11 Boho Chic Ideas for A Home Off the Beaten Path

Boho chic home decor.

Let your inner bohemian shine with with these cool and clever boho chic ideas for your home.

Just like in that Robert Frost poem, some of you out there will always choose the road less traveled. The spirit of the bohemian is strong is some and they find themselves drawn to all things eclectic, colorful and unique in both their fashion statements and the homes they make for themselves.

Whether you are a fun-loving boho or aspire to be a little more free-spirited, read on for some boho-inspired decor ideas for those who enjoy pattern, color and for things to not be so matchy-matchy.

1. Freebird

Boho chic art.

Image: LydShirreff

Let your spirit soar with this colorful wall mounted paper artwork. If you are the type to yell “Freebird” at every music concert you go to, this stunning artwork is for you.

2. Dreamtime

Make your own boho-inspired dream-catcher with this step-by-step tutorial. All you need is faux-suede cord, feathers, beads and a metal ring or sticks.

3. Light It Up

Boho chic lanterns.

Image: LITdecor

Often boho chic decor means using a little creativity and whatever one has on hand–like these pretty Moroccan-inspired mason jar lanterns.

4. Pull It

DIY boho decor doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be something simple as making your own rag-tie drawer pulls.

5. Painted Stones

Boho chic painted stones.

Image: sublimecolors

Add lots of natural elements to your nest to create a welcoming space for your free spirit, like these nature-inspired painted rocks.

6. Thrifty Stencils

Add some thrifty fun to your decor with this stenciled burlap DIY project. Make a stenciled table runner, napkins, wall hanging and more with your own custom stencil and simple fabrics like burlap, linen, muslin and more.

7. Go Vintage

Boho Chic Home Deco

Image: GooseberryVintage

One way to let your boho spirit shine through is with eclectic vintage pieces like this mid-century Middle Eastern brass tray and stand.

8. DIY

This stunning project utilizes only used wooden matchsticks and cardboard for the ultimate in DIY boho chic.

9. Got Art?

Boho chic artwork.
Image: Jenndalyn

Show off your creative side by showcasing art created by others artists as well as your own artwork.

10. Pom-poms

Add boho flair by making your own tissue paper pom poms to liven up dark corners with color.

11. Boho Textiles

Boho chic textiles.
Image: IndianHomeTextile

Use Ikat cloth to create your own boho-inspired bedding, wall-hangings, pillows and more.

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