10 Stunning Statement Chandeliers to Inspire: From Modern to Gorgeous Vintage

A woman and chandalier

Chandeliers are one of the easiest ways to make a statement in your home. They are often the focal point of the room, can help inform the rest of your decor and are a fantastic place to start whenever decorating or redecorating any space. You can tell a lot about your style based on the chandeliers to which you are drawn.

Take a look at these 10 examples and see which ones speak to you. Some of you will love them all, but I bet most of you will have 2-3 styles that jump out at you. 

Eclectic Elegance

Eclectc elegance chandelier.

Image: Anthropologie

This lovely beaded and tagua nut chandelier from Anthropologie is a gorgeous example of eclectic elegance. Tagua nuts are indigenous to Ecuador and are a traditional interior design element there.

Luxe Drama

Baroque chandelier.

Image: Restoration Hardware

Make a big statement with this dramatic chandelier from Restoration Hardware. It’s a 19th century French reproduction in the Baroque style and is hand carved from solid wood.

Magical Enchantment

Magical enchantment chandelier.

Image: Terrain

If you are inspired by nature, this magical chandelier from Terrain is probably your speed. Bring the forest into your home with antiqued gold design, which provides just the right balance of elegance and natural beauty.

Classic Americana

Classic chandelier.

Image: Piper Classics

For a more classic look, this wood-turned chandelier from Piper Classics fits the bill. It’s handcrafted in Pennsylvania and embodies that simple, classic American style.


Exotic chandelier.

Image: VivaTerra

And for something that is completely different, try this antique copper Moroccan hanging lamp from VivaTerra. Group several of them together for a gorgeous effect.

Vintage Farmhouse Chic

Farmhouse chic chandelier.

Image: Vintage Home Designs

Like things a little more homey? A wonderful example is this two-tier farmhouse chandelier from Vintage Home Designs. It’s a vintage style reproduction that’s made and worked to look weathered and worn for a rustic look.


Gothic chandelier.

Image: World Market

This chandelier from World Market is the embodiment of modern gothic design. This is truly a statement piece.


Modern chandelier.

Image: All+Modern

Lose the gothic, but keep the modern with this chandelier from All+Modern. Made from metal and glass, it embodies that uncluttered modern style.

Rustic Chic

Rustic chic chandelier.

Image: West Elm

Inspired by antique canning jars, this 3-Jar chandelier from West Elm is rustically charming and paired with a vintage-style light bulbs harkens back to simpler days.

Jazz Age Elegance

Jazz age chandelier.

Image: Pottery Barn

Finally, for vintage drama try this beaded design from Pottery Barn. Daisy Buchanan herself might just have approved of this blown-glass bead beauty.

Main image Photo Credit: Celeste

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