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Can’t Focus? 7 Tricks to Help You Get It All Done

When you can’t focus, it pretty much feels like the sky is falling. Not being able to focus when you’re drowning in deadlines is basically one of the worst feelings ever. First comes the panic, then the stress sweating, then the cat videos, then more stress sweating over the guilt […]

Next Stop: Amtrak’s New Trains Brake for Clean Energy

There are so many reasons to take a train. There’s the sit-back-and-relax passenger thing, watching the world roll by under glass, avoiding the many worries of the road. There’s the slow down, om factor, where you eschew faster modes of transport, take a breath, and surrender to getting there in due time […]

On the Move: Cologne, Germany

Life on two wheels.  What’s better than sharing a spin around town? Eva and Mela from Allthatiwant take part in ride-sharing in Cologne, Germany. On the Move documents our life on two wheels. Have your own On the Move worthy photo? Send it our way! Email pictures to contact@ecosalon.com.

Firewinder: When the Wind Glows

Firewinder is a swirling corkscrew of LED lights that spins when the wind catches it, getting brighter the faster it turns. It’s as mesmerizing as when you wave a sparkler and your eyes can’t quite keep up, so you see glowing streaks in the air. What’s it for? Well, to […]

It’s Time to Get Serious about Overfishing

We need to save our oceans, and quickly. The most recent and widely cited report on fisheries predicts a complete global fisheries collapse by 2048 and asserts that ninety percent of large fish such as tuna and swordfish are already gone. Other than the people using seafood wallet cards and […]

International Train Traveling To Romance You

Traveling by train is still one of the best ways to see the country. Train travel is one of the cleanest, greenest, and often prettiest modes of transport for seeing the world. Less carbon is burned when riding the rails vs. flying or driving alone and thanks to technology, traveling […]

Positive Thinking: Health Benefits of PMA

We are all born with a unique temperament. Most of us naturally sway toward either positive thinking or negative thinking. Which state you spend most of your time in can affect your life. And your health. Studies have shown that your thoughts, and whether they are optimistic or pessimistic, affect […]

8 Best Movies to Watch When You’re Single

Because some of the best movies to watch are even better when you’re flying solo. While one of the main perks of being a twosome is snuggling up and watching a movie together (or ignoring the movie entirely for a makeout sesh), there are some movies you can’t fully appreciate […]

10 Things We Don’t Actually Need

Shopping is an adrenaline rush. How else to explain the talking ceramic cat you had to have, or the face cream that you bought because it was guaranteed to return your skin to the hue it had in the womb? Sure, the Great Recession has shifted Americans’ shopping habits, but […]

Change Your Perception

Change your perception. “What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes.” -Harry Houdini Love quotes? Get one sent to you daily when you sign up for The Daily Dose. Image: Yashna M

I Want My Green TV: The Amazing Un-Eco-Friendly Race

This week we saw the two extremes of Green TV. The CW’s girls from West Bev went green in little doses, while a three week race around the world left a big carbon footprint. Even West Bev Girls Go Green Sometimes the eco awareness tips come between the TV shows, […]

Banning Bottled Water, Aussie Style

While most of us talk the talk and don’t always walk the walk, the small Australian town of Bundanoon, approximately 90 miles southwest of Sydney, is doing both. Last week this rural town of 2,500 made headline news around the world when its residents voted to ban bottled water. The […]

The Key to Life Immortal

Open the lock. “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.” -Bruce Lee Love quotes? Get one sent to you daily! Sign up for The Daily Dose. Image: Modern Relics  

David Bowie and My Broken Heart

“In this age of grand illusion/You walked into my life/Out of my dreams” –David Bowie, “Word on a Wing”, “Station to Station” On the morning of Monday, January 12th, I woke up in an Airbnb near Joshua Tree, Calif. Since my Mom and Dad had flown into L.A. to watch our […]

heARTbeat: Gideon Mendel Documents Drowning Worlds

ColumnPointing his gaze where others might look away. Gideon Mendel‘s mix of photojournalism and art creates projects ranging from documenting the lives of AIDS orphans in Mozambique, to profiling eight African women who each address the eight world leaders attending the G8 summit about key issues of poverty, health and development […]

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These Dead Bees Have a Message [Video]

Sometimes you have to make a point with a hammer rather than a needle. The hammer these bee activists are using is containers full of dead bees. Why? Because the activists want people to actually see the evidence that yes, there is something wrong with the world. The group Keep […]

This Octopus is the Fastest Thing on Two Legs [Video]

An octopus can’t walk, you say. It’s impossible, you say. Well, there are quite a few octopuses that would like to prove otherwise. Yes, octopuses can walk on two legs… tentacles? Watch how they do it in the video below. Relate on EcoSalon Gaze in Awe at this Ghostlike Tiny […]

You Can Harvest Water from Where?

How do people who live in the mountains in, say, Peru, where there’s no running water, manage to harvest fresh drinking and gardening water? The answer is, apparently, in the air. Well, not the air itself, but in fog. Catching water Villagers who live in Villa Lourdes in Peru are […]

Let’s Get This Little Crab a Home [Video]

You guys. I want to travel to the location of the little crab in this video and give her the shell she needs. And after watching this video, you will, too. But seriously. This is the coolest video about crabs I’ve ever seen. Watch and see… Crabs from John Brown […]

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Are Mushrooms the New Packing Peanuts?

In 2010, Eben Bayer, co-founder of Evocative, announced that mushrooms were about to become the new packing peanuts – but what has happened to this miracle of modern industry since then? What is Myco Foam? Myco Foam, an organic adhesive made of mycelium, a living, growing organism, is hitting the market […]

Urban Gardens May Be the Key to Solving America’s Crime Problem

Urban gardens are certainly a welcome addition to cityscapes, but that’s not all they are; new research shows that an increased presence of parks and other urban green spaces can actually reduce crime in the surrounding area. While this field of research is relatively young, a few distinct examples have proven the ways […]

This Sustainable Lamp is Powered by a Salt Water Battery

Most of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines have little to no access to electricity; when engineer Aisa Mijeno discovered this, she decided to team up with her brother Raphael and create a solution–a sustainable lamp that ran on a renewable, easy-to-find resource, in this case, a salt water battery. […]

SNL Nails Bigoted American Bakers [Video]

If American politicians keep doing boneheaded things, SNL will have an amazing season next year, too. This past weekend, SNL did an on point fake movie trailer about bigoted bakers and politicians in America. Watch the hilarious spoof below. Related on EcoSalon Feminists Can’t Even Define Feminism [Video] SNL Burns […]