15 Ingenious Repurposing Projects for Used Books

Repurpose used books into clever home decor projects.

Old, used books can be transformed into cool DIY home decor with these repurposing projects.

Are you a book lover or do you know someone who is? Play on your love of books and utilize used books to create unique home decor projects. From DIY planters to building a bookshelf out of books, we’ve got some really creative ideas on how to repurpose used books that are destined for the recycling bin.

Now, some folks are never going to be okay with this idea, but as long as you are using books that are just going to end up being recycled into recycled paper products, we think it’s okay to recycle used books into useful and decorative repurposing projects.

15 Clever Repurposing Projects for Used Books

  1. Book Planters – Have some used books that have been water damaged? Dry them out and turn them into practical planters.
  2. Book Clock – Turn a book into a functional and decorative clock.
  3. Little Golden Books Birdhouse – Remember Little Golden Books? If you come across your childhood stash, consider turning them into a decorative birdhouse as a way to preserve them.
  4. Telephone Book Chair – Old telephone books aren’t good for much else, so you might as well turn them into a chair if you come across a stash of them.
  5. Window and Book Coffee Table – Repurpose an old window and used books into a cool coffee table.
  6. Book Bookcase – Utilize used books to make a bookcase for your books.
  7. Book Headboard – Turn old books into a practical and romantic headboard.
  8. Book Vase – Turn old book covers into a vase cover.
  9. Phone Charging Station – Hide those cords away with this clever idea.
  10. Wreath – Transform book pages into a stunning wreath.
  11. Book Lamp – Form and function combine is this project for creating a book lamp.
  12. Decoupaged Dresser – Turn a boring dresser into an homage to your favorite books by decoupaging book covers to the front.
  13. Book Frames – Used books make great photo frames.
  14. Garland – Whether for everyday or a special occasion, use old book pages to DIY a paper garland.
  15. Coat Rack – Transform used books into a coat rack with this DIY how-to.

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