10 Instagram Feeds for Fall Beauty Tips and Inspiration


This Fall, equip yourself with the inspiration to attend to your beauty with more gusto, more color, creativity and sparkle, all while scrolling through the endless Instagram feeds. All you need is some extra motivation, and what better way than stunning, flawless images? These 10 Instagram feeds are devoted to beauty tips and are sure to give you enough tools to don your best makeup, hair and nails.

1. @patmcgrathreal


Seasoned makeup artist Pat McGrath uses his account, @patmcrathreal, to showcase photos of the process that goes into his creations for fashion shows, ad campaigns and editorial shoots.

2. @birchbox

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 5.52.00 PM

If you are looking for beauty tips, deals and new products, @birchbox is your answer. Birchbox’s feed gives you an idea of what’s “in” in fashion and beauty and helps to you discover products you love.


3. @lotstar


Up-and-coming makeup artist to the stars, Lottie Stannard exhibits what she does best on @lotstar, where she provides beauty inspiration full of glitter, glow and color.


4. @mrchrismcmillan


Hair stylist to the stars Chris McMillan takes you along with him via @mrchrismcmillan as he tends to the tresses of the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian. His beauty tips speak for themselves.

5. @mpnails


Need some nail inspiration? Check out @mpnails for editorial nail artist and Sally Hansen global color ambassador Madeline Poole’s latest and greatest looks. Even if you aren’t a fan of creating your own nail art, just looking through Poole’s pictures is entertaining enough.

6. @allure_magazine


How could you go wrong with the beauty experts at @allure_magazine? Be it hair, nails, makeup and even a little fashion, this Instagram handle keeps your glam quotient satisfied.

7. @intothegloss


Emily Weiss, a former New York mag girl, runs a beauty blog called Into the Gloss, and its @intotheglass handle gives you a condensed version of what you are likely to find on the blog. Weiss inspires followers by reporting new trends, highlighting celebrity beauty looks and giving a glimpse into her own unique style.

8. @evachen212


Now the editor-and-chief at Lucky magazine, Eva Chen was once the beauty editor at Teen Vogue. Her @evanchen212 account invites you into her world, where it’s quite obvious she has a knack for affordable, “in” products and chic, but approachable styles.

9. @realbarbarapalvin

barbara palvin

Who to trust more for beauty and style tips than a model herself? Stalk the @barbarapalvin account for looks you are destined to fall in love with.

10. @goop


Goop goes beyond beauty in outward appearance and instead presents a lifestyle that finds beauty in all things, from a gluten-free chocolate cake to a well-manicured working desk. But of course, if you are looking for inspiring seasonal looks and new products, you can be sure @goop is one step ahead of you.

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Photo Credit: @patmcrathreal, @birchbox, @lotstar, @mrchrismcmillan, @mpnails, @allure_magazine, @intothegloss, @evachen212, @realbarbarapalvin, @goop