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A Generation Used To Convenience

The Boomer generation isn’t used to being inconvenienced after all these years. There’s a curious thing that you sometimes see in certain parts of America – signs at gas stations advertising their fuel as “100% GASOLINE! NO ETHANOL!” If you’re wondering exactly what kind of seal-clubbing, earth-befouling hillbillies these signs […]

10 Ways Geolocation Is Changing the World

This post was written by Rob Reed. He is the founder of MomentFeed, a location-based marketing, strategy, and technology firm. Location technologies are transforming how we experience, navigate, and ultimately better our world. From the global to the local, here are #10Ways geolocation is a positive force for good. Social […]

10 Everyday Things You Might Be Allergic To

When you have bad allergies, it can seem like you are allergic to everything. Turns out, you might be! Or you might just be super paranoid. We don’t judge. But what we can do is offer a list of everyday objects or activities that could have you swelling up like […]

Evictions Underway: Nature Gives Notice

In the future, rising sea levels are going to drive people out of their low-lying communities and up to higher ground. But you might not know it’s going on right now. As Luanne reported recently, the government of the Maldives is facing the prospect of inundation with admirable foresight by […]

The Clean Energy Economy Needs a Woman’s Touch

For all the “girl power” rhetoric of the past half-century, women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar earned by men and make up just a tiny fraction of the professionals working in scientific and technological fields. But according to an analysis by the Center for American Progress, if […]

8 Women-Run Businesses That Inspire Us

In ever-increasing numbers, women are starting fulfilling businesses that also impact communities. Female-founded, women-run businesses are on the rise. The numbers of women rising to the corporate c-suite are slowly increasing, but women are redirecting their ambition, and most importantly, their creativity and drive, toward starting and nurturing companies that […]

When a Perfect Man Bun Works, it Works

Creating the perfect man bun is an art. Go ahead, laugh. But once you see a bad man bun, you’re going to remember what I just typed, and think, “oh, she was right.” Perfect man buns have topped all sorts of man heads over the past year. One of the […]

Artificial Fragrances: Why Smell Like a Celebrity?

Artificial fragrances are rampant in the celebrity perfume business. But why would you even want to smell like someone else in the first place? I recently read a quote from Emma Watson: “I can’t understand this (celebrity) fragrance thing,” she told the British Press Association. “Why would you want to smell […]

20 Must Read Books for Women

For some people, a good book makes life better. It’s that excited feeling of discovery that usually hits somewhere around the first chapter – you’ve found a page turner, and you’re not going to stop until you’re finished. A good book means you get to step away from the computer, […]

The Wild Green Yonder: A Wright Approach to Solar Tech

Flying close to the sun has always been viewed as, well, inadvisable. But a lot has changed since Icarus went down hard. Today, prying apart the human need and desire to take wing with our over-reliance on fossil fuel, poses a significant challenge to creating a greener blue yonder. Enter […]

Installing Solar Panels For the Home: What You Need to Know

In this age of tax incentives at both the local and federal level, installing solar panels for the home has gotten increasingly popular. Solar panels have gotten cheaper and more efficient, making them an appealing option for consumers rather than a quirky option for the most progressive neighbor on the block. […]

It’s Better to Laugh About Lawns Than Cry [Video]

Ah, lawns. So pretty, but so costly… in a lot of ways. If you want to get a clear picture of just how gross conventional lawns can be, watch this pretty hilarious and comprehensive video Charlie Berens, comedian, made about why lawns are just so darn bad for the environment. […]

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Get a Peek Inside Tom Waits’ Crooked Mind [Video]

Tom Waits is not exactly a normal guy, but I think that’s why his fans love him. A 1988 interview with Waits was recently made into an animated video, courtesy of PBS. Give it a watch. It’ll give you a lot to think about this weekend. Related on EcoSalon The […]

All Drones Should be Used for Whale Watching [Video]

The following is proof that not all drones are evil. The video below came from a drone. The footage features a person paddle boarding next to two large, beautiful whales. Those gorgeous waters reside off the coast of Esperance in Western Australia. Related on EcoSalon This Reporter is Just Tickled […]

American Cities, the IUD, and You: #NowWhat

How would you feel if the city you live in began promoting the benefits of certain types of birth control on city streets and buses? Well, the New York City Health Department recently launched a women’s health campaign that does just that. The NYC Health Department launched a campaign about […]

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This Subscription Box is Every Cat Lady’s Dream Come True

Get your cat lady on with this genius subscription box service. When most people think “cat lady,” they picture some reclusive, frizzy-haired woman who wears burlap. Ew, right? Thankfully for us, there’s a fellow cat lady named Dorian Wagner who hopes to change all that. (You may have heard of […]

Here’s Why You Need to Go Biodynamic Wine Tasting in Europe

Biodynamic wine tasting in Europe! What could be better? Strolling through vine covered rolling hills. Touring centuries-old cellars. Winding through the narrow passageways of ancient medieval hilltop towns. It’s romantic. Enchanting. Think chateaux, manicured gardens and river cruises – experiences that pair beautifully with biodynamic wines that sing out of the […]

5 Sailing Vacations Perfect for First-Time Sailors

Try these sailing vacations, perfect for first-time sailors, and discover why vacations (and life!) are sometimes better by boat. If you think summer is over – think again! Fall is the perfect time to book a sailing vacation. Crowds are gone. The water is still warm. Prices are low. Sea […]