2010 Gift Guide: For Him


These gifts are for the masculine souls in your life (the ladies were covered yesterday in case you missed it!). From flying squirrels to vintage bow ties, we have gathered some of the best eco-friendly holiday gifts for your gifting pleasure. Give him a two dimensional visual of his favorite tunes, a witty flask to contain his spirits, delight his inner sophisticate with a soft tie or crisp collar candle, wrap his iPad in wool, and then wrap his neck in vintage plaid.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Music Posters – The Small Stakes, $25 – 40 (Buy 2 get 1 free!)
2. Just Salve (Sweet Birch) – Just Soap, $5.50 (It’s pedal powered!)
3. Poison Flask – In God We Trust, $50
4. Sheep’s Tie (Brown) – Birkiland, $63
5. Haberdasher’s Collar Candle – Anthropologie, $15
6. XII iPad Case – Hard Graft, €55 (Covers for all your gadgets!)
7. Bow Tie (1940s Yellow Plaid) – Forage, $65
8. Bow Tie (1940s Green Plaid) – Forage, $65

Or give him a metallic place to rest his business cards, a flying squirrel to wear on his torso, a tie bracelet (in case he prefers a tie to be wrapped on his forearm instead of around his neck), a plaid duffel to hold his ephemera, and a striped scarf to take the edge off winter.


9. Skillionaire Engraved Card Case – In God We Trust, $60
10. Topo Tee – Green with Glamour, $19.50
11. Moller Wallet – Matt & Nat, $59.50
12. Tie Bracelet (The Suit in Navy Pinstripe) – JdvF, $175
13. Faithless – Matt & Nat, $171.50
14. Striped Fringe Merino Scarf (Brown Stripe) – Gap, $24.50

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