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Brighten Up Your Back Garden with an Outdoor Rug

Sure a flower garden and green outdoor lighting accessories can add color to your backyard, but an outdoor rug can add a surprising splash of style and color, too. We love the collection of earth-friendly rugs from Fab Habitat that can brighten up your outdoor space in a green way. […]

Living the Dream Through Surfing and Sailing

When Liz Clark was nine years old, she started a piggy bank with a sign taped to it that read, “sailing around the world fund.” From that day forward, she set in motion a plan to follow the route sailed by Robin Lee Graham, who circumnavigated the world at age […]

Vanity Fair Scraps Green Issue

For three years you’ve stood in line at the local supermarket staring, hoping the woman in front of you will say, “No thank you, I have my own bags.” In April, you balance this dilemma with glancing sideways at the Vanity Fair green issue tucked in beside the National Enquirer […]

Patagonia, Inc. Now Sourcing Wool… from Patagonia

Leading outerwear manufacturer Patagonia is partaking in an initiative to restore the grasslands of Argentina. In an effort to reverse the 100 years of overgrazing on Patagonia’s 15 million acres of grasslands, Patagonia, Inc. has placed the first order of wool from the ranchers of its namesake region. The restoration […]

OMG – ‘Twin Peaks’ is Coming Back in 2016

Did you hear the news? The wonderful news? “Twin Peaks,” David Lynch’s cult television show from the 1980s, is coming back. To Television.  On October 7, “Twin Peaks” fans got official word that the beloved series will return to Showtime in early 2016, 25 years after the original run of […]

California Redefines Hostels for the Urban Minimalist

Redefining the West Coast hostel in the age of the savvy travelette. Artful lodgers have long sought after the ultra cool hostels of Berlin, Lisbon and Copenhagen, which clearly defy the dingy dorm image of sharing bath and bunk with questionable hobos. Travelettes, one of a number of websites now […]

A Generation Used To Convenience

The Boomer generation isn’t used to being inconvenienced after all these years. There’s a curious thing that you sometimes see in certain parts of America – signs at gas stations advertising their fuel as “100% GASOLINE! NO ETHANOL!” If you’re wondering exactly what kind of seal-clubbing, earth-befouling hillbillies these signs […]

To Chip or Not to Chip?

A couple weeks ago, my dog Lucas dashed out of my backyard. He thought it was the best game ever: He’d sprint toward me then swerve past, trying to entice me to chase him. Because he was running in circles around me, I felt confident he’d eventually come to me […]

Not Much Fun, is It? Men Stunned by Sexist Woman [Video]

Guys get a taste of their own (collective) medicine when Leah Green behaves like an outrageously sexist woman. If you haven’t seen this Guardian video yet, it’s worth the few minutes of your day. Especially, you know, if you’ve ever objectified a woman. Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger Related on […]

The Box: To Give and To Get (Going Fast!)

Sensational deals, gorgeous green goods…for $99?! Our exclusive EcoSalon shopping must-have, the curated eco product assortment known as The Box, is here to kick off the new year! We’re offering you $500 worth of incredible eco-goodies for just $99 and these won’t last. That’s a guarantee. The Fashion edition is […]

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Drink the Thanksgiving Day Stress Away [Video]

The big day is 24-hours away… How are you coping? I just finished working 40-plus hours in three days at a bakery, so I’m ready to kick back, relax, and drink my stress away. Sure, it may not be the healthy thing to do, but sometimes it’s necessary. Luckily, Sookie […]

Snoopy Could Win ‘Chopped’ [Video]

Snoopy and the gang have been making amazing Thanksgiving dinners since 1973. We all could learn from them. That’s why we’ve decided to post the always awesome “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” We hope you enjoy the nostalgia. Related on EcoSalon 7 Super Lovely Additions to an Autumn Party: Entertain Beautifully […]

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This Subscription Box is Every Cat Lady’s Dream Come True

Get your cat lady on with this genius subscription box service. When most people think “cat lady,” they picture some reclusive, frizzy-haired woman who wears burlap. Ew, right? Thankfully for us, there’s a fellow cat lady named Dorian Wagner who hopes to change all that. (You may have heard of […]

5 Sailing Vacations Perfect for First-Time Sailors

Try these sailing vacations, perfect for first-time sailors, and discover why vacations (and life!) are sometimes better by boat. If you think summer is over – think again! Fall is the perfect time to book a sailing vacation. Crowds are gone. The water is still warm. Prices are low. Sea […]