Jewelry Storage Solutions: 7 Ways to Unjumble, Including DIY


Like many self-described fashionistas out there, I have a lot of jewelry. From thrift store finds, estate sale vintage pieces, handmade designs from Etsy and even some family heirlooms, most of my jewelry wouldn’t be described as fine jewelry, but it’s precious to me. And what’s even more precious is when I can actually find and wear what I am looking for–which happens all too rarely. Unfortunately, my jewelry is spread out in 4 different jewelry chests, 2 different trays and a hanging display. It’s not pretty, it’s not organized and I’m sure I’m not the only one can say this about her jewelry collection.

Since my jewelry is always is such a state of disarray, I am always on the lookout for jewelry storage solutions. I would love to be able to find exactly what it is I’m looking for–and for it to not be in a tangled mess when I do find it.  I know I’m not the only one with this desire either, so read on for some jewelry storage inspiration. 

1. Old Rake Hanging Storage

Image via the Gardening Cook

For those necklaces for which it is safe to store hanging, try repurposing an old garden rake like this one at Tub Connection. Just saw off the handle, hang and that’s it–instant storage (above). A style statement AND problem-solver, all in one.

Jewelry storage solution.

2. Repurposed Printer Drawer

Image: Black Forest Cottage

Black Forest Cottage sells antique print-type drawers that have been repurposed into hanging jewelry storage cabinets. This would make a unique addition to your bedroom decor and you could see ALL your jewelry at one time.

3. Silver Leaf Jewelry Cabinet

The blogger over at Jen-uinely Inspired took a free-standing jewelry cabinet she had purchased and turned it into this gorgeous silver-leafed beauty. Maybe a Craigslist find that you don’t like the looks of (but serves the purpose for keeping baubles organized), just needs a paint job or other style rehab?


4. Jewelry Cabinet Mirror

Image via This Girl’s Life

One solution is to purchase a jewelry cabinet like this one shared on This Girl’s Life blog. The pros–it can hold a lot of jewelry AND it doubles as a full-length mirror (when closed). The cons–they can be expensive and might not a good fit for your decor.

5. DIY Cutting Board Hanging Storage

Another DIY idea is to take old cutting boards, paint them, add hooks, and wall-mount them for hanging necklace storage. See some inspiration at diy enthusiasts.

Jewelry storage solution.

6. Vintage Industrial Machinist Cabinet

Image: Antique Lane

This 37-drawer, 1940s vintage machinist cabinet might have enough storage for my collection with room to grow. What about yours? Would it fit in here? Since hanging necklaces can be damaging to them, this would allow for plenty of flat storage of necklaces.

7. DIY Free-Standing jewelry Cabinet

This lovely project from Angie Johnson at design*sponge is made using IKEA “Fira” chests. Sadly those chests have been discontinued by IKEA, but they have been replaced by other similar products that one could repurpose.

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