10 Fantastically Stylish Pet Beds That Match Your Decor

5 Stylish Pet Beds

Give Fifi or Fido a cozy place to sleep without sacrificing your style with nifty pet beds.

According to Gallup, six in ten Americans have some kind of pet roommate (some of us have both). Dog or cat, it doesn’t matter, we love our pets as evidenced by the $66.75 billion that we spent on them in 2016. More than any other time in history, our pets are really living the life.

One of the most common pet accessories that we spend money on are pet beds. Our pet buddies should have all the comforts that we have after all. But, some pet beds are less than ideal for having out in your living spaces. Upgrade those gauche pet beds with something that your pet can snuggle into, but won’t play havoc with your design aesthetic. Ideally, your pet’s bed will be something that doesn’t stand out as a pet bed when when your cat or dog isn’t using it!

Check out these tres chic pet beds and get to posting some cute pet photos on Instagram!

10 Stylish Pet Beds Fit for You and Fido!

Stylish pet beds.

1. Basket Dog Bed

This boho style pet made from natural rattan can double as an end table, plant stand or for pet toy storage.

2. Retro Acrylic Dog Bed

For those whose tastes run a little more retro or mod, this vintage-style clear acrylic dog bed looks fit for your queen or king.

Stylish pet beds.3. Modern Cat Lounger/Scratcher

Made of recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue, this modern style cat scratcher and lounger in one is easy enough to camouflage amongst the plants.

Stylish pet beds.4. Eco-friendly Cat Cave

Your cat won’t be able to resist this warm, cozy, and durable cat bed made from merino wool. It’s also unobtrusive and will do nicely in a quiet corner.

Stylish pet beds.

5. Walnut Contemporary Cat Lounger

This contemporary kitty lounger looks like it could double as a footstool and it could work for a dog or a cat.

Stylish pet beds.

6. Luxury Cat Tree Bed

Visitors may wonder what this strange UFO looking object is when your cat isn’t occupying it, but what a conversion starter. Plus it looks great!

Stylish pet beds.7. Classic Dog Bed

Let your pup lounge in the lap of luxury with this handmade velvet pet bed.

Stylish pet beds.

8. Cat Bridge

Cats like to sleep in out of the way places and a high perch is the best. Make your kitty’s dreams come true with this super cool wooden cat bridge.

Stylish pet beds.

9. Geometric Dog Bed

Add some geometric style with this special pet bed that is handmade from wood, plywood, fabric, cotton, wool and linen. No visitor would bat an eye at this cool-looking pet bed in the living room!

Stylish pet beds.10. Chunky Knit Dog Bed

Pamper your pooch with a chunky knitted bed that would look awesome in your home no matter your decor.

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