13 Super Cute Halloween Ideas for Creative Cat People

Create these fun Halloween Ideas for cat lovers.

Purrfectly cute DIY Halloween ideas for cat people to celebrate the spooky season.

One of the best things about Halloween for people who love cats are the black cat decorations. From Halloween ideas for dressing up to decorating the house, here are some super cute Halloween ideas for us crazy cat people.

Cute Halloween Ideas for Cat Lovers

  1. Black Cat Softie Toy – You can use this tutorial to make black cat plush to either decorate your space or fill with catnip for the cats.
  2. Grumpy Cat Pumpkin – Want to create a cat-themed no-carve pumpkin? Consider making a Grumpy Cat pumpkin. Use a white pumpkin as a time-saving measure.
  3. Cat Window Silhouettes – One of the super easiest cat-themed Halloween ideas is to make black cat window silhouettes. Simply draw (freehand or use a template) a cat shape onto black cardstock paper and affix to the windows.
  4. Black Cat Pumpkins – Show your kitty love by making black cat pumpkins. Spray paint pumpkins black, cut out a cat face with triangular eyes, and use the eye shapes as the ears.
  5. Black Cat Face Garland – Decorate with black cats with a festive black cat garland. Cut out cat face shapes from black paper and string them on bakers’ twine.
  6. Cat Paper Bag Luminaries – Light the way for trick-or-treaters by making paper bag luminaries. Here is a tutorial you can use as a guide, just substitute cat shapes instead of jack-o’-lanterns.
  7. Black Cat Outdoor Decorations – If you are lucky enough to have and be handy with a jigsaw, consider making these outdoor decorations for the lawn.
  8. Black Bat “Fishing Pole” Toy – Cut out bat shapes from black felt, string them onto fishing line or string, and affix that to a wooden dowel for a fun cat toy.
  9. Black Cat T-shirt – Decorate a plain black t-shirt with a cat outline. Simply find (or draw your own) black cat shape, cut it out, place it in the center of a black tee and spray paint around the edges of the template.
  10. Super Cute “Stuffed” Kitty PumpkinFill a larger decorated pumpkin with “kitty” pumpkins for a super cute carved pumpkin alternative.
  11. Beaded Wire Cat Ear HeadbandPlan to dress up like a cat for Halloween? Consider making your own cat ear headband instead of buying those ubiquitous cat ears from the costume shop.
  12. Black Cat Toilet Paper Tube Decorations – Turn empty toilet paper tubes into adorable black cat decorations by pinching one end of the tubes to make ears, painting them black and drawing on cat faces with paint markers.
  13. Black Cat Origami If you are brave, hand out these origami black cats instead of sugary treats to trick-or-treaters. But be prepared for your house to get toilet papered!

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