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More Benefits of Being Vegetarian: You Live Longer and So Does the Environment (Hopefully)

vegetarian diet photo

If you’ve been a vegetarian for any length of time you likely knew this in the back of your mind. You might have even become a vegetarian for one of these reasons. But hard evidence like this makes it much easier to argue your point at the dinner table and feel good about passing on the ribeye. Understanding the benefits of being vegetarian makes the diet that much more appealing.

I originally cut out meat because I moved to a place with few organic and free range options and then …

Whirlpool Doesn’t Live Up to Energy Star Labels, Wants Congress to Ban Consumers’ Right to Sue

energy star label photo

Lawsuits, though often unpleasant in nature, are set in place so that individuals and companies stay within the law. When individuals or companies, don’t live up to promised expectations, they’re made accountable. Unless of course you’re Whirlpool and you’re tired of getting sued for not actually living up to the Energy Star label.

Whirlpool wants Congress to ban class action lawsuits over Energy Star labels after government testing showed that many products that carried the label, didn’t meet the requirements.

Energy Star has seen its share of enforcement problems …

Improve Your Decision Making Skills by Avoiding the ‘Jump Rope Effect’

Improve Decision Making Skills: Avoid the Jump Rope Effect

When is the best time to make your move and take action? Improve your decision making skills by avoiding the “jump rope effect.”

If you ever played jump rope on the playground as a kid, you know the feeling. Put your hands up and do it with me.

With handles firmly in their grasp, two classmates fan their arms widely as the rope whips around and around.

Thwap. It whips the concrete in steady cadence.

Thwap. From your point of view, the rope is pulsing in and …

#ExpressYourSelfie Photo Contest ($1000 Value!)

selfie photo

Who doesn’t love a selfie? Whatever your mood, you can express yourself all at an arm’s length. And now you can win a $1000 photo contest just by showing off your selfie. Yes, that’s considered a word now.

Selfies have single handedly changed our culture–showing all aspects of social interaction, humor, body language, self-awareness, and privacy–it’s the self portrait of our age. Only you don’t have to pay a small fortune to get it done. All you need is a smartphone and a good angle.

And what better way to celebrate the …

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef Faces ‘Pretty Ugly’ Future if Restoration Efforts Don’t Improve


Australia’s world heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef, is in serious jeopardy as a result of ocean pollution and global warming.

What would happen if we lost the Great Barrier Reef?

Considered the “rainforests of the sea”, reefs play a major role in healthy ocean life. They make up only 0.2 percent of the ocean’s mass, yet one-quarter of all marine species live in reefs, including an estimated 4000 species of fish as well as crustaceans and reptiles along with bacteria, fungi and seaweed.

And according to Australian scientists, the…

Lastbutnotleast’s Upcycled Clothing Ideas Will Have You Thinking Twice About Cheap Fashion

Mannequin wearing Lastbutnotleast design

Hong Kong based upcycling brand, Lastbutnotleast, is stepping up to the plate to take a swing against mass production, inferior quality, and unethical working conditions with their inventive upcycled clothing ideas.

Today it’s almost too easy to go to a chain retail store and find an article of clothing for super cheap. You can find an item such as a shirt for as little as five or ten dollars. Fast fashion is an obscene epidemic the industry and more upcycled clothing ideas like Lastbutnotleast are changing the way we …

The Beard Identity: What Growing a Beard Taught Me About Gender Roles (and Maybe Even Race)

The Beard Identity: What Growing a Beard Has Taught Me About Gender Roles (and Maybe Even Race)

I had no idea that growing a beard meant diving (beard first) into a conversation about societal constructs. Who knew facial hair could make such a difference?

So, I’m a white guy, and being a white guy means being relatively free to do and be whatever I want without fear of being treated differently — let alone facing real, toxic discrimination — based on the way I look. It’s not fair, but it’s largely the truth.

One of my only …

From ‘Chappelle’s Show’ to ‘Girls’: 7 Streaming TV Comedies for When You’re Feeling Blue

I Love Lucy art

Feeling blue? Take a few hours and indulge in some comedy therapy. The following streaming TV comedies are available to stream and will help get you out of your funk by the third episode.

Streaming on Netflix

1. “Parks and Recreation”: “Parks and Rec” is probably my favorite network comedy. I’m a huge fan of Amy Poehler and her incredibly earnest character, Leslie Knope. The cast of characters in this small town political comedy show is top notch, and every season is just as good, …