Nail It: The 4 Least Toxic Nail Polish Brands

nail polish

With the increased popularity of natural and organic skincare and cosmetic ranges fueled by some well known celebrities even launching their own lines, there has been more attention drawn to the many harmful ingredients in everyday personal care products like nail polish, and the benefits of going ‘chemical free’.

Most of us are becoming more mindful of what we are putting on our faces each morning, but one cosmetic item that’s gaining more attention for it’s toxic chemical cocktail, is nail polish. With summer soon upon us (which means it’s time for a pop of color for the pedicure!) it’s a good time to review what some of the more natural and less toxic options are for nails. Here are four brands leading the charge.

Three bottles of nail varnish

1. Scotch Naturals

Scotch Naturals describe themselves as smart, fun and forward thinking. They offer a revolutionary water-based formula and are free from many of the common toxins found in conventional nail polish such as ethyl acetate, acetone and heavy metals. The color range is quite extensive and come with quirky names like Hot Toddy, To Hell With Swords and Garter and Balmoral Punch. Scotch Naturals also offer a kids range called Hopscotch, with a range of ‘kidcentric’ cosmetics for mini beauty buffs.

Two bottles of nail varnish

2. Butter London

Butter London is perhaps one of the best known brands in the beauty world, made famous by being one of the pioneers of carcinogen free nail care. It was founded in 2005 by British entrepreneur Sasha Muir and says it is synonymous with all things Rock ‘n’ Roll, Great Britain and fashion. The line has become a fixture at fashion weeks and is a cult celebrity favorite. Interestingly, they have recently launched a range of lip glosses, to really a pack a punch.

Two bottles of nail varnish

3. Zoya

Zoya is named for one of its founders, Zoya Reyzis, a traditionally trained pianist from Russia, turned household beauty icon. She earned her cosmetology license after migrating to the United States in the late ’70s and began a pursuit of quality, natural ingredients. Her husband, a trained chemist, developed and patented a range of beauty products including a fast drying nail topcoat and a natural polish, which is how Zoya was born. The brand was recently awarded the ‘longest wearing natural polish’ award by Women’s Health Magazine. The best thing about Zoya is that it offers over 300 colors, plus four seasonal collections of polish, released every year.

Four bottles of nail varnish in a row

4. Keeki

Natalie Bauss started Keeki as a simple kitchen experiment for her children and friends, but within a few short years, it has taken off as an international brand. Residing on an organic farm in West Michigan, Natalie started using local and homegrown ingredients, to create wholesome and natural products. All products in the range are gluten free, cruelty free and devoid of many of the nasty toxins found in conventional cosmetics. A number of products in the range, including the nail polish are also 100 percent vegan. Cute colors like Sour Apple Slushie, Midnight Snack and Glazed Donut, keep the range cute, accessible and creative.

Images: Zitona, Scotch Naturals, Butter London, Keeki Pure and Simple, Zoya