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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: Tipped Restaurant Workers Prime Targets

Woman at work in restaurant.

We can file this under, “totally not surprised, but really wish it wasn’t the case:” Tipped workers are prone to sexual harassment in the workplace more than their non-tipped peers.

Jezebel’s “Kitchenette” recently wrote about the results of the study “The Glass Floor: Sexual Harassment in the Restaurant Industry” conducted by the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC). The results clearly show that tipped workers who received the lower-than-standard minimum wage (it typically sits right around $2.13 an hour) get sexually harassed a lot more than people not working for …

3 Films that Prove Feminist Movies in the Horror Genre Exist

Movie poster

The horror genre is an amazing place to explore the horrible stuff society does to the “other,” so, its ability to depict feminist storylines is rife with opportunity.

Now, not all horror is created equal. There are plenty of films that are not feminist friendly. The whole “have sex and get murdered” slasher shtick is hardly progressive (but sure is a lot of fun) and gory torture porn is nothing more than a boring, story-empty 90-minute waste. But there are many classic films in the genre that allow female characters to …

SC Johnson to Disclose All Proprietary Fragrance Ingredients

glade candle

SC Johnson’s “secret” corporate fragrances are about to be let out of the bottle.

From perfumes to dishwashing and laundry detergents to candles, chemical fragrances are in practically everything.

But manufacturers do not have to disclose which chemicals are used in their proprietary fragrances, protected by the U.S. Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. And some of these products can contain dozens of chemicals in just one fragrance.

Now, major personal care brand SC Johnson (Glade, Pledge, Shout, Windex) has announced it’s going to disclose all of its fragrance ingredients used in its products. Similarly, …

California Bans GMO Salmon Production

salmon photo

GMO salmon have been a point of contention for a while now as the FDA sits on the issue. But California is taking major steps to keep so-called frankenfish out of their neck of the woods.

Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill banning the commercial production of GMO salmon in California waters in an effort to protect native species.

AB 504 will protect California’s native chinook and coho salmon species, like those prevalent in San Francisco’s Humboldt Bay. The salmon are already dealing a crippling drought, according to the bill’s author …

Russell Brand is Fantastic, Brilliant and Amazing, Once Again [Video]

Russell Brand

If you haven’t noticed yet, EcoSalon has a bit of a crush on Russell Brand. I mean, he’s adorable and all, but it’s his brazen views on politics, commerce, and a fierce commitment to revolution that we find so irresistibly prescient. Take this, a clip from his recent visit to #OccupyWallStreet where he committed to use the sales of his new book “Revolution” to fund nonprofit causes to make this world a better place. Plus, he hugs a cop ;)

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Is Curbing Global Warming a Patriotic Duty?


There are those skeptics who still say global warming (or climate change, if you prefer) doesn’t exist. But the Pentagon is acknowledging it now as an immediate threat to our national security.

A report released by the Pentagon says that climate change may make the U.S. more prone to terrorist attacks and infectious diseases, as well as food shortages and increased poverty levels, and there is also a greater likelihood of extreme weather-related disasters, which will put pressure on our military forces.

The report explains “how the military will adapt to rising sea …

Link Love: Pharrell in Pink + Free College in Germany + Millennials Have Clothes Issues


This week’s Link Love, we feature a delicious crisp potato recipe, fab news out of Germany where anyone can go to college tuition-free (even foreigners), Pharrell rocking pink, living on water and why millennials can’t care for their clothes.

Are you a millennial? Chances are you’re caring for your clothes all wrong. [via Ecouterre]

OMG. College for anyone in Germany is now totally F R E E even for foreigners. [via Slate]

Drool. Crispy smashed potatoes with avocado garlic aioli. [via Oh She Glows]

Pharrell looks amazing in pink, and …

Mind Blowing: Talk to Women About Sports as You Would with a Dude

Female sports fan at a game.

Do you all know the secret? The deep, dark, totally secret-secret? Female fans talk about sports just like males fans do.

I realize that most everyone reading this article is thinking, “well, duh,” but sadly, not as many people are as enlightened as the readers who frequent EcoSalon.

About a week or so ago, Men’s Health Magazine made a big mistake by publishing the article, “The Secret to Talking Sports With Any Woman.” Luckily, the magazine was struck with a stroke of genius later, though, and the publication …