10 Easiest Houseplants to Grow + a Giveaway


If you ask me, artificial houseplants defeat the point of indoor foliage. Sure, they serve a decorative purpose, but houseplants are meant to bring nature indoors, not just mimic its appearance. (Not to mention they’re plastic!)

Don’t have much of a green thumb? Going faux isn’t your only option. Here are 10 houseplants that won’t wither away if you forget to give them TLC.


Referred to as the air plant, tillandsia absorbs moisture and nutrients through its leaves. This nearly indestructible plant (shown above) doesn’t even need to be grown in soil and require minimal sunlight and water. (Psst…leave a comment on this post to win a tillandsia shell garden. VivaTerra is giving away one each of the large and small gardens.)



Commonly known as the wax plant, hoya yields fragrant flowers that will keep your home smelling fresh without the aid of scented soy candles. It can survive on small amounts of water, but it thrives best in rooms that receive moderate sunlight.

Ponytail Palm


Growing up to 10 feet tall, this succulent stores moisture in its trunk and rarely needs to be watered. However, ponytail palms require ample sunlight, so position it next to a window.



This versatile plant can grow in a pot, up a pole or from a hanging basket. Better yet, it requires little sunlight and flourishes in moderately dry soil. Just keep in mind that pothos is poisonous when chewed or ingested, so it’s not the best choice for households with pets or small children – unless you are able to place it somewhere out of reach of little hands and paws.

Jade Plant


If you’re forgetful, the jade plant is an ideal match. This slow-growing succulent requires bright light but little moisture. So, stick it in a sunny spot and scratch the task of watering off your daily routine.


philodendron-houseplant philodendron

You can’t help but feel the love at the sight of this popular indoor plant’s heart-shaped leaves. With minimal sunlight and water, philodendrons can climb or trail beyond eight feet, so give them some room to grow. There are many types of philodendron; these a few common varieties. Like pothos, it is poisonous when chewed or ingested. (See this guide to safe and toxic houseplants for pets.)



Growing up to a foot tall, peperomia makes a fabulous tabletop accent. It doesn’t need to be watered frequently and can withstand minimal sunlight. Although safe for households with children, it’s a hazard to your furry friends. (There are several types; the variety shown is peperomia rotundifomia.)

Cast-Iron Plant


Its name says it all. Aspidistra Elatior or cast-iron plants are incredibly durable, and although the soil must remain moist throughout active growth, it can survive in even the darkest of rooms.

Snake Plant


This low-maintenance succulent can reach heights of up to four feet, so it’s perfect for lonely corners. Snake plants (also going  by the name mother-in-law’s tongue) survive in low light with little water. In fact, if you water it too often, it will develop root rot. This is definitely one that thrives on some neglect.

Zeezee Plant


There’s a reason this succulent garnered the nickname “eternity plant”. Born to be neglected, the zeezee plant can survive a couple weeks without water and will adorn your living space for years to come. Like pothos and philodendrons, it’s not a friend to teething babies or curious pets.

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Images: blmurch, magnio, quinn.anya, Anika Malone, Katie@!, jetalone, jriro2000, Marco’s Lawn Landscape, wikimedia, Fair Oaks Boulevard Nursery