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Want DIY face mask recipes, honest reviews of organic cosmetics, careful scrutiny of potentially toxic ingredients and spotlights on new brands? We’ve already told you about the 10 best green organic beauty blogs (including Eco Chick, Ecouterre and Fig + Sage), and now we’re adding ten more that may be flying under your radar. If you want natural beauty tips and all the inside info of the green-beauty-obsessed, check these 10 best natural beauty blogs out.

Indigo + Canary
Natural Beauty Tips Indigo and Canary

Writer and editor Aleigh developed a passion for natural beauty after meeting the owners of online natural and organic beauty shop Beautorium.com. Since then, she’s been devoted to finding the best natural beauty products, DIY beauty recipes and tips for an all-around healthier lifestyle.

Organic Beauty Talk
Natural Beauty Tips Organic Beauty Talk

“I’m passionate about you knowing what’s in your products, caring what goes on your skin, and connecting you with brands that have the best organic, natural and eco-friendly choices,” says Brandie Gilliam, Founder and Editor in Chief of Organic Beauty Talk. Get the facts on the safety of various ingredients, recommendations for trusted brands, and lists of editor favorites.

True Beauty by Nature
Natural Beauty Tips True Beauty By Nature

Audreiana’s True Beauty by Nature blog is a great source of reviews of all the best natural and organic beauty products, from Scotch Naturals nail polish and soy-based polish remover to a range of pigments from Ilia and RMS Beauty.

The Local Rose
Natural Beauty Tips The Local Rose

Actress and activist Shiva Rose became dedicated to a healthier life and planet after being diagnosed with an auto-immune condition. Her blog, The Local Rose, is dedicated to celebrating a holistic, healthy, authentic lifestyle without sacrificing taste and glamour. Posts in the ‘Allure’ category include natural beauty tips, green beauty makeovers and looking at the process behind handmade artisan skin care products.

Living Pretty, Naturally
Natural Beauty Tips Living Pretty Naturally

Lucky Mag contributor Kate focuses on combining non-toxic beauty finds and recipes with healthy, holistic living. “I’m a firm believer that true beauty on the outside comes from what is going on in the inside,” says Kate. “It is for this reason I’ll also blog about recipes that are packed with beauty-enhancing nutrients, yoga and other health and wellbeing tips.”

Dragonfly Beauty
Natural Beauty Tips Dragonfly

Learn the story behind various brands, participate in giveaways and get the scoop on non-toxic products at Dragonfly Beauty, a blog run by natural beauty enthusiast Tiffany.

Pemberley Jones
Natural Beauty Tips Pemberley Jones

If you’re looking for really thorough, honest reviews of natural beauty products, or want to discover new products from lines you’ve never heard of, check out Pemberley Jones. She maintains a beautifully designed blog packed with great info that’ll have you wishing you had a much bigger budget for buying beauty products.

Chic & Green
Natural Beauty Tips Chic and Green

Green blogger, esthetician and makeup artist Karley Ziegler Mott uses her expertise to examine the ingredients used in cosmetics, and whether or not they live up to the hype. She also offers DIY recipes for makeup, skin care, body care, hair care and health.

Green Beauty Team
Natural Beauty Tips Green Beauty Team

International makeup artist Kristin Arnett leads a panel of natural beauty and health experts providing advice, a glossary of toxic ingredients, product features and personal consultations for finding just the right non-toxic cosmetics and personal care products for you. Learn how to organize your makeup like a pro, choose cruelty-free brushes and make a homemade antioxidant berry booster for your skin.

The Clean Beauty Blog
Natural Beauty Tips The Clean Beauty Blog

Make your own face mask with Manuka honey and Indian healing clay, learn more about controversial ingredients and get info about what to eat to get clearer skin at The Clean Beauty Blog.

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