10 Infographics on Natural Disasters

Coming soon to a town near you. 

Record droughts sear the Midwest, while the Atlantic seaboard prepares for the onslaught of hurricane season. Households on the western coastline check their earthquake supplies, while Colorado recovers from a series of catastrophic wildfires. We don’t want to encourage needless paranoia. Nevertheless, summer seems as good a time as any to look over your home insurance policies—or at least buy a fire extinguisher. Scope out these ten infographics for data that apply to the regions nearest you.

Deadliest Natural Disasters for Homeowners: How to protect your property from catastrophe.

Natural Disasters with the Worst Economic Impact: If you live in an earthquake-prone zone, watch out.

World Volcanoes Compared: Plotting out the power of the Ring of Fire.

A Disaster for FEMA: What with all the tornadoes, hurricanes and floods, FEMA is having a hard time maintaining relief funds.

Gulf Oil Spill Infographic: Countless beach habitats are still recovering from one of the worst oil spills in American history.

Record Breaking Tornadoes: They may last only minutes, but tornadoes can cause millions of dollars in damage.

Wildfire Mitigation: A summer of record-breaking fires in Colorado warrants a few precautions.

Doomsday Economy: Do you have enough cash to survive the End of Days?

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Image: Coreburn