23 Unusual Uses for Bobby Pins that Will Change Your Life

23 Unusual Uses for Bobby Pins That Will Change Your Life

If you’ve got what feels like millions of bobby pins, here’s how to put them to good use in every area of your life.

I love bobby pins, don’t get me wrong, but I only use about four in my hair at any given time, leaving the other 3,000 that came in the package to do nothing but collect dust. Luckily, they’re a surprisingly handy tool to have around when you’ve already got your pretty on.

Here are 23 unusual (and super useful) ways to use bobby pins:

  1. Use as a dotting tool for nail art.
  2. Clip onto the end of a nail to hold it in place while you hammer it into the wall. No more bruised digits!
  3. Use every last drop of toothpaste by clipping a bobby pin onto the end of your toothpaste tube and sliding it toward the lid.
  4. Use as a chip clip.
  5. Make your own bib necklace.
  6. Use as a bookmark.
  7. Pit cherries and olives.
  8. Clip a bobby pin to your clear tape when you’re done using it so you don’t lose the end.
  9. Use one to tear open those annoying plastic seals on your food.
  10. In a pinch, use one as a toothpick.
  11. Use to press those teeny tiny reset buttons on your electronics. (Whose bright idea were these tiny buttons anyway?)
  12. Pick a lock.
  13. Attach notes to your gifts by clipping them to the ribbon with a bedazzled bobby pin.
  14. Hold your electronic wires in place so they don’t get tangled.
  15. Poke open air-sealed food bags/wrappers.
  16. Clean up the edges of freshly painted fingernails.
  17. Pin your bra straps in place, or any other awkward wardrobe malfunctions.
  18. Use bobby pins to dislodge hair from a clogged drain (gross, but useful).
  19. Make your BFF a Valentine’s Day card.
  20. Use as a temp zipper should yours break when you’re out and about.
  21. Use as Christmas ornament hangers.
  22. Make colorful barrettes by painting bobby pins with nail polish.
  23. Design your own earrings.

What are your favorite uses for bobby pins?

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