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39 Rejuvenating Quotes About Springtime

Ecosalon’s favorite inspirational quotes on spring. 1. I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  -Ruth Stout 2. The cool wind blew in my face and all at once I felt as if I had shed dullness from myself. Before me […]

Total Nerd Porn: Mulder and Scully Kiss [Video]

OMG. Mulder and Scully Kissed… Well, not Mulder and Scully, really, but David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson sure did. According to Mashable, “Anderson joined Duchovny on stage at the release party in New York for his album ‘Hell or High Water.’” That’s when the two shared an onstage kiss. Watch […]

Want to Be Considered Good Looking? Be Nice

If being considered good looking is important to you. It’s easier than you think. Picture it. You’re waiting at the gate to board your plane. A pencil thin brunette with glaring eyes and a nasty disposition screams at the desk attendant because she’s got to make this plane. You hate […]

Tons of Trash: Tour America’s Largest Landfills

Beyond the smell and decay, landfills are considered modern archeology sites, collections of discarded items that give clues to the lifestyles of those who used them. In fact, Harvard-trained archeologist Bill Rathje recently told the LA Times, “The best time capsule in the world is a landfill.” But that time […]

Indexing the Inside

QuoteDaily quotes at EcoSalon. “The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good and how he treats people who can’t fight back.”-Abigail Van Buren Image: Thomas Hawk

From the Vault: Keeping Body and Mind Together

Embrace that healthy life. In a week that includes famous quotes for healthy living and things you’ll never hear at a Lululemon, our thoughts turn to personal fitness. Check out these wayback-when EcoSalon articles on keeping stretchy, strong, trim and mindful.

The High Cost of Adapting to Climate Change

In the buildup to the December summit in Copenhagen when the international community hopes to negotiate new emissions goals and implement a new climate treaty, there is debate raging on exactly how much adapting to climate change is going to cost. The UN climate change secretariat, UNFCCC, estimates that the […]

7 Fall Beauty Trends to Embrace

If you’re aching to try a new look, take a gander at this list. We’ve roundup 7 fall beauty trends (and a few year-round beautiful looks) that you can try out now. 1. Rose lipstick Nope, it’s not May. Rose lipstick is all the rage this fall season. The Huffington […]

Eco Shiny! 7 New Green Cell Phones, Apps & Gadgets

Back when car phones were suitcase-sized and small portable telephones seemed impossibly futuristic, cell phones were far from a necessity. Fast forward twenty years, and it’s hard to imagine life without them. But along with all the convenience has come mountains of toxic electronic waste and heavier energy consumption. Could […]

Feeling Clucky with Backyard Chickens

A friend of mine in Berkeley kept chickens in her backyard. I was devastated when she moved to Seattle before I could have a look. But then, cluck was with me, because I moved into a new place in San Francisco, and my downstairs neighbors had chickens! Urban chickens were […]

The Friday 5: Raising An Eyebrow Edition

The best of the week at EcoSalon, hand-picked for your clicking pleasure. How are you? We’ve spent the week mostly bemused by… …the concept of Gross National Happiness (although admittedly it does sound a fun way to govern people). …the way the House is starting to sound like a live-action […]

Rainforests Bounce Back?

You may have heard the buzz: tropical rainforests are repairing themselves far faster than expected. Time for a big party? Keep the champagne corked for now. It’s true that research by the Carnegie Institution points to some 135,000 square miles of tropical rainforest growing back, but this deserves some context. […]

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5 Beach Bags We Love: Friday Finds

We’re betting you’re going to be poolside a lot this weekend (and for the weeks to come), so we’ve rounded up 5 cute beach bags that can handle the elements. 1. Vintage Roomy Beach Bag We’re starting off this list with a beach bag that can handle it all. It’s […]

Rose McGowan is a Feminist Badass [Video]

Rose McGowan is an outspoken feminist. And to us, that’s an incredible thing. McGowen recently ran into some Hollywood “trouble” because she tweeted about a sexist casting call. Bad, Rose! You should know better than to call out idiots. Well, just because her agent fired her doesn’t mean she’s going […]

Is There Actually Good News on Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

One of the biggest hindrances to staving off global climate change is getting the world’s biggest emitters to agree to take action. China is the world’s second biggest emitter due to its dependance on dirty coal and the astonishing double digit industrial growth that the nation has experienced in the […]

5 Natural Remedies for Menstrual Cramps

Behold, five totally natural remedies for menstrual cramps can turn your day around and make your period less of an interference so you can, you know, have a life. It’s that time of month. Oh, yes – that time of month. As menstruation makes its inevitable appearance, for some that means throbbing, […]

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The Mexican Gray Wolf Needs You: Speak Up for the Essential Lobo

#LoboWeek, March 23 – 29, will harness the power of social media to educate the public about threats to the survival of the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf, or lobo, the most genetically distinct gray wolf subspecies in North America. Advocating for wolves’ rights to live as they should—wild, free […]

8 Nuggets of Wisdom from the ‘Advanced Style’ Ladies

I just watched what, in my humble opinion, is likely one of the best documentaries available on Netflix. Its title is “Advanced Style,” and it’s something I feel compelled to share with every woman I know. “Advanced Style” opens on a gentleman with a camera, seeking out well-dressed older women […]