky Bellflower Tunic.” But dig deeper and you’ll find that […]

This Awesome Bracelet Helps Girls Learn How to Code

Calling all girly-girl pre-teens who love science and technology: There is a new Kickstarter project that will appease both those inclinations. The cool Kickstarter is called Jewelbots. Sarah Chipps, Jewelbots co-founder, created the programmable friendship bracelet to get pre-teen girls excited about coding and help them learn how to code. […]

Walmart Suddenly Loves (Some) Women

Walmart is rolling out a global program to benefit women but it won’t help their own female U.S. retail employees. Recently Walmart made our unofficial list of workplaces that are unfriendly to women. For years, the company has been fighting the largest class action gender discrimination lawsuit in history. In […]

Music Monday: End of Summer Dance Mix

EcoSalon’s weekly playlist pick from 8tracks. Thanks to being in the Pacific Northwest, I have had the chance to spend the last week in a late summer blast of sunshine, but when the clouds rolled in this morning I realized that maybe the season of layering up sweaters and putting […]

Rana Plaza: 2 Years Later Fast Fashion Has Yet to Pay Up

April 24, marked the second anniversary of the terribly sad and uncivil catastrophe at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. An unthinkable tragedy–1,134 people died and more than 2,500 were severely injured when the poorly built and managed Rana Plaza factory collapsed into rubble. Although this disaster was horrible in every way, it […]

Pregnancy and Abortion in America: #NowWhat

This week, we’re going to take a look at pregnancy and abortion in America. Spoiler alert: it’s complicated. Let’s start with the political. A recent Mother Jones article examined Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s opinions about abortion. The major difference between the two presidential candidates concerns a type of abortion […]

From The Vault: The Whole(some) Truth

Don’t believe the hype. These days, big brands are falling over themselves to prove they are toeing the planet-friendly line and sticking to wholesome products – and that’s good for everyone (when it’s not a lie, of course). Over the last 4 years we’ve been keen to champion the companies […]

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Women’s Winter is Still in Full Force [Video]

Summer may be winding down, but the temperature in many parts of the United States is still high. Because of that, offices are still running ACs at full blast. Women of the world call this very chilly time of year “women’s winter” and it ain’t fun. Watch why below. Related […]

Want to Grow Up? Think About Getting Married (Really!)

Have a difficult time feeling like an adult? You’re not alone. But fear not. Apparently, all you have to do to “feel” more adult is think about getting married. That’s right. Just thinking about tying that traditional knot can make people feel like adults. This strange bit of information comes […]

Here’s How Much President Obama Loves the Ocean [Video]

President Obama recently expanded the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument. This area also is known as Papahānaumokuākea. The expansion is 582,578 square miles and now the world’s largest protected area. “Papahānaumokuākea encompasses 10 islands and atolls of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, and the Hawaiian Islands National Wildlife Refuge, which supports over […]

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You Need to Watch These Shar-Pei Puppies Right Now [Video]

The Shar-Pei puppies in the video below are incredibly adorable. Watch them sleep during their ride through the neighborhood. While there’s not a lot of action, there is a whole lot of cute. Related on EcoSalon Corgi Puppies and Mini Pumpkins are Mortal Enemies [Video] Bunny and Puppy Check Each Other […]

Cool Down with EcoSalon’s Beat the Heat Box!

  Oh baby, it’s H-O-T outside! Remember back in the thick of winter when you couldn’t wait for this summer heat? And now that it’s here–as glorious as it is–we could all use a little respite from the nonstop sweating, the thick, humid air, and that unrelenting sun! We’ve got […]