7 Seriously Gorgeous, Easy Nail Art Ideas You’ve GOT To Try

nail colors

You don’t need to splurge at the nail salon to get nails that wow a crowd. And you don’t even have to have painting skills (or patience, for that matter). The following 7 seriously gorgeous nail art ideas are anything but ordinary.

For some, the colors are key; for others, the secret is in the design. Cater them to the time of day, your mood, or whatever you already have in your nail polish collection. 

Before getting started, prep your nails by clipping them so that they are all even and smooth around the edges, remove all former nail polish using a Q-tip to reach corners, and push back cuticles. Apply a base coat and, when finished with the desired design and colors, apply a top coat.


1. Midnight Purple and Pink

Nothing suggests a night out quite like the colors that more or less embody midnight magic. Pair purple, dark pink, and soft blue either by rotating fingers for each color or by following the instructions for getting the ombré effect outlined in number 7. To complement this combo, dress in a loose, black dress and sparkly jewelry.


2. Black Matte vs. Black Glossy

I find that matte nail polish stands out simply because it’s so different from the glossiness we’re used to. Black matte also takes nails polished black to a whole new level. For this combo, pair black matte with its glossy counterpart, either by using a dotting nail brush to crate dots or to draw circles. If you’re clumsy and can’t get the design you want right by free drawing, consider using an impression tool.


3. Yellow with Red and Pink Bubbles

This color combo is bursting with personality and fit for the autumn season. First layer two coats of yellow lacquer, letting the nail dry in between. Using a dotting brush, dab light pink, dark pink, and red dots below the bottom half of the nail.


4. Orange Tips

Reinvent the French manicure by replacing white tips with something more exciting, like orange. There are many ways you can go about getting the manicure just right when you’re attempting it at home. One surefire way is to first paint tips, not minding how uneven the tops may be as they ascend toward the rest of the nail — the point being that the tips are properly polished with a sturdy layer. As they dry, take a Q-Tip dipped in nail polish remover and fix the edges of the tips, so that you create a neat line separating the tip from the unpainted part of the nail. Once the tip is dry, brush with a top coat to even out the texture.


 5. Colored Glitter Tips

This suggestion could go very wrong, considering glitter is involved, but it’s well worth a try. All you have to do is paint your nails the color you want and then, as they dry, dip the tips in the same-colored glitter. Voilà!?

strawberry nails

6. Strawberries!

This trend popped up a few years ago, but it still catches the eye and looks like a lot of fun to create a home, even if it requires some trial and error. After applying a strawberry red layer, follow the photo above, using a dot brush to paint the green stem and yellow dots.


 7. Ombré Effect

I saved the most complicated DIY nail polish design for last. For this one, you can choose whatever colors you desire, as long as they are gradients of one another (i.e. red can fade to orange, black can fade to purple, etc.). You’ll also need a bathroom sponge, off which you can cut sections and use them as you need, or a makeup sponge. You’ll also need a sheet of plastic wrap and a toothpick.

First, paint your nails the lightest color of the two. Wait for them to dry. Next, pour a small amount of each color next to each other, so that their edges are touching, on a flat surface over the plastic wrap. Use a toothpick to swirl the area where they meet together. If you want the fading of the colors from one to the next to be larger, mix a large section of the colors. If you want less fade, mix less. Take the sponge and dab a flat side directly onto the nail polish several times and then dab directly onto your nail, continuing to dab lightly and moving slightly up and down the nail. Repeat this as much as you need, making sure each layer is dry before doing so. Apply a clear top coat to smooth out the texture and appearance.

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