10 (More) Easy Tips for Going Green

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We’re halfway through 2009 – how are your greening efforts going? By now, you’ve switched to energy efficient lighting, kicked disposable water bottles to the curb, bought a reusable shopping tote and you’re hungry for more.

Here’s some extra eco wisdom to make this year your greenest (and most bank-account-friendly) yet:

PhotobucketReplace your chemical-ridden cleaners with natural alternatives.

PhotobucketPut up a clothes line and hang your clothes out to dry. This simple act saves energy, cuts the cost of utility bills and helps your clothes last longer. Plus, there’s something about the sweet scent of fresh air that an energy-sucking dryer and wasteful dryer sheets just can’t simulate.

PhotobucketInvest in a water conservation shower head to save approximately 3000 gallons of water each year.

PhotobucketStock your fridge and pantry with organic food. Grown without toxic pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, organic food is a much healthier choice for both your body and the environment. But, going organic is not all you can do. Buying food that is locally grown will also reduce the amount of fuel used to get it to your table.

PhotobucketRegularly change air conditioning filters for a more efficient system that is more energy efficient.

PhotobucketInvest in biodegradable trash bags. Made from corn starch, these eco-friendly alternatives only take weeks to break down, while those that line your trash cans now will pollute the planet for decades to come.

PhotobucketWhenever you can, ride your bike or take public transportation instead of driving.

PhotobucketKeep your thermostat in check. Your home doesn’t need to feel like an ice box in the summer and a sauna in the winter. Also, if you upgrade to a digital model, you can cut down your energy use by a third.

PhotobucketUse fewer batteries with rechargeable or wind-up gadgets like radios and flashlights.

PhotobucketStart a compost bin. To make use of waste, just follow this comprehensive composting guide.

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography