5 Easy to Follow Fashion Tips to Go from Summer to Fall in a Snap

5 Easy to Follow Fashion Tips That'll Take You from Summer to Fall in a Snap

If you’re looking for a handful of fun and functional fashion tips for a summer-to-fall wardrobe transition, then you’ve come to the right place!

Before you can even think about saying, “pumpkin spice latte,” fall will be here. If you’re anything like me, you’ll already be daydreaming about carving pumpkins, snuggling up with a mug of hot chocolate, and eagerly awaiting the upcoming holiday festivities. But the weather, well that’s another story.

Sometimes it takes a bit longer (think eons in Florida) for the temperature to catch up to your mind’s mood. And while that can definitely put a damper on things, there’s that sort of sweet spot where summer and fall fashion collide. This is the area that I’ll be focusing on today. Below you’ll find several tips on how you can seamlessly transition your current wardrobe into autumn, often keeping much of what you already have in the rotation.

1. Blaze-r of Glory

If you liked it then you shoulda put a blazer on it…is definitely my mantra for transitional fashion. In fact, a blazer is a must-have piece for summer-to-fall style, and you probably already own a couple. Throw this baby over pieces that you’re not quite ready to retire, like the sundresses, tanks, and even shorts outfits that you’ve been sporting all summer. It’s also totally okay, and even encouraged, to pair a blazer with shoes that don’t always have a formal feel to them, such as wedges or gladiators worn with a lightweight shift dress.

2. Tights Tights, Baby

Tights, thigh-highs, and knee-high socks are like transitional wardrobe magicians, and you most likely already own a pair or two. What’s great is that you can give nearly every look that autumn feel, regardless of its intended season. I especially love the way thigh-highs look with a mini dress or skater skirt and a slouchy cable knit sweater. Plus, you can’t beat the extra wear you get out of the basics, like shorts, pencil skirts, and rompers, when you pair them with tights. Just be sure to wear closed toe shoes, lest you want to show your seams, which in my book is a definite no-no.

3. Jewel Toned Colors

Try and phase out many of the lighter and brighter colors typically seen during summer in favor of darker, neutral, or jewel toned hues. And if you have any of the most popular colors hanging in your closet, then definitely pull them out! Shades of blue, shark skin gray, spicy yellow, fiesta red, terracotta, and other similar hues are all on trend. One way to incorporate this idea is to skip the head to toe white, and team that ivory blouse with a pair of camel colored pants and black heels instead.

4. Sophisticated Shorts

Do not, I repeat, do not put your tailored shorts away just yet! Some might argue that any old cutoffs would do, and while that may be true in some cases, there’s just something so chic and sexy about a pair of cuffed black shorts over black tights with a dressy blouse and heels. It’s like instant glamour. And don’t feel restricted to black on black – a variety of color combos would work here, warm hues especially. Plus, outfits like this, topped with a cozy scarf and sweater, are perfect for the holidays. Another option for shorts is to go bare-legged under a long trench with booties, because that high-low layering effect is also very chic.

5. Vests are Best

The vest is definitely a piece worthy of summer-to-fall style. And whether you prefer yours to be cropped, leather, cargo, denim, or some other variety, the versatility and easiness doesn’t get much better. Perfect for adding a little something extra during the summer without overheating, while also providing an additional layer and lots of interest in the fall, vests are absolutely worth the investment. An especially popular look, and one that I’m totally crushing on, is a long, belted cargo vest, layered over a skirt. Pair this look with strappy sandals and a tank for summer, and with thigh-high boots and a long sleeve top for autumn.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed these fashion tips for an easy summer-to-fall transition. With a little help and a little imagination, you can feel confident in whatever you wear this season. Do you have any tips to share? Sound off on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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