7 DIY Autumn Wreaths to Celebrate the Season

Ideas for making your own autumn wreaths.

Now that the Autumnal Equinox has passed it is time to say goodbye to summer and move our attention to celebrating the beauty and bounty of the fall season. Autumn wreaths are a gorgeous way to celebrate the season and to decorate your door or entryway.

The brilliant colors of autumn just lend themselves to being honored–scarlet, goldenrod, burnt orange, moss, russet and more– and humans have a very long tradition of honoring and celebrating the season and the harvest. Decorating with autumn wreaths is one way of continuing that tradition.

If you are crafty and love to get creative, then it’s time to make your own autumn wreath. If that sounds completely terrifying, don’t worry. It is actually super easy to make autumn wreaths and we will prove it to you with these simple do-it-yourself fall wreath projects how-tos and ideas. So, gather your supplies and get to work. Just think, when you are  finished you can pour yourself a mug of hot apple cider and sit back to admire your work.

7 Ideas for DIY Autumn Wreaths

  1. Candy Corn Fabric Scrap Wreath – Add color and a little fun to your front door with this tutorial for making an homage to that favorite Halloween candy.
  2. Recycled Paper Wreath – Turn recycled papers into a work of art like this pretty autumn wreath tutorial made from newspapers.
  3. Wood and Burlap Wreath – Have you recently trimmed a tree and have some thicker branches that need to cut down? Then this wreath made from thin wood slices and burlap is the wreath project for you.
  4. Acorn Wreath –  Have an oak tree in your yard? Then you can make this wreath from acorns, although the squirrels might come looking for “their” acorns.
  5. Circle of Pumpkins Wreath – Turn pines branches and decorative mini pumpkins into a colorful front door decoration.
  6. Coffee Filter Wreath – Everyday coffee filters are transferred into an elegant wreath with this project idea.
  7. Sunburst Wreath – Fabric scraps and twigs can be turned into a beautifully bright front door wreath with this simple project.

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