13 Creative DIY Garden Planters to Make Your Garden Green(er)

Easy repurposed garden planters to diy.

Whether you want to plant a few potted plants around your deck or undertake a more expansive garden overhaul, consider repurposing unwanted items into useful garden planters.

We all know that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure and that is certainly true for the creative gardener. Instead of investing money in fancy store-bought planters, reuse items that would normally end up in the landfill in your garden to make a green (and inexpensive) statement.

13 Ideas for Repurposed Garden Planters

1. Tire Hanging Garden – Have a tire swing in your yard that is no longer getting any attention? Repurpose it into a hanging annual planter for a quick way to add some color to your backyard.

2. Library Card Catalog Drawers – If you are lucky enough to come across old library card catalog drawers, turn them into retro chic tabletop garden planters.

Easy repurposed garden planters to diy.

3. Wheelbarrow – If your wheelbarrow develops holes or begins to rust, you can turn it into a planter. Simply lay down some landscaping fabric to plug up any holes and fill with soil, compost, and plants.

4. Vintage Cooler – Oftentimes it’s possible to come across retro drink coolers at flea markets. They work pretty well as garden planters for larger plants.

5. Old Rain Gutters – Instead of tossing old rain gutters, repurpose them into functional garden planters. Not only will it keep something with some practical use left in it out of the landfill, but it’s certainly a creative planter idea.

Easy repurposed garden planters to diy.

6. Teacups – Delicate teacups are the perfect garden planter for small plants like succulents or pretty annuals. Decorate your deck with pretty vintage teacup planters to make a wonderfully green statement sure to make even the Queen proud.

7. Toolbox – Whether the old wooden style or a newer metal box, a toolbox is a great planter size for planting an herb garden or some pretty perennials.

8. Kitchen Sink – Yes, everything, including the kitchen sink, can be repurposed into a functional garden planter. The only thing holding you back is your imagination.

Easy repurposed garden planters to diy.

9. Mason Jar Planters – Mason jars are pretty easily found at thrift shops and can be used as planters for a small herb garden. You can even use them to create a hanging herb garden as well.

10. Washtubs and Buckets – If you come across old galvanized washtubs or buckets, snap them up. They make for great garden planters.

11. Birdbath – While you you don’t want to steal the birdbath from the birds, you can certainly turn an extra one into a decorative succulent garden planter.

Easy repurposed garden planters to diy.

12. Baskets – Baskets of all kinds and shapes can work as repurposed garden planters. They are also ubiquitous at flea markets, yard sales, and thrift shops.

13. Filing Cabinet Drawers – Making the switch from paper to digital records? Don’t trash that old filing cabinet, but repurpose it into a clever garden planter instead.

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