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Mercury and the Retrograde FDA

Our national innocence regarding the safety of our food supply is fast eroding. From salmonella in tomatoes and peanut butter, to E. coli in spinach, how can we trust that the food we eat is safe and the government we pay taxes to is paying attention? Two recent examples: Last […]

Saudi Arabia’s City Of Women: Segregated or Empowered?

A fascinating social experiment is about to begin in the Arab state of Saudi Arabia. Under Saudi Sharia law, women are accorded anything but equal rights – most famously, they must be chaperoned while outdoors and are forbidden to drive (although enforcement of the latter is lax in rural areas). […]

Austin: Texas’ Most Sustainable Oasis

As one of the most sustainable cities in the U.S., it’s not hard to fall in love with Austin. There is one reason I’d consider leaving the Big Apple for the Lonestar State, and that reason is Austin. Anyone who’s been to the state capital has experienced the progressive and […]

Um…My Toothbrush Was Where?

  Let me be clear: I have a firm and unshakeable belief in the need to reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible. But it occurred to me recently that there might be some things – due to their massive and inescapable skeeve factor – that simply should not be rinsed […]

10 Things We Don’t Actually Need

Shopping is an adrenaline rush. How else to explain the talking ceramic cat you had to have, or the face cream that you bought because it was guaranteed to return your skin to the hue it had in the womb? Sure, the Great Recession has shifted Americans’ shopping habits, but […]

This Stuffed Tiger Almost Won a Real Cat Fight [Video]

Uh, I’ve seen amazingly goofy cat fights, but this cat fight? It could air on Pay-Per-View (or Comedy Central). In the video below, a very tough cat has an insanely hardcore fight with… a stuffed tiger. Watch and have a great weekend. Related in EcoSalon Behold… One of the Cutest […]

Soccer Sunshine: Game On in Africa’s Largest Slum

The World Cup finals are Sunday and, if you’re like me, you’ll think nothing of picking up the remote and tuning into the game. In fact, as usual, I probably won’t think much of flipping a lot of switches this weekend – my coffee-maker, laptop, electric lights; hell, my Prius, […]

Everybody Poops…For a Price

While it’s true that an airplane bathroom isn’t necessarily anyone’s idea of a five-star restroom experience, it does come as a welcome relief 30,000 feet above the ground after two in-flight club sodas. So imagine your surprise when, after scrambling over your fellow passengers and down the narrow aisle with […]

Lara Miller Eco-Trips Out

Kiehl’s and the Sundance Channel have partnered to present ECO TRIP, a new eight-part original series on tonight (May 12th) 6 p.m.-7 p.m. EST. From the Sundance Channel site: “ECO TRIP: THE REAL COST OF LIVING is an eight-part original series exploring the origins and environmental impact of common everyday […]

Wall Flowers: Vertical Gardening Made Easy

You’ve heard the old refrain: if walls could talk. But what if your walls could live? Vertical gardening is a growing trend that’s popping up in museum exhibits, retail stores and private residences around the world. In addition to being beautiful, vertical gardens are low-maintenance and can thrive both indoors […]

20 Great Quotes About Giving

A collection of great quotes to inspire you to give.  We call this the season of giving, but often we’re so focused on the giving of presents that we forget what giving truly means. To bring us back to that meaning, here is a selection of great quotes all about […]

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On Slut-Shaming, Sexual Politics, and Barbie: #NowWhat

For as long as the Earth has turned, people have had lots of opinions about women and girls, and their bodies. This past week just drove the previous point home… hard. Toward the end of January, a group of six teens visited the office of Washington state Representative Mary Dye […]

Caroline Allen’s ‘Air’: Jarring, Authentic Prose Explores Leaving Home

Caroline Allen‘s “Air,” the sequel to “Earth” and the second novel in Allen’s ‘Elemental Journey’ series, addresses the universal theme of growing up via the unique, other-worldly voice of her début novel. In the case of protagonist Pearl, growing up means growing away, leaving her rural Missouri for the resolute foreignness of Tokyo, an […]

Learning About Schizophrenia, One Video at a Time [Video]

NPR recently did an article about Rachel Star, a YoutTube star who is incredibly open about her mental illness status. Star has schizophrenia and in her videos, she discusses her hallucinations, feelings, etc. at length. The NPR article is pretty interesting, so you should give it a read, but also […]

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Is Smoking Weed the Secret to a Successful Relationship?

Next time you want to feel close to someone, make sure you have a joint handy, because smoking weed may actually be the secret to a healthy relationship. Some interesting research has come out of the University of California that reveals there’s a link between oxytocin, the chemical produced in […]

David Bowie and My Broken Heart

“In this age of grand illusion/You walked into my life/Out of my dreams” –David Bowie, “Word on a Wing”, “Station to Station” On the morning of Monday, January 12th, I woke up in an Airbnb near Joshua Tree, Calif. Since my Mom and Dad had flown into L.A. to watch our […]

Cute Rescue Dog is STOKED to Go to Bed [Video]

It’s been a rough week, so, we thought we’d send it off with something sweet: a video of a cute rescue dog. Rescue dogs and cats are the best. They’ve got so much love to give, plus, when you give them anything — and I mean anything — they freak. […]