DIY: 10 Things To Do With an Old T-shirt

DIY Old T-shirts

Ten great DIY projects you can make from an old T-shirt.

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of old T-shirts laying around in your drawers collecting dust. Instead of dumping them all in a collection bin, turn them into something useful. You’ll be amazed at how many things you could actually make from a humble tee. Here are ten of our favorites.

Wrapped Bracelets
You can never have enough bracelets, and there are so many great ones you can make yourself. All you need to create these wrapped bracelets are some old tees and bangles you no longer use (or look in the thrift stores for them). Follow these simple instructions by Camilla Fabbri and start wrapping.

Market Tote
Plastic bags are slowly but surely being banned in cities around the country. This stylish market tote is great to carry with you, whether you are shopping at the supermarket or the farmers market. Follow this simple tutorial by delia creates and make one in every color.

If you have a sewing machine, this DIY scarf is very easy to make following this tutorial by wienerdog tricks. Use one T-shirt for a monochrome, more refined look or go wild and mix colors or create a tribute piece from all those old band tees you’ve held onto since forever – the possibilities are endless.

Knotted Headband
This stylish headband is super easy to make, with nothing but a few cuts, knots, and glue. If headbands aren’t quite your thing, you can easily make it into an equally stylish belt by just making it longer. Check out this tutorial by Lovestitched for inspiration and how-tos.

Knotted Rug
I love DIY projects that look like they came straight out of a fancy design store, and this knotted flokati-style rug is a great example of that. It does take a bit of manual labor but, following this tutorial by Xoelle, it’s quite easy. And your friends will surely be impressed that you actually made it.

Quite far from those macaroni necklaces we all made in school, this DIY necklace is simple to make with just a few tools, following this tutorial by Whole Living. Make it grown up and elegant in one color, like above, or choose a tee with a more intricate pattern or print for a funkier take on the same theme.

No-Sew Vest
If you have about five minutes to make something out of that old tee, try this simple no-sew vest by Wobisobi, which requires nothing but a pair of scissors to make. A great summer piece to throw on over your favorite tee to create a layered, casual look.

Skirt with Pockets
This DIY recycled T-shirt skirt by Out of Order is as simple as it is clever. No material is wasted – even the sleeves are used to make pockets. Use it as a simple summer skirt, or do as demonstrated in the photo above and decorate it with buttons down the front for a more dressed-up look.

Dress up your table for a summer party with DIY placemats made from T-shirt fabric scraps. This tutorial by Creative Jewish Mom shows you how to create a simple homemade loom that you’ll use to weave the scraps together – no fancy equipment required.

T-Shirt Yarn
A great way to make use of old tees is to make them into T-shirt Yarn. It’s simple and you’ll actually end up with a ball of soft (just like your favorite tee) continuous yarn that you can then use to crochet, knit or knot. Check out this video tutorial by Relevé Design to learn how.

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