6 Super Outdoor Living Spaces Ideas for Creating the Most Awesome Connection with Nature

Creating outdoor living spaces.

Get the most out of your home by creating outdoor living spaces in your backyard.

For most people, enjoying outdoor living is all but a necessity for a happy, well-balanced and productive life. Enjoying nature, whether out on adventure or in our own backyard, brings peace, tranquility, balance and harmony to our busy and hectic modern lives. It really doesn’t get much better than enjoying an ice cold lemonade while sitting in an Adirondack chair in the middle of your backyard paradise. Or how about entertaining your closest friends while gathering around your DIY fire pit in your garden oasis?

If the idea of using your backyard as an extension of your home (as opposed to the just the place where you host an occasional summer barbecue) appeals to you, then you’ve got the idea of what modern outdoor living is all about. Creating a space that is part of your home and not just the space that’s outside your home is the goal. Creating an outdoor living space means that in the warmer months of the year, you are just as likely to be catching up on emails in your home office or out in your garden.

Whether hanging out, bring your work outside, cooking or just getting closer to nature, outdoor living is a timeless trend. But how to create your own outdoor living oasis?

Here are six ideas that can act as inspiration to get your thinking about how to convert your boring backyard into a spectacular and practical living space.

  1. Go Rail-free – If you are looking to build or update your deck, consider ditching the rail. Having a deck with no rail gets rid of that barrier between your yard and your home. Of course, follow all local building codes when planning an home construction projects. If you have only one or two steps, your local building codes may allow you to have no railing though.
  2. Build a Pergola – If you aren’t lucky enough to have a backyard full of trees, the hot summer sun can be an impediment to enjoying your outdoor living space. Consider constructing a pergola to add some shade to your backyard. Shade can make working outside on a laptop  or entertaining a sweet reality.
  3. DIY Your Own Firepit – There is not much else better for creating an outdoor living space that just calls to you to enjoy it than having a firepit. Make your own, with this easy tutorial.
  4. Add Light – In order to have a useful outdoor space after dark, you need to add some lighting for safety. you don’t have to make things too complicated though. Solar lights can be useful to light pathways and you can use mason jar candles for tabletops.
  5. Add a Hammock – Adding a hammock is the ultimate in creating a relaxing outdoor living space. Here’s a great tutorial for making your own hammock swing.
  6. Create a Wildlife Habitat – Finally, for creating a space for communing with nature consider creating a certified Natural Wildlife Habitat via the National Wildlife Federation’s program. It’s a great way to increase the flora and fauna in your backyard.

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