21 Fig Recipes to Make Right Now

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Twenty-one delicious and seasonal fig recipes. 

Been scouting fig trees lately? Seen pints of figs at the market? It might be a short one, but right now figs are in season! Revered since Greek and Roman times, it’s no surprise that the fig is a popular fruit; they boast both antioxidants and fiber.

Here’s a selection of favorite fig recipes you’ll want to bookmark right away!

1. The simplest thing you can do with fresh figs? Drizzle honey on top and roast them in the oven, at 400°F for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Sip on the final days of summer with a Fresh Fig Mojito.

3. Instead of buying energy bars, make a batch of Fig and Almond Energy Bites.

4. Top off gluten free walnut crackers with a fig tapenade

5. For a beautiful round of bread, make Fig, Olive Oil and Sea Salt Challah

6. Roasted Feta Cheese with Fig-Thyme Compote is an appetizer that’s sure to please a crowd.

7. Switch up your breakfast with a bowl of Fresh Fig Greek Yogurt.

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8. Grilling this weekend? Try a burger with figs, caramelized onions and goat cheese.

9. Have a sweet craving? This Fig and Ginger Olive Oil Quinoa Cake will satisfy you without making you feel guilty.

10. Fig chutney is perfect for serving as an appetizer, with grilled vegetables or roasted meat.

11. Vegan and 100% raw, this Raw Fig Cheesecake is beautiful, delicious and good for you.

12. Simple and easy to make Raw Fig Bars with Almonds are an excellent afternoon snack.

13. Celebrate happy hour with a Fig Old-Fashioned.

14. Use whole wheat or brown rice pasta for this Fig and Walnut Spaghetti dish that’s sure to become a new favorite.

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15. Combine port wine and figs to make one dynamic popsicle.

16. It’s hard to turn down a batch of fig and dark chocolate scones for a Sunday brunch. Especially when they’re gluten free.

17. Two of my favorite ingredients in one dish: Kale, Fig and Halloumi Salad.

18. You can’t go wrong with a basic Fig-Balsamic Vinaigrette.

19. There is something about the nostalgia of Fig Newtons. But why not add pomegranate seeds and port to the filling? Make this grown-up (and gluten-free) version when you’re having a craving.

20. Figs and goat cheese were meant together. Put them together in the oven in this Roasted Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza recipe.

21. Forget basil, make some Fig-Walnut Pesto.

Do you know of other fig recipes we should add to this list? Share them in a comment!

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