21 Cabbage Recipes: Fall Even More in Love with Brassicas


Here are 21 cabbage recipes that are way more exciting than soup.

Ah, the almighty cabbage. While most of us think of the green head of cabbage, the cabbage family is large, and contains everything from kohlrabi to bok choy to cauliflower. There’s a reason that people are excited about brassicas: they’re versatile and good for you. Raw, cooked, or fermented, there’s plenty you can do with a simple cabbage. Different varieties are available at different times of the year, which means there’s always a cabbage variety that’s in season.

1. Grilled Cabbage Wedges with Spicy Lime Wedges

The beauty of summer is that it’s grilling season. But you don’t have to stick to burgers. Quarter a head of cabbage and make these wedges.

2. Cabbage Chips

Don’t let kale (another brassica!) steal the show. Cabbage does quite well in chip form as well.

3. Baked Cabbage Pakora

Usually fried, pakora fritters are a common Indian food, and a perfect appetizer for a summer dinner party.

4. Lime and Peanut Coleslaw

The perfect summer side salad, perhaps?

5. Black Bean Tacos with Feta and Slaw

Cabbage in tacos? You’re going to want to make yourself a margarita to go with that.

6. Red Cabbage Sheet Cake

Cabbage in a cake? Oh, yes. In fact, it’s similar to a carrot cake, except a little pink in color.

7. Cabbage and Berry Purple Smoothie

Round up those summer berries and make this smoothie for breakfast.

8. Cabbage and Onion Marmalade

Perfect to serve with crackers, or as a spread on top of flatbread.

9. Red Cabbage and Carrot Citrus Salad with Toasted Walnuts

This salad is as easy as throwing all the ingredients into the food processor.

10. Pickled Cabbage

Also known as Russian Sauerkraut, here you put fermentation to good use.

11. Quick Kimchi Salad

If you don’t have time to ferment kimchi, this recipe will work in a pinch. It uses savoy cabbage, but you can switch up for whatever cabbage you have on hand.

12. Cabbage Wraps with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce

Instead of making wraps with rice paper, why not try cabbage instead?

13. Crostini with Red Cabbage

Top off toasted bread doused in olive oil with some sautéed red cabbage.

14. Homemade Sauerkraut

Get some caraway seeds, a mason jar and ferment away.

15. Cabbage Salad with Tahini-Lemon Dressing

Purple cabbage makes for a stunning raw salad in this recipe.

16. Spicy Cabbage Potato Pancake

Use a little chile paste to spice these up.

17. Purple Cabbage Wraps

These are actually crepe-like rounds that are made with cabbage and chickpea flour. A fun gluten-free alternative to flour tortillas.

18. Cabbage Strudel

Hungary is the epicenter of cabbage recipes, including this classic.

19. Red Cabbage Salad with Fennel, Orange and Pepitas

A salad that packs a punch.

20. Cabbage Rolls

Another classic cabbage recipe, this time with a vegan spin.

21. Cabbage Bowls

Instead of serving salad in a regular bowl, why not make them out of red cabbage leaves?

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