11 Spring Flowers That Make Paris Beautiful

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Spring flowers straight from the French capital.

Spring in Paris–there’s a reason that everyone loves this time of year. The sun comes back, the sky turns blue and flowers turn the city from gray to colorful. Between the flowers and branches of city parks and the multitude of flower shops and fresh bouquets at markets, there is plenty of flora to enjoy.

Want a full dose of flowers while in Paris? Check out the Jardin des Plantes. And if you can’t make it for a spring in Paris, why not Parisian spring flowers at home?

Here are 11 flowers and blossoms that make a Parisian spring beautiful.

1. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are the quintessential flowers of Parisian parks, and when the breeze comes through just right you almost feel like you’re in the countryside. Paired with the bright blue sky, it makes for the perfect Parisian springtime afternoon.


2. Daffodils

What better way to say spring than daffodils? The yellow spring flowers can be found all around town at floral shops and local markets.

3. Peonies

Peonies are a favorite of Parisian flower boutiques, and this time of year you’ll find them practically overflowing onto the sidewalk.


4. Irises

There are a few Iris varieties native to Paris and it’s a common flower found in the big gardens like Jardin du Luxembourg.

5. Lilies

With many species and colors it’s no wonder that the French love lilies. In fact, the fleur-de-lis, a stylized lily, appears on countless French coat of arms and is a common symbol in French culture.


6. Roses

Roses are in abundance in the Paris flower markets this time of year, and if you’re lucky you can even track down the native wild climbing rose Rosa Canina.

7. Nasturtiums

Pass by a community garden in Paris and you’re sure to see some blossoming nasturtiums. But these aren’t just pretty; they’re edible too.

8. Gourdon Flowers

A purple widlflower, you’ll find this flowers growing wild all around Paris. While you may not be able to get a hold of these at home, you can replicate that beautiful purple color in any flower arrangement.


9. Lily of the Valley

Known as muguet in France, the Lily of the Valley has a special place in French culture, and you’ll find it in everything from perfumes to teas. On May 1st, the French have a tradition of gifting bouquets of lily of the valley to friends and loved ones.


10. Tulips

While tulips are most often associated with Holland, you’ll find them all over Paris. In plenty of colors they are the perfect pop for spring.

11. Paulownia Blossoms

While not native to Paris (Paulownia trees come from Eastern Asia) they’re symbolic with a Paris spring. They line many a Parisian street and their beautiful pink and white flowers are certainly a sign of the spring season.

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