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Link Love: Chinchilla Freedom + Solar Windows + Topshop’s Latest Recycled Collection


This week’s Link Love is full of inspiration: from solar-powered windows, to a man buying a chinchilla farm to free the animals to gorgeous recycled styles from Topshop.

Guy walks into a fur farm and…buys the place so he can free all the animals? Hells yes. [via Ecorazzi]

See-through solar cells could turn your windows into power stations [via Grist]

Fecal transplants are real, and yes, technically a medical thing. [via Organic Authority]

Jezebel’s Rape Gifs are a Problem (and Why Internet Trolls are the Worst)

Cute trolls, not Internet trolls

Internet trolls are terrible. The. Absolute. Worst. While, typically, trolls use words to get under unsuspecting readers’ skin, recently, over at Jezebel, these Internet scum spreaders upped their game with rape gifs.

According to Jezebel staff, a person, (or possibly multiple people), has been posting violent rape gifs on the site’s comment section for the past few months. (The problem is due to a Kinja feature. Kinja is Jezebel’s site’s publishing platform.) Jezebel writers and editors reported the problem multiple times, asking the “big brass” at its parent …

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Skin or Just a Pain in Your Pores?


How many times has it been jammed down your throat that coconut oil is absolutely, positively the most amazing miracle oil to ingest and slather all over your body? More times than you’d care to count, I’m sure. But is it really true? Is coconut oil good for your skin or just a crock of coconut sh… You know where I’m going with this.

It works wonders, they told me. It’s great to use as a facial moisturizer, they said. So now here I am with a face I almost don’t recognize. Who …

Ivory Ban Approved by New York Governor Cuomo


New York governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an ivory ban law in efforts to help reduce poaching of animals including elephants and rhinoceroses.

Governor Cuomo signed the ivory ban into law on August 12—World Elephant Day—in hopes to raise awareness about the gruesome practice of poaching these majestic, threatened creatures.

Poaching for illegal ivory is a huge problem on the African continent. According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the number of African elephants has dwindles from more than 1.2 million in 1980 to less than 420,000 today.

Forest elephants, which are a separate species …

Iobella’s Heated Workout Pods: Future Workout Technology that Works Now

Iobelle Heated Pods

Lose weight quickly by “melting” fat and sculpting muscle in Iobella’s heated workout pods.

Confession: Some workouts terrify me. I’ve always been exercise-challenged, so high-intensity workouts like CrossFit and Tabata-style training turn me into a puddle of sweat just thinking about them. But that’s the impression I’ve always had of working out – that it should be intense, pushing every limit you’ve got in classic bootcamp style.

My impression of working out has changed since hearing about an uber-intriguing workout called Iobella: It’s a fairly new workout to the U.S. …

Bike Fashion: Rock Adorable Clothes While Riding a Bike


Let’s face it: bike fashion could use an upgrade.

We all know that riding a bike is great for the environment and your body. But some days it’s really hard to want to ride your bike to work, or to the store, or anywhere, really. Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t want to appear is if someone poured a pitcher of water over your head, let alone try to pull off wearing biking pants to social functions.

So, how can you avoid becoming a hot mess while riding a bike to work? …

Littered Cigarette Butts Used For Green Energy

cigarette butt photo

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the U.S.  And worldwide, it’s estimated that 5.6 trillion cigarette butts are disposed of inappropriately daily. But what if all these nasty, stinky used cigarette butts could be used for good? South Korean researchers are trying to do just that.

Scientists are trying to turn dirty filters into a reusable material that more effectively stores energy. They’re using cigarette butts from Marlboro Light Gold, The One Orange, and Bohem Cigar Cigarettes and breaking them down using a process called pyrolysis. Once broken down, …

5 Groovy Streaming ’70s Television Shows: From ‘Newhart’ to ‘Mary Tyler Moore’

Bob Newhart

Hey, man, can you dig this? OK, OK — by “man” I mean our lovely readers, and by “dig this,” I mean would you like to watch a few 1970s sitcoms? If you think that sounds groovy, then continue reading to grab the links of some far out ’70s television shows.

A few ’70s television shows streaming on Netflix

1. “The Rockford Files“: Follow this well mannered, beach dwelling detective as he catches all sorts of bad dudes with the help of his pops, and good buddy. James Garner stars …