10 Songs for a Solid Sleep

An exclusive EcoSalon playlist to calm your head and drift away. 

When your brain is spinning with thoughts of work, family, friends, to-do lists and all of those creative ideas you can’t wait to put into place, it can be hard to check out and calm down. Fortunately, this playlist helps you do just that.

Check out the music videos for some of the songs below, or go even further and listen to all of them nonstop on our 10 Songs for a Solid Sleep playlist on 8tracks.

1. B+W Stripes – Aphex Twin

2. Untitled #7 – Panda Bear

3. Sea Bed Meditation – Jürgen Müller

4. Dissolving Clouds – Biosphere

5. Memory Of Self – Dolphins Into The Future

6. Part 6 – Robert Rich

7. Sphere – Into the Dream – Erik Wøllo

8. The Return – Steve Roach

9. Come Softly – Grouper

10. Neroli – Brian Eno

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Image: Lianne Viau