17 More Ethical Jewelry Choices for the Responsible Fashionista

Ethical jewelry choices for a responsible Fashionista.

One of the things I struggle with is how to balance my love of fashion with my desire to be a socially and environmentally responsible shopper. I eschew fast fashion, choose more sustainable fabrics, but I struggle with my sustainable jewelry options. I recently went looking for more ethical jewelry choices and decided to share what I found.

Choosing to shop for ethical jewelry combines concerns about: the environmental impacts of mining and processing, the working conditions for mine workers, contributing to dictatorial regimes, the corporate monopoly of resources, the lack of economic development in mining areas, and more. No matter what your particular concern is, it is difficult to avoid the reality that jewelry creation can come at a high cost to the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

There are more ethical jewelry options out there options. Many jewelers wanting to have less of of an impact on the environment and in contributing to the conditions of peoples in mining areas, and realizing that there is a demand from consumers, have started using more ethical jewelry sourcing of raw materials. Ethical Metalsmiths is a group of jewelers who have organized and are committed to encouraging more ethical jewelry production and to educate consumers. In addition, there are campaigns to raise the profile of issues surrounding ethical jewelry, like Earthwork’s “No Dirty Gold” campaign and the Global Witness campaign to stop Conflict Diamonds.

Here is a list of amazing jewelry companies who offer more ethical jewelry options. From using recycled metals and gemstones to repurposing vintage jewelry, these jewelers have a commitment to offering lower impact jewelry choices, so consider their goods the next time you want to add a piece to your collection or you need to purchase a gift.

17 Ethical Jewelry Companies for Responsible Jewelry Shopping

  1. East Fourth Street
  2. Rose and Fitzgerald
  3. Smart Glass Jewelry
  4. Brilliant Earth
  5. Alexis Russell
  6. Anna Fine Jewellery
  7. Honey Rosenk
  8. Andrea Bonelli
  9. VKeco Jewelry
  10. Bario-Neal
  11. Cred Jewellery
  12. Nightfox Jewelry
  13. Valkasinskas
  14. Kara Daniel Jewelry
  15. Rebecca Mir Grady
  16. April Doubleday
  17. Amalena

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