11 DIY Jewelry Projects You’ll Love To Rock


11 DIY Jewelry Projects you’ll love to rock and won’t believe you made.

A girl loves to embellish with jewelry for any and all outfits, right?  But jewelry can be pricey, and what better way to rock stylish glam on a budget than DIY?  Especially the DIY you won’t believe you made like DIY Charm Bracelet via Honesty WTF, the show above.  Here are 11 DIY jewelry projects from easy to intricate.  Make away! 


1. Dylanlex Stacked Neckpiece via A Pair and a Spare 


2. Sequin Bracelet via Honestly WTF


3. Yoyo Flower Necklace via Plan B


4. Chevron and Coral Earrings via Hello Whimsy


5. Gold Gilded Geode Ring via Swell Mayde


6. Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings via Creature Comforts


7. Tangram Necklace via Minted Strawberry


8. Narcissus Net via Flamingo Toes


9. Triangle Fringe Earrings via The Alison Show


10. Celine Inspired Knot Bracelet via A Spelndid Assemblage


10. Floral Bangle via P.S.- I Made This…


11. Woven Chain Bracelet via Trinkets in Bloom

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Juliette Donatelli

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