11 DIY Jewelry Projects for $20 or (Way) Less

Make your own diy jewelry.

For those of with a jewelry obsession, there is no such thing as having too much jewelry. From precious baubles and thrift store chic to vintage hand-me-downs and do-it-yourself treasures, jewelry collectors are equal opportunity lovers of all jewelry styles and flavors. Of course, when one is budget conscious (and who isn’t these days) the need to make your own adornment utilizing DIY jewelry tutorials is a must.

While making DIY jewelry may seem daunting, it’s not. It’s possible to find an almost infinite amount of simple, in-one-sitting and budget-friendly projects. Of course, it you want a little more of a challenge and want to create something more complex, there are plenty of more involved tutorials for you as well. The key is to not be afraid to make a mistake, which is easier to do when working on a project that didn’t cost an arm and a leg in supplies!

So, pull up some jewelry pliers, some hardware store washers, leather cording, reclaimed jewelry pieces and a few beads and get to work. Pretty soon, your jewelry box will be overflowing with divine handmade DIY jewelry creations.

Here’s a list of 11 stunning DIY jewelry projects that can all be made for $20 or less!

  1. Pyramid Stud Bracelets – make your own rock-n-roll studded bracelet, which is a variation on this Pearl and Thread Bracelet project.
  2. DIY Neon Painted Stone Rings – who doesn’t love chunky cocktail rings? Make your own brightly colored ones from painted river stones.
  3. DIY Hair Necklace – use chain necklaces you don’t wear anymore to make some pretty hair jewelry to wear with your next up-do.
  4. Pom Pom Earrings – the estimated cost for this project is $.75. Yup, fun and budget-friendly. Make a pair in every possible color.
  5. Golden Knot Necklace – and for something a little more elegant, try this stunning knot project. This one might take a little more time commitment, but the effort would be so worth it.
  6. DIY Criss Cross Bead Bracelet – a simple cord and tubed bead project that is stunning in its simplicity.
  7. DIY Clay Chain Necklace – who knew playing with clay could yield such impressive results?
  8. Bib Necklace – this project requires a little bit of sewing skill, but ever so basic.
  9. DIY Dreamcatcher Jewelry – make a dreamcatcher that can be made into a necklace, earrings or even bracelet.
  10. DIY Washer Necklace – a trip to hardware store and leftover nail polish and voila, you’ve got colorful jewelry!
  11. Leather Cord Bracelets – bring some leather cord and plenty of creativity for this project.

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