21 Fantastic Summer Blueberry Recipes Perfect for Right Now

blueberry recipes

As if you needed a reason…how about 21 perfect summer blueberry recipes to put your favorite berry to good use?

One of my favorite parts about summer is blueberries. Yes, a fruit can in fact be your favorite part of a season.

Growing up we had three blueberry bushes in the garden, and I was known to pick from them on a daily basis. As you can imagine, more berries made it into my mouth than into a bowl. As such, blueberries are as much a sign of summer for me as sunscreen and bare feet.

But what can you do with blueberries besides eat them off the bush? So much. Here are 21 ideas for blueberry recipes to get you started on your summer berry conquest.

1. Mash a cup of blueberries with a tablespoon of organic cane sugar and some chopped mint. Serve over ice cream.

2. Go classic and make a blueberry cobbler.

3. Serve a plate of blue cheeses alongside a bowl of blueberries after dinner.

4. Freeze blueberries with water in ice cube trays for a more entertaining ice cube.

5. Roast them and serve them over a vanilla custard.

6. Roast some more blueberries, find some basil, and make a simple syrup.

blueberries 2

7. Try a blueberry and corn relish over polenta squares for a different kind of appetizer.

8. Combine with kale and make a very healthy morning smoothie.

9. Mix up a blueberry mojito.

10. The most basic and delicious blueberry recipe: serve with yogurt and granola.

11. Pair blueberries and cilantro in a salad.

12. Find some lemon verbena and make a citrusy blueberry pie.

13. Try a different flavor combination and bake coriander blueberry muffins.

blueberries 3

14. For a summer barbecue, try some blueberry ketchup with sweet potato fries.

15. Bake a batch of blueberry focaccia.

16. Buy a bottle of vodka and make your own blueberry liqueur.

17. Add them to gluten free flaxseed and oatmeal pancakes.

18. Combine with lemon for a zesty sorbet.

19. Serve a warm baguette with goat cheese and blueberry chutney.

20. Try your hand at a raw vegan cheesecake made with oranges and blueberries.

21. Get out your chia seeds and try these blueberry, almond chia squares.

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