DIY Jewelry: 10 Sartorial Brooches You Can Easily Personalize: On Trend


ColumnAccessorize any outfit with these ten DIY jewelry brooch projects you can easily make at home. 

Each DIY jewelry brooch project below is super easy! Add a pin or even magnets (so not to poke holes in any shirts or dresses) to the back of each brooch for an instant accessory. Customize with feathers, colors–just have fun and let your creativity play!


1. Flower Pin Brooch

This very easy DIY flower brooch is brought to you by the United Blogs of Benetton. Really just a matter of glueing the pin on and finding the right flowers at your local craft store, it will spruce up any white button up. You can pin them along the collar or in a cluster on the chest.


2. Decoupage Badges

An ode to David Bowie, this DIY tutorial by Rookie Mag can be great starting point for any brooch you want to make. Using a wooden base, Mod Podge, bar pins, and whatever pictures you want, it’s a super easy guide to creating a colorful brooch.


3. French Pouf Chiffon and Tulle Flower Brooch

One of our favorite’s, this French pouf chiffon and tulle flower brooch by Love Maegan is a delicate statement accessory. And, as with all these DIY brooches, you can pin them on to a belt or in your hair too!


4. BBQ Brooch

This BBQ Brooch by P.S.- I made this, is perfect for thrifty recyclers. Made from napkins, plastic forks, a coaster and whatever bedazzle you want to add, it’s a summery pop of fun.


5. Bejeweled Flower Brooch

Fabric scraps, glitz jewels and time is really all you need for this bejeweled flower brooch by Go Make Me. The project is originally intended for a headband, but you can glue a pin or magnets to each flower to create a brooch.


6. Felt Flower Brooch

This felt flower brooch tutorial by Cynthia Shaffer not only explains how to make a felt flower brooch, but also how you can dye the fabric to vary it’s color. Why not take it a step further and use natural dyes?


7. Vintage Brooch Corsage

A Beautiful Mess calls this DIY brooch project a “dressed up version of a floral brooch.” You can follow their entire tutorial, or simply add feathers to a brooch you already own.


8. Pearled Knot Brooch

Very classic and clean, this pearled knot brooch by My White Idea originally sprung out of a Mother’s Day present project. Sailor glam? Why not!


9. Detachable Flower Pins

A fresh, simple DIY project that you can pin to your shirt or even on your bag like shown above. This detachable DIY project by Matter of Style reminds us of the flowers on Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume, but even better because it’s created by you.


10. Baubled Brooch

Inspired by Tom Binns’ neon necklaces, Cupcakes and Cashmere explains how to spruce up a vintage brooch by adding nailpolish to color its gems. Choose what ever colors you have at home to upcycle a found brooch.

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