10 Fall Decorating Ideas with Farm Fresh Apples

Apple ideas for after a visit to the apple orchard.

Need some fall decorating ideas for all of those apples you picked up from the apple orchard? Consider using them to creatively decorate your home for the season.

Autumn is prime apple season and visiting the apple orchard is one of autumn’s sweetest treats. Enjoying the crisp autumn air while picking out your favorite apple varieties like Pink Lady, Rome, Cameo and Ginger Gold, is one of life’s simple pleasures.

What often happens after we get home from our annual pilgrimage to the apple orchard though is that I realize just how many apples we brought home. Sure, most will be turned into applesauce, baked into apple muffins, dipped into caramel and made into apple pie, but what to do with the other 7 bushels? That’s when I start getting desperate, and then creative, turning to ideas for how I can decorate my home with these apples from the apple orchard.

10 Fall Decorating Ideas for Apples

  1. Fresh Apple Tabletop Topiary – Use fresh apples to make a tabletop topiary that can be used as a centerpiece or place it on the coffee table instead.
  2. Apple Votive Holders – This is a very clever idea to use apples that have been cored as votive holders.
  3. Apple Place Cards – What a pretty idea for using apples with tags attached on the Thanksgiving table.
  4. Dried Apple Bird Feeder – Use dried apples to make an apple bird feeder to invite some feathered beauties to your yard.
  5. Apple Door Wreath – Fresh apples can be used in a DIY door wreath.
  6. Apple Prints – Slice apples in half to use them as a pretty stamp to make your own hand stamped prints, linens and other apple decorations.
  7. Leaf, Nut and Apple Dreamcatcher – Use apples, nuts and leaves to make a seasonal dreamcatcher.
  8. Dried Apple and Orange Slice Garland – Not only will this make your home smell great, but it looks pretty too!
  9. Apple Vases – This is a lovely idea for using cored out apples as a short vase for fall flowers like mums.
  10. Gold Flecked Apples – Use gold paint to decorate apples and display them in tall vases. Make sure guests don’t eat them!

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