10 Bar Signs That Your Back Porch Needs this Summer

10 Bar Signs That Your Back Porch Needs this Summer!

Summertime is the the time for outdoor entertaining and the outdoor bar. And whether you have a patio, porch, deck,or balcony, these bar signs will set the proper tone.

Love to entertain in the great outdoors? Who doesn’t, am I right? There’s nothing much better after a long week of work than having friends over for an impromptu get together on the back deck. And if you are a regular entertainer, you probably have a bar setup outdoors so you and your guests don’t have to keep going indoors to grab a cold Italian soda, lime seltzer, homemade kombucha, pomegranate martini, craft brew, or what-have-you.

Setting the tone for your outdoor entertaining space is key. For many of us, this is our home in the summertime, because who wants to be cooped inside when the living is easy outside! So, if the outdoor bar is the ice cream sundae, then bar signs are the cherry on top. Decorating with the perfect bar signs creates that chill vibe that you want to create for yourself and your guests.

And of course, you could DIY your own or search the Interwebs for just what you are looking for to decorate your outdoor entertaining space, or you can let us do the work for you.

We’ve pulled together some fun, poignant, and chill bar signs that just might set the perfect tone for your outdoor space this summer. Hurry up and chill!

Bar Signs Perfect for Your Outdoor Bar


Outdoor bar signs.

1. Welcome to Our Porch

It is all about the friendships, after all.

Outdoor bar signs.

2. Whatever Your Bring

Your provide the space, your friends provide the vino, right?

Outdoor bar signs.

3. No Workin’

Exactly. The weekend is time for friends and the great outdoors.

Outdoor bar signs.

4. Toasted

A fire pit is an awesome addition to any outdoor party. S’mores, anyone?

Outdoor bar signs.

5. Bar Rules

Every bar needs a list of must follow rules.

Outdoor bar signs.

6. Paradise

Outdoor living anywhere is almost paradise for certain.

Outdoor bar signs.

7. Light Up Cork

Keep it simple and lit up!

Outdoor bar signs.

8. Phobia

Did someone say wine?

Outdoor bar signs.

9. What Happens at the Bar

True that!

Outdoor bar signs.

10. Best Friends

Every Friday and Saturday, naturally.

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