12 Bathroom Design Ideas You Can Complete in a Day!

Brighten Up: 12 Bathroom Design Ideas You Can Complete in a Day

Warm weather is just around the corner, so why not gear up for the change in seasons with a few bathroom design ideas that will have your space looking pristine. We’ve gathered twelve of our most practical and effective mini DIY projects that will help you get a jumpstart on spring.

1. Update Your Faucet

An updated faucet can create a shiny new focal point and a much needed modern touch to an otherwise dingy or outdated fixture. Choose one that is efficient and water-saving for double the benefits – and be sure it coordinates well with the rest of the finishes in the space. This is a fairly simple fix that can be done by following the instructions included in the box, just remember to properly utilize those two water shut off valves beneath your sink before getting started.

2. Statement Hardware

One of the simplest bathroom design ideas, yet one of the most effective, is switching out your vanity’s hardware. If your cabinets are already updated (if not, see idea #7) then sometimes all you need to change up the look is some new hardware. It’s not a bad idea to splurge in this area since smaller bathrooms usually don’t require a lot of pieces. Choose recycled glass knobs, crystal studded handles, or some really regal looking pulls for a fun and easy update.

3. Pop it with Paint

Another quick and simple revamp for your bathroom is a basic paint job using low or zero VOC brands. Whether it’s time to take that old wallpaper down, or cover up that questionable shade of orange that just didn’t turn out according to the swatch, repainting is always an option. Unless you’re bold at heart, we recommend choosing from the tried and true spa colors, a nice crisp white, or even a gray, beige, or greige. While you’re at it, recaulk any damaged or discolored areas before painting – it will help to brighten up the entire space.

4. Accentuate with Art

Bathrooms shouldn’t be devoid of art! And even if you can’t afford a Jackson Pollock of your own, you can certainly turn this endeavor into a fun DIY project. Whether you choose to paint a canvas, or you scour old books for some bold images that can be framed, add a personal touch to your bathroom’s walls with pieces that reflect you and your space.

5. Light Up Your Life

Replacing an outdated light fixture can go a long way when it comes to brightening up your bathroom, both literally and figuratively. Change out old bulbs with new halogens to increase your task lighting and save on electricity. And if you’re not confident when it comes to electrical work, then simply painting the ones you have (like covered that outdated gold finish with a matte black) would work, too. You can use regular low VOC latex paint on a small brush and not even have to remove the fixture – just mask off the area where it meets the wall.

6. Rug Roundup

Cover up a less than stellar looking floor with some strategically placed throw rugs. You can change them out as easily as you change your mood and completely transform the look of the bathroom at the same time. Black and white stripes are bold and modern, while a multicolored floral rug is more bohemian and whimsical – either would look great, but the choice is yours.

7. Vanity Complex

In a small to medium sized bathroom with a smaller number of cabinets, the bases can be painted in a day. Transform outdated or faded oak into a modern oasis with a coat of gray or white paint. Be sure to take the proper preparation steps, like sanding before applying the first coat, and then watch as the transformation takes place before your eyes. If you’re really into the unexpected, paint a two-door vanity with a fun color, like Kelly green, or pink. Both colors would look stellar with a white marble inspired countertop and a statement mirror.

8. Store More in Style

Who couldn’t use more storage, or at the very least another shelf or two to display your toiletries or favorite objects? Simply hanging a few new shelves above the toilet, especially in a crisp white or modern black, will add some nice clean lines to your space and offer more surface area.

9. Fix Up Your Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures, like the towel bar, hand towel ring, and toilet paper roll holder, can all be switched out with relative ease. This is a great way to create continuity with your faucet and other metals and infuse a modern element to an outdated bathroom. While you’re at it, include a couple of new robe and towel hooks for good measure.

10. Mirror, Mirror

Hanging a statement mirror is a wonderful way to add some serious style and an awesome focal point to an otherwise boring bathroom. Check out your local thrift store or flea market for an ornate wood framed mirror that can be painted to match your décor. Or, if you have one of the plain flat mirrors that are glued to the drywall, you can paint and glue precut trim to the perimeter to create a custom framed look.

11. Glam Up Your Décor

You know those pretty little glass containers and apothecary jars filled with Q-tips and cotton balls that you see in Pinterest photos? Well you can recreate that look for just a few dollars if you look for containers at your local thrift store. Glass items are a dime a dozen – maybe even literally – at second hand stores, so stock up and fill up for a pretty way to display your stuff. Aside from the obvious, colorful bath salts, bath bombs, and even fresh flowers would be great choices, too.

12. Curtain Call

Not to point out the obvious, but a nice new shower curtain can go a long way in when it comes to brightening up your bathroom. There are so many beautiful and trendy patterns out now that the most difficult part should be in picking just one. Don’t forget about the changing the liner – the inside of the shower should feel just as fresh as the rest of the room.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our easy and effective bathroom design ideas. Let us know your thoughts on the EcoSalon Facebook page!

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