15 Clever Repurposing Ideas for Christmas Cards and Wrapping Paper

Repurpose gift wrap and Christmas cards.

Repurpose your Christmas cards and gift wrap this year.

When the holidays come and go, that means its time to clean it all up and put everything away. Of course, every year our family always wonders what to do with all those thoughtful and pretty Christmas cards and leftover and used gift wrap. This year, I vowed to discover some clever repurposing ideas for reusing my gift wrap and Christmas cards. Here are some of the most unique and useful ideas I came across.

Repurposing Ideas for Christmas Cards and Wrapping Paper

  1. Card Gift Boxes – Make gift boxes from old holiday and Christmas cards that can be used to package small trinkets like jewelry and ties!
  2. Paper Holiday Card Garland – The patterns and prints of holiday cards are perfect for making a festive paper garland that can be used year after to year to save your cards.
  3. Wrapping Paper Wrapped Candles – Use wrapping paper to make decorative pillar candles for a table centerpiece or to gift.
  4. Card Bookmarks – I always love it whenever someone gifts me a book with a bookmark inside!
  5. Christmas Card Wreath – Use this year’s Christmas cards to make a wreath for the next holiday season.
  6. Wrapping Paper Bows – Stay away from those plasticized paper bows and instead make your own from leftover wrapping paper.
  7. Festive Card Centerpiece – Use Christmas cards for a pretty and decorative centerpiece.
  8. Wrapping Paper Wrapped Tin Cans – Turn recycling into practical storage containers.
  9. Christmas Card Trees – This is a really clever idea to make decorative paper trees from cards.
  10. Wrapping Paper Beaded Curtain – Use all that used wrapping paper to make paper beads and turn them into a beaded curtain.
  11. Card Gift Tags – An obvious idea it to use cards to make DIY gift tags.
  12. Card Luminary – A awesome idea for a decorative centerpiece.
  13. Wrapping Paper Decoupaged Drawers – Leftover wrapping is perfect for decoupaging furniture pieces.
  14. Geometric Card Ornaments – Make pretty ornaments from all this year’s Christmas cards.
  15. Gift Toppers – Use Christmas cards as pretty gift toppers for brown paper wrapped packages.

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