11 Must-Wear Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

The sun is shining, the snow is melting (hopefully), and like the flowers in bloom, it’s nearly time for pent up toes to emerge from those cute, but totally stifling, boots you’ve been wearing all winter. Fortunately, we’ve got the lowdown on the latest shoe trends for spring and summer. From lace-up stilettos and flats, to chunky-heeled platforms and pumps, there are lots of delicious, swoon-worthy shoes that you’ll be dying to get your hands on, erm, feet in. Plus, our selections are not only hot to trot, but every sandal on this list is also vegan.   

Lace-Up Sandals

Strappy, stringy shoes are still having a moment in the realm of footwear fashion. Kinda like bondage for your feet, these trendy shoes are great for making a statement and for elevating an ordinary outfit in a snap–plus they’re super sexy.

Spring and summer are definitely the times to partake in trendy looks like these since you’ll be wearing more leg-baring bottoms like skirts, shorts, and rompers. Don’t be afraid to have fun, either. Whether they’re ruffled, buckled, or topped with a bow, there’s a style out there for everyone.

1. Sun Kiss Lace-Up Flat Sandals

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

2. Jemi Lace-Up Polka Dot Wedges

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

3. Arielle Tan Lace-Up Sandals

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

Flatform Sandals

Rather than the inclined platform of yore, this year is seeing an insurgence of the flatform. “Flat” because of the plateaued base, and “form” because it still has height like a platform shoe, these are the ultimate inch-lending comfort sandals for spring and summer.

Perfect for pairing with cropped pants and dresses, these will make your legs look like they go on for miles. These come in sporty and dressy styles, some of which are casual enough to wear with your athleisure looks, while others are perfect for a night out.

4. Quarter Strap Purple Platform Sandal

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

5. Tuxedo Sandals in Pewter

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

Kitten Heel Sandals

With a small one to two inch heel, this trendy shoe is designed for comfort, as well as style, and is meant to be a staple in your closet now and forever. The ladylike look was spotted traipsing down the catwalks during the SS 2017 fashion shows and we’re definitely not complaining.

Great for work or play, this traditionally thin, slightly curved heel is sometimes designed to be chunky, bulbous, architectural, and more unusual than ever. Wear them with your power suit or your favorite spring dress.

6. Arden Wohl x CDC Vienna Sandal

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan
7. Janessa Stone T-Strap Heels

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

Block Heel Sandals

Whether solidly stacked, or look-at-me lucite, the chunky heel is a welcome departure from the slender, and sometimes difficult to wear, stiletto shoe. Regardless if they’re cylindrical or square, these heels are a trendy and arguably more comfortable way to rock your shoes this spring.

What’s great is that chunky heels basically go with everything and are appropriate for a variety of settings. We would especially like to see them paired with a full-length jumpsuit or rolled up boyfriend jeans and a knotted tee, but the pairing possibilities are truly endless. From work to weekend, chunky heels are a classic and sophisticated take on footwear.

8. Eloise Gold High Heel Sandals

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

9. Arden Wohl x CDC Marceline Sandal

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

Embellished Sandals

From floral prints and ruffles, to metal studs and buckles, embellished shoes are trending for spring. When it comes to purchasing these, it’s important to think of them as a statement-making investment because they’re not likely to be the type that you can wear with everything. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t match your outfits to your shoes.

Whether you opt for a clear flatform filled with your favorite childhood figurines, or a sophisticated and ladylike floral print, there’s a trendy look that’s sure to mesh with your personal style. This is definitely the time to have fun with your coordinating fashion choices, and it’s totally encouraged to get all theme-y with your looks if that’s where your heart is at.

10. Accalia Whiskey Brown Pom Pom Sandals

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

11. Emerson Studded Platform Sandal

11 Trendy Spring Sandals That are Also Vegan

Now that you’ve got the scoop on trendy sandals that are also vegan, head over to the EcoSalon Facebook page to tell us which ones are your favorites!

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